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The Black Powers - Episode39


the black powers - Episode39

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


Me: can I see the picture of your dad???
She brought out her phone and she showed me her dad, and it is the same man d.d showed me too.

Me: I think I know this man
Benny: who wouldn’t know a senator of the Federal republic
Me: that’s true. But I think have met him before, I mean like, one on one.
Benny: for real? How? Where? When??
Now she’s trying to get words out of me , so I need to be smart
Me: I really can’t remember though
Benny: oh ok!
I know I really need to act fast. No time to check time, checking of time is a waste of time. So I really need to get out of here so as to plan my next move.
Me: dear, am going to school, want to go check if I made the final 23 man list of the school team just released. I just pray I make the list.

Benny: ok, I will be going soon too.
I left Benny at home, straight to school. At the university stadium complex , I walk straight to the notice board and my chest was beating fast. And guess what? I made the list, am among the 3 goalkeepers selected. I walk straight to faculty happily. Got to my class and everywhere was just scanty, so I decided to visit my HOD in other to sort things out. As I was close to the HOD office, I started picking out a voice which I later decode to be a serious moaning. I look front and back of the corridor and nobody is near, then I tried opening the door to the HOD office but it is locked. Then I move back a bit, then with a heavy kick, I burst out HOD office and I quickly close the Door behind me, and right there in front of me is our HOD and my faculty scholar both unclad.

As a sharp guy, I brought out my phone and I started recording a live video as both of them were trying to searching for their clothes which was flung to different angles of the HOD office. When they were both dressed up I stopped the video and put my phone back into my pocket.

HOD: what gives you the audacity to barge into my office like that young man ****he said breathing heavily*****
Me: am sorry for barging into ur office, I just don’t want to miss the show.
Just then, our so called faculty scholar rushed out of the office, slamming the door behind her as she leaves.
HOD: don’t tell me you are trying to blackmail me with what you have on your phone
Me: really??? Did I really do anything with my phone???
HOD: am sure you did record what was happening, so can you just please act like a mature man and delete it?
Me: Mr HOD, the problem is that am not in anyway mature at all, so I might not be able to do what you just ask of.
HOD: don’t toy with my patience Mr Man
Me: ****smiled**** Mr HOD! Well, I will take that as a threat.
HOD: and who is threatening you here?
Me: that I can’t answer sir. The issue is that I came to make you a deal, but with what I just saw, I don’t think this is not the best time to discuss the deal., So I will see you later sir ****I said as I stand to take my leave****
HOD: please boy, don’t do anything silly with what you have, please I beg You
Me: I won’t Mr HOD, as far as you are nice to me in the deal I will be offering you, then we won’t have any problem.
HOD: but can’t we discuss the deal now please
Me: this is not the right time, I said as I left his office

I head back to my class, and on my way I saved the video in all my 5 different email account and I then remove two of the email account on my phone. I went back to my class, pick up a lonely angle and I sit down to call d.d. but just then, somebody sat beside me. And guess what? It is our faculty scholar.

Scholar: wassup mikelrado
Me: so you even know my name
Scholar: who won’t know your you in this faculty
Me: wow! I never knew am that popular o. And what is your name?
Scholar: am Aishat
Me: oh ok, so Aishat what can I do for you, cause the last time I checked, we are not in the same department nor same level.
Aishat: am here to see you. Please I need you to delete that video you have on your phone
Me: what video are you talking about?
Aishat: please now, I no you know what am talking about. Please I will do anything you ask for, I don’t want to be rusticated in my 4th and peanaultimate year in school. please I beg you in the name of Allah.
Me: trust me Aishat, the video is safe with me, as far as you continue to be a nice girl to me, then you are safe
Aishat: so are you saying you won’t delete it?
Me: I will delete it when the time comes. So can I have your number?
She gave me her number and just then d.d’s call came in


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