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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 11


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 11

Theme: Donald_i hate_you

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Donald's POV)
I'm never against Mary cause she was treated bas but for her to keep the secret is absolutely wrong, it means she has plans.
The dat before their wedding when I said planned to go and see Bella I was climbing the stairs when I saw someone closing her mouth and pulling her to one room.
I quickly ran towards the room and placed my ears close to the door to listen to everything, I felt like alerting the security agency but an idea stroke me to trace the people.
After they were done with her, when they sent her away I hide around the hotel.
I was able to follow the guys but I couldn't figure out who they were and who sent them cause they still remain on mask.
I traced them to their house, I've been checking on the house and I get to know they are bad guys.
Of recent I made friend with one of them who told me they want to travel, I planned to travel with them and get to know who sent them to Mary.
One of the guys told me David is their boss so I suspected David cause he somehow looks like one of the guys on mask but I'm not sure of it.
I glanced through my wrist watch, it was getting late and Anita must be worried.

(Anita's POV)
I couldn't help but cry, my phone was switched off so I couldn't call my sister, I saw when Donald was going out with his car through the window, he lied to me and locked me inside alone.
I cried until my eyes lacked tears, I waited restlessly, it was getting dark cause of the cloud yet he wasn't back.
I've already decided in my heart that I'll never come to visit him again, I've never expected such from him.
It was already raining when he came back, going home late has never been my life style, I've decided that he will be the one to take me home.

(Donald's POV)
"hey babe" I said to Anita but she didn't move, she was sitting on my bed.
I went to her and wrapped my hands around her neck but she pulled my hands from her neck, I know she was angry with me.
"I'm sorry if I got you angry " I apologized
"you're wicked and heartless, how would you feel if it was your sister and I did what you did to me? " she asked
"I'm sorry babe, I don't want you to go there cause this is husband and wife issue which you are not supposed to interfere lest you become the third party and would be hold responsible for their separation. Understand me "
"I don't need any understanding from you, my sister will be mad at me cause he has sent her away "
"I bet you the couples have solved it, is common among them" I said
"how do you expect me to believe you "
"if you don't believe then give your sister a call and ask her about it" I said
"my phone is dead " she said
If you know the number offhand then use my phone " I said
She wanted to collect my phone when I remembered I've saved the number and it might bring problem between us.
I quickly collect the phone and delete Bella's number before she called, she smiled when the call ended and said "God saved you " to me.
I laughed and tickled her, she jumped up and almost fell from the bed but I was so fast in grabbing her.
I paused looking her lips, she stared at me also.
"I'm sure nothing will stop it today" I said referring to the k*ss, she laughed.
I was happy she didn't pushed me away as she always do, I allowed her to lay on the bed, I lay on her and slipped my tongue into her mouth.
She stopped the k*ss several times like someone who is thinking of something.
I don't want the k*ssing to be boring so I slid my hands into her dress to message her b*obs, I thought she would be mad at me but she didn't.
Not knowing she was a [email protected], I deflowered her that night, I wiped her tears cause she'd cried.
I cleaned her up and lay her on my bed, she was weak so she slept off immediately, I slept beside her wondering if she is Bella's biological sister.
Early the next morning Anita's slap woke me up, she was crying.
"so I'm no longer a [email protected]?" she asked
I felt for her but I don't know what to say about that.
"Anita I'm for real, I'm not here to play you. I can do anything to make you happy cause you are special, I won't hide it to you, I found happiness with you and I will like to spend the rest of my life with you "
"I know you want to make ridicule of me cause I happen to be the cheap slut to you but I promise you that you'll never see me again and don't look for me cause I hate you "
I felt heavy log was placed in my heart, now I understand what it means to be hurt in erotic love.
Before I could say another word Anita was gone, she left her bra on my bed.

(Anita's POV)
"where are you just coming from? " my mum shouted at me.
"I went to Bella's house " I lied
"did you told me you were going there and would not come back? "
"mum you know I'll do no shot like that, it was because of the rain"
"I forgot it was raining, how is your sister? "
"she is fine" I said and walked to my room to avoid further conversation.
I cried and coursed the day I met Donald, I've never thought about going far to such an extent with him.

(Donald's POV)
Thirty missed call, I still kept on calling her but she refused to pick.
I have little time cause I would be travelling to continue my investigation, I want us to spend the little time with each other.
An idea stroke me that I go to her house to apologize, I took the drawing, I bought big teddy bear and cake which I'm sorry if I hurt you on it.
I wrote a letter of apology also, I just hope she listen to me.
I went to their house, I knocked the door. Her mum opened the door "good evening ma" I greeted
"good evening my son" she answered
"please I'm looking for Anita, I want to talk to her"
"oh sorry, Anita went to choir rehearsal at church maybe you should come back tomorrow morning " she said
"please give this to her, I'll come to check on her tomorrow "
"okay then " she collect the what I brought.

(Anita's POV)
I was coming back from choir rehearsal when a heard car horned, I sighted the car as Donald's car and began to walk fast, I don't want to talk to him.
He came down from the car and walked fast towards me, I began to run and he ran after me.
"Anita please stop doing this to me"
He pulled my hand but I was ashamed of myself, I was shy to face him.
"Donald I'm sure you've gotten what you wanted so let me go" I pleaded.
"I can't let you go, I've been restless because of you, please we need to talk"
I forcefully pulled my hands from his grip and ran as fast as my legs could take me, when I got home I was breathing fast like a relay runner.
I locked the door and ran to my room crying, I saw something wrapped and a cake. I knew Donald brought it, I took the gift and head for the dust been.
The voice of my mum caught me "where the hell do you think you are going to? " she asked
"I want to throw it away "
"not while I'm here, I don't know what has gone wrong between the both of you but what he has done is good enough for you to forgive him and consider him"
I wish she knew what happened she wouldn't have said what what she just finished saying.
"I'll advice you to go in there and think over it before you throw that beautiful gift away especially the beautiful drawing "
I know mum to be good at joking with someone's seriousness but I don't think I have anything to do with Donald and too be honest I'll never listen to any guy.


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