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The Black Powers - Episode33


the black powers - Episode33

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


doc: ***she poured another mixture into her cup*** something terrible is coming for you mikelrado. She said as she drank a bit and place her cup on the table in front of her
Me: something terrible?? Stop beating around the bush and go straight to the point. And you know I don’t even know your name yet
Doc: oh! Since all these days? So you don’t know my name??? It’s hard to believe though
Me: lolz…. That’s just the plain truth dear.

Doc: ok, my name is deola but you can call me Delly
Me; oh! So you are the one they call delly? Have been hearing that name from Benny for long. Deola, Delly, that’s double d. So how about I call you d.d???

Doc: **** laughs out loud**** you are free, it even sound nicer than Delly.

Me: ok, D.D what did you say is coming for me?

D.D: mikelrado, I know all am about to tell you will be very difficult to believe, if not impossible sef. But the fact is that they are all nothing but pure truth.

Me: say it first, then you leave the believing aspect for me to decide.
D.D: ok, the thing is that Benny your girl is not who you think she is, there are lots of things of things attached to her relationship with you and to the help she’s be rendering all these while.

Me: wow! Interesting, please continue ***she is absolutely right, how can I believe all these shits*****

d.d: at first, the reason she approached you was because there is a vacant post in our frat and again, our frat has not been getting the attention and recognition that we crave for, she became the national capon of our frat not long ago, precisely 13 months ago and her promise was that she was gonna bring you in, and everybody was happy because we know your capabilities. We know that having you with us will mean we can compete with the black powers who have been dominating and ruling this country for long.

At first, I was ok with the plan. Am not a student of your school, am not even a student, am a nurse in a private hospital in osun. And despite not being here in ilorin, have been hearing a lot about your deals and doing and I must confess, I admire you. So that was why I was cool with the plan initially.

But lately, Benny has changed the plan and just last weekend, we held a general meeting with other top ranked capons in our frat. And the plan now is to end you and your mum, and Benny have sore to make the killing very slow and painful. I know that yours won’t be that easy, that’s if it’s even possible sef. But your mum, I know she’s with Benny, making is easy for her. Even your mum will be thinking now that Benny is her savior, not knowing that Benny is the main threat presently.

Me: hmmm….. I don’t want it to look as if your words are meaningless o, but your frat and Benny played the main role in rescuing me and my mum back in osun, if they want us dead, They won’t have come for us, so why now???

D.d: well I don’t expect you to believe me easily though. The thing is, Benny’s dad got the opportunity to see your picture on Benny’s phone and he recorganise you at once saying you are the one that killed Benny’s mum who was a lawyer and that you made him withdraw from contesting in the senatorial election when he was trying to return to office for the second time, because you know that he was gonna win the election

Me: Benny’s mum??? Benny never told me that her mum is dead, and again, who is this Benny’s father that you are talking about?

D.d brought out her phone and showed me the man’s picture and I recorganise him instantly.

Me: senator Lucas???