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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 1


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 1

Theme: Gift_from_unknown_caller

©Joy Ajuma Moses

Mary, Bella and their friends were catching fun at De gold hotel, Mary and Bella are the bride and not just bride they are virgin, the bridal shower took place there.
The two are best friends and because they so much love each other, they decided to gets wed the same day.
They were all smiling and chatting when Mary received a call from an unknown caller.
"Hello miss Mary, happy married life in advance, i have a special gift for you" the voice said
"But i don't know you" she answered
"Common it's someone you know and it's a surprise gift, why not come down stair alone to see me and the surprise gift" the voice said
"Oh so you are here with me, then you must be someone i know. Just give me ten minutes i will be there" she said before hanging the call.
She wasn't scared because it was a feminine voice and thought someone close was playing the pranks.
She left her friends without telling them about the call she received, she walk out of the room and headed for downstairs.
She was about to go down through the stairs when a guy whose face was covered with cap, only his eyes, nose and mouth could be seen stopped her.
"You better be coperate else you loose your life" he said showing her gun.
Out of fear she shook her head "now follow me" he said to her.
She followed him to room 08 where two other guys dressed like him were sitting on the bed smoking.
The guy who brought Marely in shot the door "do whatever we ask you and you will be free in no time" the feminine voice among them said, her voice sounds like that of the lady that called Mary.
"Okay ma" Mary answered amidst fear.
"He wont rape you, you guys will do it willingly and that's all" the feminine voice said
"What are you talking about?" Mary asked
"Yeah, i mean one of my boys will have s*x with you, no shout else we fire you" she said
"I rather die than loose my [email protected] with another guy the day before my wedding, my husband to be knows i'm a [email protected] already" she said
"Wow it seems you are stubborn and you prefer to die. Say your last prayer before i send you to hell" she said pointing the gun at Mary's head
Seeing the seriousness in the lady her little voice trailed off "please don't kill me, i will do as you say" says Mary
"I wanted taking things easy with you but it seems you are stubborn so i will make it hard for you. Now undress yourself" the lady shouted
"Don't forget you are a lady like me" Mary reminded the lady, she warmed Mary's face with a slap.
"I'm not a lady and i can never be a lady, remove your clothes" she said to Mary
Mary removed he clothes out of fear, she was stacked n*ked in front of the guys and the shameless lady.

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The lady signal one of the guy who did same but his face was still covered. He made advance towards Mary but the lady stopped him.
She pushed Mary to the bed and made her to sprayed her leg. She used her finger to tickle Mary's clit. Mary lay quiet, she gently plunge in her two finger into Mary who let out a loud wail but one of the guys covered her mouth.
After f*ngering her she brought out her hands from her and sucked it "she taste nice so go ahead" says the lady, she is a l*sbian.
The guy plunged in his own hard c*ck into her until he c*m inside of her, that was their aim, to get her pregnant and use it against her after her wedding.
After they were through, they dressed her and sent her away warning her not to disclose the unpleasant experience to anyone else they would come back for her.
Mary went back to the room where her friends were still catching fun "Mary were have you been and why are you looking dull?" Bella asked

(Mary's POV)
"Don't worry about me, i am kind of thinking how will i leave my parents forever" i lied to avoid further questions from Bella.
"Common, it our day and stop thinking such" she said
I was scared of saying what happened to me cause i was warned but how would i explain things to Kelvin who had patiently waited and believed i was a [email protected]
He so much trust and believe in me but telling him all that happened will make him think i cooked up a story and i wonder who i had ever offended that chooses to punish me this way.
My mum told me to bring my friends home for the bridal shower but i refused saying hotel is better, now i don't know who to tell.
Quitting the wedding might make Kelvin to commit suicide cause he has gone through many difficulties and heart breaks, i never want to be the worst part of his life.

(Kelvin's POV)
"Haha haha haha Kelvin you are funny, i never knew you will also fall in the hands of fraudsters. Let me tell you there is no [email protected] in this present generation" Jude said to me.
"You better mind yourself o, i trust Mary and she trust me also. You don't trust yourself that is why you don't believe there are still [email protected] As a matter of fact, her friend Bella is also a [email protected] so go and rest" i said to Jude.
Jude is my elder brother, he is also like a friend to me, Jude doesn't believe in true love so he cared less about ladies.
I was also like him but when i found Mary, i found true love and i have sworn never to make her feel bad, i will love her to the end.
My friends would be coming over to spend the night with us including David who is getting married to Bella, we will dress in my house.
I just hope everything goes well and i see the love of my life.

To be continued

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