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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 10


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 10

Theme: The_investigation

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Anita's POV)
After leaving Donald's house I tried to avoid him but I couldn't, two days later I found my legs taking me to his house.
"my angel I've missed you " he said smiling at me, I can't resist his smile, they too cute to be reciprocated with frown.
"I have a surprise for you, come let me show you " he said pulling my hands, he took me to his room.
"wow!!! " I exclaimed
I touched the beautiful art work of me, the drawing was me, my Pearl was written boldly on it. "I love this" I said
"are you the one that draw it? " I asked
"yeah, I'm an artist " he said
I blushed taking another look at the drawing, it's a perfect one.
I turned to face Donald, my back was on the wall, he moved very close to me and placed his hand on the wall.
His face was so close to mine and our lips were touching each other when I got a call.
The caller must be an enemy of k*ss I guess, we always get distracted when we want to k*ss.
He left me and asked me to pick my call. I checked the caller ID, it was Bella my elder sister.
"hello sister" I said
Her reply was cry, I could hear her husband calling her prostitute from the background, she kept shouting.
"sister please talk to me" I said, my eyes were filled with tears.
"David is packing my things out of his house " she cried
"I'm coming " I said and hung the call ready to go but Donald pull me back and wiped my tears.
"what is the matter? " he asked
"my sister's husband is sending her away " I said
"wait I'll go with you, let me fix my car" he said
He asked me to sit and wait for him "please be fast" I said to him.
(Donald's POV)
I went out and locked her inside, I don't want her to stress herself cause I know how to deal with the two stupid couples.
I ride roughly to David's house, just as Anita said David was busy throwing things outside.
Immediately Bella saw me she was scared "please don't worsen my day" she pleaded
"I'm not here for you " I said and walked boldly to their house, I know David's house too well so I walked to his room were he was picking her makeup items.
"what the hell is going on? " I asked
He turned and smiled when he saw me. "I saw you on my wedding, you are here on my divorce. Welcome " he said
"you dare not welcome me, I'm not in the dark like your wife and friends, I know your secret but I'm looking for good time to expose you " I said, he jerk up when I mentioned secret.
"stay away from my family issues " he said.
I laughed and walked around him, "are you sure you want a v@gin wife? " I asked
"what do you mean? " he asked back
"you dare not question the almighty Donald, either you call her back and live with her peacefully by force or I expose you " I said
He gave me a sad look "if you want your water to get hot then stop being the adversary of those whose waters are about to boil. One word or complain from this house then get ready to live in prison " I said and walked away but I stopped at the door way.
"one more thing, you must beg her for treating her bad, if you don't beg her I'll know " I said
I've been investigating things about him for long but I kept it to myself.
On my way going I saw Mary's car, I parked my car on the road just to get her attention.
She dropped out of the car and hit my car, I opened the door. "who the hell do you think you are that you are obstructing me?" she questioned
"hmmm, what if I say I want to be your messiah and I describe myself as your messiah? " I questioned
"what are you saying? " she asked confusedly
"is what you are hearing, I want to go on an errand not because you're cute or innocent but because you lost your senses " I said
"now listen, I won't have you insult me, the other day you did something hilarious at the wedding, the first day I met y at the hospital you were having secret discussion with Bella and now you're here for another problem right? " she asked
"you better watch your lips else I'll expose you, I know everything so don't think it's a secret " I said
"I'm not surprised cause Bella might have told you, her lips are as sharp as edge of war sword" she said
I laughed uncontrollably "I know you guys know how wicked you are, I'll be back to expose you all, I'm only sorry for innocent Kelvin, you were innocent before but now you're as filthy as..... "
"hey I won't have you insulting me here" she interrupt
"I'm so sorry dear, next year you'll be in prison for illegal pregnancy" I said, she jerk up.
"thank God it was a rape and who told you I'm pregnant" she said
"it's obvious you don't know the intention of the person that did it to you. I'll get back to you " I drove off.

(Mary's POV)
"stop!!!! " I waved at him but he continued his rough riding, I have a strong believe that Bella is responsible for my misfortune but I don't have a proof.
I entered my car and drove off but deep down in me I was contemplating on what will become of me if I'm pregnant just as he said.
I need to force Kelvin on me cause I can't stand the shame, what will my parents and siblings say about me?
They'll call me the greatest player they've ever meet, I know Kelvin will never forgive me if he gets to know about it.
An idea stroke me, I'll pay guys to help me monitor Bella's movements, they should notify me if they notice any suspicious act.
If my suspicion happens to be true I'll never forgive Bella in my life, I'll assume she is a wolf in a sheep clothing.

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