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The Black Powers - Episode36/37


the black powers - Episode36/37

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


Me: am sorry dear, I just have to do this like it’s my last because the last time I had a nice time like this, it was my near destruction that followed, if not for the timely intervention of Benny and you guys. I really don’t know if I will survive what is coming for me after this act and now that Benny is not totally with me again.
I guess my words hit her really hard because her mood changed instantly and I can see tears form in her eyes as she look directly into my eyes “come here” she said as she pull me closer. We both sit on the bed resting our back on the wall, she then pull up the bedsheet to cover our body, after that she changed her position, now squatting on me as I was still in my sitting position with her p***y resting on my dead d--k (mamba sef don tire….lolz).
She look passionately into my eyes as tears started dropping uncontrollably from her ever beautiful eyes. To say the truth, she’s far more beautiful than Benny, just that Benny is way richer.
D.d: mikelrado, I will be lying if I say nothing is coming for you, but am sure you are gonna pull through, you are a strong guy, you are the true definition of a solid Rock, breaking you will never be an easy task. You might not have Benny and her frat with you on this anymore, but trust me you gat me! I know am not rich like Benny and I really don’t have the resources, but I strongly believe it that together we can survive this.
Me: No no no no… You don’t even know what you are saying at all You want to go against your frat? My dear that’s too dangerous for you, with me, your safety is not guaranteed because am still facing my own issue too. And moreover this is not even your fight so why involve yourself?
D.d: yes I understand your situation and condition, but I have already made up my mind even before coming here today. For now I will be working with you undercoverly and I will let the situation of things decide when to come out openly.
Me: hope you know that once you come out in the open, there is no going back?
D.d: yes dear, and am ready for that
Me: hmmm…. All these for me??? Truly I still don’t understand you
D.d: don’t worry, you will understand me as time goes on, because am ready to fight for what I want
Me: and what do you want?
D.d: you!
She said as she kissed me passionately, the kiss was so sweet that it sent a massive signal to my mamba and it resurrected instantly. Just as my d--k rose, it slid into her p**y by itself, she let out a loud ahhhhhh….. Because it caught her off guard all thanks to her position.
D.d: I hope you will take it easy this time around

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I just reply her with a nod as she started riding me. I grab her ass as I continue to enjoy her ride. After few minutes I turn her over for a doggy style…. I started giving it to her slowly, harder! She said, I then increase my tempo. Harder!! She said again, and that was all I need to awake the devil in me, I started giving it to her with full force. The kpakpakpa sound was Much that that those outside will think that a carpenter is working in my room. After about 35mins we were done and we both slept like a mother and child cuddling each other.
I was just too tired the next morning, I look at my side and d.d was still fast asleep. I then check my wall clock and it’s few minutes to 10am. I sluggishly stand up from bed and straight to the bathroom, I was done in less than 5 minutes. I pick up my phone on the bed beside d.d and I saw 7 missed calls. 2 from the University football team coach and 5 from Benny. It was then I remembered I was suppose to attend our football training that morning by 6:30am. I missed it! Maybe that’s the reason why the coach called me.
I put a call through to my coach first
Me: my coach!! Good morning sir
Coach: good morning number 1, why were you not in training this morning?
Me: am sorry coach, am not feeling too well
Coach: sorry about that, but why didn’t you call to inform me you won’t make it to training this morning?
Me: it started in the middle of the night and I took some drugs that made me sleep so deeply, I just woke up now sef.
Coach: oh ok, the final 23 man list of the university football team going to this year WAUG has been released this morning, it is pasted on the notice board of the stadium complex, you can go check it out
Me: wow! That’s nice, did I make the list?
Coach: that I can’t say, you can go and check it out, because as from today, only those that made the team list will be allowed Into our training ground
Me: ok coach, I will go check it. ( As my heart started beating fast)
I had to drop a note for d.d telling her that am off to school, and I dropped #10,00 for her on the table just in case she wanna buy things. I was on the bike going back to my hostel when I remembered that I also have missed calls from Benny too. I dialed her number but she did not pick. On getting to my hostel at tanke I noticed it that my door is slightly opened. I stopped a bit to process what could be happening, only Benny had the keys to my room but she has stopped coming to my place for a while now.
I walk silently to the door and pushed it open with full force at once, I was surprised to see Benny sitting on my bed and pressing her phone. Base on who I be, I quickly compose myself instantly….
Benny: and where the hell are you coming from? She asked with a frown
Me: and what does that suppose to mean?
Benny: are you talking to me like that?
Me: ****my anger rose to 100% instantly*** same way you talking to me
Benny: do you know when have been here?
Me: do I really care?



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