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The Black Powers - Episode35


the black powers - Episode35

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


Just then, d.d came out of the kitchen with a plate of spag and two spoons, we ate together cracking all sort of jokes in the process. After eating she ask for my towel that she want to go shower, I just point to the mini wardrobe in one corner of my room. I was just watching her as she walk to the mini wardrobe, open it and take out my white towel, then she grab her small bag went straight into the bathroom.
She came out about 5 minutes later wearing a bom short and a white singlet with no bra. The sight of her nipples sent a strong signal through my body. D--n! She’s hot!!! Her boobs were not too big and not too small and they were firm to her chest. Even her laps were as fresh as ever too. She climb on the bed and lay beside me.
D.d: you no go baf???
Me: I don baf this evening when I came back from field.
D.d: hmmm….. Freshest guy, always fresh!
Me: but why did you come to tell me all these? Cause you could have just act as if nothing is wrong, you barely know me, so why taking the risk?
D.d: the truth is I like you
Me: you like me???
D.d: yes! And I want you
She said as she kneel down on the bed beside me and she place her hand on my chest caressing it, she did that for like 10 seconds before she dipped her hand into my top and she start playing with my n----e as my Jonny drill signal to me instantly. I tried to pretend as if nothing is happening, as I pick my phone to make a call, but for where??? Can’t even search for the number to call sef Was just scrolling up and down without knowing who to call. I tried typing a name into the contact search box but na rubbish I just dey type. I just fling the phone to one side when I couldn’t take it anymore.
She pulled up my top up to my neck level and she place the tip of her tongue on my n----e, tickling me in the process. Then she started sucking the right n----e while fondling the left one with her hand. I no fit hold am anymore, so I reach out for her head as I pull her face up to mine, our lips met and we started kissing, she is a very good kisser, she was just exploring my mouth. Now my mamba was already rock hard.
We kissed for about 3 minutes more before she remove her mouth from mine, she then remove my top completely. She was totally in charge and am loving her way of ruling the night. She kiss my neck down to my chest as she suck on my left n----e briefly before she continued kissing me downward, she stopped a bit at my navel as she messaged it with her tongue. She then place her right hand on my mamba feeling it though my trouser. She messaged it a bit before she dip her hand into my trouser and grab my mamba.
She pull off my trouser and boxer at Once and my mamba sprang out like a Christmas chicken that managed to escape from where it was tied. Standing firm and pointing to the ceiling, d.d was just looking at my mamba and smiling.
D.d: tell this big monster to stop staring at me, he’s scaring me already
Me: but you woke him up now and u freed it from it’s den, so why the complain
D.d: oh oh….. Is that what you are going to say? Then am going to treat his f--k up then. He will be the one to bow out tonight
Me: trust me dear, that giant staring at you will make you cry and beg for mercy
D.d: really??? I can’t wait then
Me: then let the battle begin!!!
She grabbed the s---t of my mamba then licked the tip with the tip of her tongue for a while before taking half length of my mamba into her mouth. She was just too good that I let out an audible moan. She continue sucking me as if her life depends on it, she s----d for about 3 minutes before I tapped her to stop. I sit up on the bed and she was now kneeling on my laps facing me. I then grab her boobs forcefully she was surprised cause the force was just to me, even me sef did no know what came over me. With a speed of light I brought out the two melons out and I started sucking and squeezing it. The force at which I was squeezing it can even make it burst….. No be my fault now, na she wake up the devil in me.
“Easy now” she managed to say, but watin concern me, I just continue my thing. but to be sincere, I never believe her breast could be this strong sef, cause I fear nurses o, have had a lot about them and their hospital sexcapades, so seeing her boobs still as firm as that of a virgin surprised me. I continued sucking and squeezing for about 5 minutes, I didn’t even know how she managed to take off her top, All I sha know is that her top and bra are off already, and she was giving a shout like moan, yeeeeeeeh……. Aaaahhhhh…. Small small now……. Ondunmi now………
I moved down to her lower region and she lose her trouser instantly, And we were now both neckade. I pushed her back to the bed as I help her spread her legs as wide as possible. Omo see Toto!!! It is as clean as ever! Nicely shaved and with a nice odor. I move my face closer to her p***y and I could perceive the sweet scent coming out of her promise Land. The thing they scent like fanta, and me wey like fanta before
I started sucking and eating her promise Land roughly and she started moaning a bit too loud. Yeeeeee…….. Hmmmmmmm……. Miiiiiikkkkkkyyyyyyyy………. Take it eeeeeaaaaasssssyyy…….. Aaaaaaahhhhhh……. Those words were just turning me on! I continued eating her p---y for like 5 minutes more when she suddenly scream aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! And she started vibrating like someone with epilepsy, then her white fluid started shooting off up towards the rooof.
I allow her chill for like a minute before I kneel down upon her at her chest level. My both knees on the bed, my right knee beside her left shoulder and my left knee beside her right shoulder and her boobs were now touching my anus. I lift up a bit so as not to rest on her boobs as I guide my mamba into her mouth and I started f-----g her mouth. At first I started slow, before the devil in me came alive again, I then started Pounding her mouth as if I was pounding her p---y, I was just going all in forcefully, she started coughing seriously and pouring out saliva in the process, but all that was just turning me on the more and I started feeling my c-m building.
I increased the force and pace. She was now trying to push me off, but for where? I don pin her down, she was even trying to say something but couldn’t because of the force of my d--k, I saw something like tears falling off her eyes. I continued thrusting in deeply before I finally c-m deep into her throat. I fell back on the bed breathing heavily and she saw coughing seriously and trying to catch her breath .
Do you want to kill me? She managed to say with an angry face after she has gained a bit of strength. I tried looking into her eyes but she looked away instantly meaning she’s d--n mad at me.

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