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The Black Powers - Episode34


the black powers - Episode34

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


D.d: yes! Senator Lucas is Benny’s father. Did you actually kill her mum? And if yes why?
Me: can I see Benny’s mum picture??
D.d: sure!
She swipe through the numerous pictures on her phone and she show me the woman who is extremely beautiful.
Me: wow! She’s beautiful, but have never met this lady
D.d: meaning you did not kill her? Are you sure???
Me: have done lot and lots of deals for the black powers and I can still remember all my deals and target one by one. The nature of the deal, the duration of the deal, place and time of the deals, I can still remember them all. But this woman is not in any of my deal, infact I have never met her.
D.d: I said it! My dreams don’t lie!!
Me: dream??? What dream?
D.d: you see mikelrado, am gifted with dreams, I do foresee things to come in my dreams.
Me: d.d, I must say the truth, this your story is too hard for me to believe, because Benny has been there for me right from day 1 that we started our relationship
D.d: hmmm….. Mikelrado, don’t be fooled by the so called relationship between you and Benny, she’s planned everything right from the start, just that her plan didn’t work out the way she wanted it to.
Me: hmmm…. Ok d.d, have had all what you said and I will see to it.
D.d: you might be thinking that am trying to spoil Benny or that am trying to win you to myself. Well, I might want you, infact, which girl won’t want to have you as her man. But if I want you, I can be having fun with you without Getting punished by Benny, but the truth is , I don’t want any harm come near you and your mum because you both have been through a lot already. You too think deeply, why will Benny give you the permission to go ahead and f**k me, trust me, no girl that truly loves her man will want to share him with another.
Now that got me! She’s actually right about that. Even the girl you ain’t dating but that likes you will be feeling jealous seeing you with another not to talk of the one you are dating. That day that Benny made made statement, I was surprised too but I didn’t think much about it. Could d.d be for real? I was more than confused at this point, even my P.A as been silent sef, I guess the idiot is confused as well.
Me: thanks so much d.d. I so much appreciate this info, I will take necessary steps without wasting time
D.d: that’s good, and please move your mum out of her safe house immediately. And Take her to a place that only you will know of.
Me: alright, I will. Thanks once again
D.d: you are very much welcome
Me: so how is your movement? Are you still going back to osun tonight???
D.d: are you stylishly chasing me out of your house???
Me: nope, not at all. Why will I even do that???
D.d: I hen why are you asking me out by this time if the day?
Me: ****j checked the time and it’s 10:45pm**** haha no now, am not chasing you now, just want to know your movement
D.d: ok o, I will be leaving tomorrow or next, am on leave and work presently
Me: Ok no problem, you can stay as long as you want.
D.d: wait o, Benny no dey come here?? I don’t want her trouble o
Me: not at all, she no even know say I get house for here sef.
D.d: that’s good, meaning I am free niyen.
Me: yes you are
I remember stone instantly, I need to dismiss him I said in my mind, so I text him on Whatsapp.
Me: stone wassup, where you dey?
Stone: am very much around boss, I see say na you and babe dey house.
Me: she no be ordinary babe o, she belong.
Stone: oh ok boss, so what’s next???
Me: no threat, just go home. Your job Is done
Stone: ok boss, am out!
Me: so what are you going to eat??? I ask her after dropping my phone on the table
D.d: what do you have at home???
Me: I only have spag
D.d: you get ingredients???
Me: yes
D.d: good, wey your kitchen dey, make I go cook.
D.d entered kitchen to cook while I just lay on the bed thinking about all what she just told me, could all these be true? I asked my P.A
P.A: even me sef don dey suspect Benny lately, because the way wey she just dey push you to join her frat lately is very suspicious. And again, that issue of her parent, no be you kill her mum now so where is that story coming from sef.
Me: I tire o
P.A: But wait o, you sure say no be the black powers dey behind this? Where her papa dey live sef, you need find out more about her papa and see if there is any dealing between him and the black powers lately.
Me: nice idea, but how I go carry my mum comot for her safe house without her suspecting anything sef. That’s the big challenge you know
P.A: yes o, e go hard o, because you no fit turn your back on her like that, she don do plenty things for you, and you never even sure sef if all the allegations leveled against her is true sef.
Me: no worries, I go still try find out some things from d.d tonight.
P.A: ok now



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