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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 13


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 13

Theme: Anita_in_trouble

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Mary's POV)
I knew my fears are true but I'm scared of removing the baby, it might be the only child I'm entitled to.
I'll make sure Kelvin never know anything about the pregnancy until I'm put to birth cause it will be to hard for him to believe.
I hide the test result in my bag, I know he will never find out except I tell him.
"sweetheart you're back " I said and collect hid brief case without Looking at him twice.
"yeah, how was work today hope Timothy and Lina didn't give you headache "
He likes whenever I tell him about Timothy and Lina but I hardly care about them, everyone knows all wasn't well with me, I faked whenever I go home.
"oh those two, they're trying and acting mature now " I said
"well I can't wait for him to propose so we'd go for another wedding party " he said, I chuckled
"what for dinner? " he asked, that was when I realized I've not cook.
"sweetheart I've been working all day, it has not been long I came back " I lied, I can't back 17:00 and it 20:00 already.
"I don't support that, why would you work to this late hours? " he asked
"don't worry, I have many unfinished works that's why I spent time at the office but I'm through with the work, I promise never to stay late again " I pleaded knowing too well that he might tell me to stop working cause money is never our problem.
"okay, I'm saying this because of your health, I don't want you to stress yourself " he said
"that's why I so much love you, should I go and make dinner now? "
"no don't worry, I'll do that myself " he said, I smiled.

( #two_months )

Anita has been ill for days, the illness is the funny kind which made her mum suspected she was pregnant.
"mum what do you mean by that? It might be fever " Anita said
"I don't say it's not fever but I'm only suspecting you to be pregnant "
"why would you suspect? "
"whenever I'm pregnant that's how I also fall sick in the morning and evening while at afternoon I move freely and that's how you've been acting. " she said
"mum please don't say that cause I'm scared of that, dad will bury me alive if it happens "
Mother was surprised at what her daughter was saying, for her to confirm her fears she asked "have you been having s*x with someone? "
Anita arc her brow and stood like someone scared of speaking "will you answer me and by the way when last did you saw your period? "
"I can't recall " she answered shakily
Her mother placed her hands on her waist "you will not kill me, you that I think you're good, you happened to be the worst by choosing to bring shame to me right? "
Her dad who was somewhere eavesdropping bounce out of his hiding place "who the hell is he? " he asked angrily.
"his house is a bit far from here" she said crying already.
He drew her hands "let go there cause you must not l live with me double.
Anita took her father to Donald's house, they git there to meet Martins.
Martins has been lying and collecting money from Donald who gets his money from his aunt. Now that was his first time of seeing Anita.
"is he the boy? " Anita's father asked angrily.
"no dad, please where is Donald? " she asked Martins
"Donald? I don't know anybody called Donald, I live here alone" he said
"young man, as you can see, we are not here to joke. Where the hell is the Donald? " her dad asked angrily
"I don't know him, I packed in here few months ago maybe you should ask the security man " says Martins
"you must be joking, Donald owns this house "
"will you shot up your dirty mouth, you are a disgrace to me" her father scolded.
He drew her to the security man, "where is Donald " he barked at him.
"I no know who be Donald for here o" says the security man, Martins employed him so he knew nothing about Donald.
"so you choose house of your choice to lie right? You don't even know the person responsible for it right? You're packing out of my house "
He walked out of the house angrily, she ran after him crying.
When they got hone he packed her clothes and shoes, he throw them out, his wife tried to plead but he quarried and blamed her for not being able to take good care of his daughters.
"the other day was Anabella and David, now the worst has happened cause you can't take care of just two girls" he quarried
"please dear don't send her away " she pleaded and accepted the blames though she was innocent.
"I've disowned her and if you'd like to join her then you can get your things as fast as you can, I'm perfectly active to get another wife" he said jumping and beating his chest to show how strong he was.
Her mum went to her "don't you have his phone number? " she asked
"I broke the SIM because of him" she said
"what? Do you know any of his friends? " she asked
"no " she answered

To Be Continued

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