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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 12


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 12

Theme: Marys_fears

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Donald's POV)
I kept on texting and calling Anita for weeks but no reply, I wanted to tell her about my travelling but she didn't care.
I invited my friend Martins to my hou because of her.
I gave him enough money "the reason why I want you to stay here is because of my girlfriend, she might change her and come here please tell her to wait for me and take good care of her, if you lack anything then give me a call" that was what I said to Martins before leaving.
"forget about girls and their shakara, I'll take good care of her for you " he said
"I know you to be a very stupid kind of guy but please just help me "
"so you invited me to insult me right? "
"you know yourself, have you forgotten you once raped your girlfriend back then in school?"
He laughed as I reminded him, he use to be a naughty guy before but I don't know if he'd turn new leaf.
"don't mind Agatha, I was only playing with her " he said
"please don't play with my girlfriend in such a way " I teased
"I need to see the ugly black girl " he said
"my girlfriend is dark but not ugly, she is my Pearl, her skin is dark and shiny "
"hmmm, girlfriend glorification you better leave now before they'll go" He said jokingly.
I left laughing, Martins is stubborn but funny.


(Kelvin's POV)
"sweetheart the three month fun is over, we can now have babies " I said to my wife.
She only gave a fainting smile, she has been acting weird like sick person but she pretends to be okay, I'd told her to go see the doctor but she said she's fine and it might be due to stress.
I placed my hands around her neck "don't you want baby again?

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Her eyes were glowing when I mentioned baby, "of course I need babies and not baby" she said
"alright hope work was not stressful today "
"yeah, you need to see how Timothy and Lina are getting along with my plans"
"are you serious ?" I asked surprised, when she brought the idea I laughed at it but for it to be real surprised me.
"I'm damn serious " she said smiling, it's been a while she shows that kind of happiness, it seems she was happy about what I said.
"you're a special woman that's why you could join those tough enemies together, I can't imagine seeing Timothy and Lina together "
She laughed "the two a great pretenders "
"I'm telling you, it work for them but it can't work for my kind" I teased
"who told you? Except the idea is not from me " she said beating her chest.
"hmmm, what are you doing trying to say" I teased again
"I'm trying to say I can get you at anytime and anywhere " she said
I laughed out loud, I've really missed time like this.
I hurriedly took my bathe, immediately I came out of the bathroom she went in to take her bathe also.
It took her time to finish but I waited patiently, I lay on the bed smiling at her.
Soon she joined me on the bed "are you sure you're ready for this?"
"why not, you know I want it" she said

(Mary's POV)
I was partially scared but I have the strong believe that everything would go well.
I've refused to go to the hospital to avoid the bad news but I intend to go early in the morning without my husband's note.
"I purposely avoided s*x to make you know I have many reasons why I love you aside s*x, I don't want you to think otherwise. I've always told my brother and father about the three months fun and they laugh at me but I finally kept to it"
He spoke in a voice that sounded more like whisper to me, "I love you and I'll keep on loving you no matter what happens " he said
I wished I could open his heart and feel how serious he was then open up to him but the fear of loosing my marriage withheld my mouth as I smiled at him.
"I'll also love and cherish you forever " I said
He placed his palm in mine and faced me, we look at each other for long before he drew my head for a k*ss.
That was not my first time of k*ssing him but I felt cold in me.
His soft lips and his tongue playing inside my mouth while his hands fondles with whatever he touches.
He removed my pyjamas, I gr*aned at every touch.....
He k*ssed every part of me while his hands still caress whatever he touches.
He k*ssed my neck down to my navel then to my clit.
He came up to me amidst gra*ning he asked "should I go further "
"yeah please " I said aloud, he k*ssef betwixt my b**bs and gently I felt a sharp painful pleasure below.
I screamed but he interrupt the scream with his tongue, I reciprocate and k*ssed him back as he thrust in and out until he relaxed like someone tired.
He was sweating profusely while I was breathing fast. "you're too sweet " he whispered.
I smiled and relaxed my head on his chest until I dose off.
Early the next morning he woke me up with a very hot tea "sweetheart you need this" he said
I smiled wondering how he was able to wake earlier than I, I drank the tea and rested my head on the pillow, my eyes were still heavy and I felt a slight headache.
I dressed up for work, he waved at me as I drove out of the house.
I drove to Hospital, I went to unknown hospital instead of family hospital.
I went for test, the doctor gave me a date to come for the result.

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