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The Black Powers - Episode38


the black powers - Episode38

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


Benny: oh! That’s nice of you, so because we had small issue, you’ve now started cheating already?
Me: so you call this a small issue? When last have you visit me? You don’t even pick my calls anymore! I didn’t offend nor do you any wrong, but still am the one apologizing. Yet you are still treating me the way you want, and here you are asking me where am coming from as if you care.

Benny: so that’s the excuse you are giving for cheating???
Me: and what gives you the impression that am cheating on you?
Benny: then where have you been since last night?
Me: is that question really important?
Benny: now I know you are an ingrate, after all have done for you? So this is how you pay me back???
Me: there you go again, what exactly am I doing that you are not happy with??? Tell me and I will apologize
Benny: you know is already, stop pretending
Me: about joining your frat??? Should that really be a stumbling block between us? Seriously, if you truly love me you won’t be telling me to join another frat with the shit am in presently.
Benny: it is for your own good my dear. Am doing this for you and your mum.
Me: hmmm….. Benny….. Benny…. Benny….. Ok, have had you, give me time to think about it.
Benny: but what is there to think about? But if that is how you want it, then no problem. So how much time will it take you to think about it?
Me: don’t worry, I will decide very soon
Benny: ok o
She as she move closer to me and to my surprise she give me A hug and a sharp kiss.
Benny: you must be hungry, I don cook rice already o
Me: *****surprised****** you cook???
Benny: yes now, abi can’t I cook for my guy again???
Me: and who’s saying that? Just that am not ready to eat yet. I dey try control my weight and body shape so as to be fit forthe NUGA games.
Benny: ok o, whenever you are ready, your food is in the kitchen.

I was really surprised by Benny’s sudden change in character, could what d.d said be actually true? I just need to figure things out immediately.
Me: dear I need to see my mum.
Benny: hope no problem???
Me: nope, want to take her to a guy who want to help in flying her out of the country
Benny: isn’t that too soon??? The black powers frat will still be on the lookout for her you know. I really think we should hold on a bit
Me: the earlier the better my dear, because sooner or later the black powers frat will definitely come for us.
Benny: but she’s 100% safe in my safehouse now
Me: I just want her to be 101% safe my dear.
Benny: it’s ok then, so when do you want to see her?
Me: maybe tomorrow
Benny: ok.
So I quickly take this our good mood to throw a jab at her.
Me: so how about your parent? I mean dad and mum ( I noticed the change in her looks and reaction after mentioning her mum)
Benny: they are fine.
Me: I really can’t wait to meet them you know
Benny: surely you will meet them very soon, especially my mum.
Me: but why specially your mum??
Benny: because you will soon go and meet Her where she is
Me: and where is she?

Benny: she’s not in Nigeria

Me: hmmmm…. I can’t wait then.

Benny: just chill, it’s just a matter of time.

Me: but can I see her picture?

Benny: for sure…… She show me the picture of the ever beautiful woman.

Me: wow! She’s d--n beautiful

Benny: *****with a teary eye***** yes she is

Me: what’s wrong dear?

Benny: nothing! Just that have missed her a lot.

Me: eeyah! Then visit her now, if she can’t come home now.

Jackpot!!! Her reaction just confirmed my fear, plus the woman she showed me is the same woman that d.d showed me on her phone…..
Guys I need you advise WHAT DO I DO??? ( a million dollar question)


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