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Picture Perfect - Episode 6


Picture Perfect - Episode 6
© Christabel Nwoko

Kate woke up the next morning, feeling happier than ever.
She was contented and Happy to have her husband back.
Kate and Victor sat down to a delicious breakfast that Victor specially prepared and afterwards Victor told Kate to get prepared that they would be going out.
"Where are we going to?"Kate asked curiously
"Don't worry, you will soon find out" Victor said mischievously and he smiled.

Few hours later, Victor and Kate were sighted inside a cab, Kate was still unaware of thier destination, all Victor told the cab driver was "Take us to Yale Estate Phase 1"
And all through the journey, Kate wondered what was happening at Yale Estate Phase 1"
Victor was not willing to give her a hint, Kate was so eager to find out.
Despite the air condition in the cab,  she was tensed, nervous, sweaty and nauseous.
"Lord please let this surprise be good, I don't want to be disappointed, please Lord" She thought.

Victor knew that she was feeling uneasy, he smiled each time he looked into her eyes.
He held her hands.
"My love, Don't you trust me?"Victor said lovingly.
Kate was speechless for a while and then her thoughts went to Fred, a man who showered her friend Olivia with so much love and expensive gifts but turned out to be a jerk,  a liar and a cheat.

"My Husband, I love you but trust is another thing oh,  I love you so much my love" Kate entered and Victor laughed so hard.
"You mean you don't trust me but you love me?  Hmmm" Victor said in smiles and Kate nodded "Yes"
Kate and Victor were still debating on love and trust, when the cab driver told them that they had arrived Yale Estate gate.
"Are you dropping off here or you want me to drive in? "The Cab driver asked
"Please drive in And stop at house 52" Victor responded and smiled as he caught Kate staring at him confusingly.

Finally they arrived house 52, a very beautiful duplex, as they got down from the Cab and paid the Cab driver off,  Kate wondered what was going on, Victor took her hands and they walked into the beautiful building, the gate was opened as if someone knew that they were coming.
They walked into the stairs and then a lovely balcony and then to the living room, two men were standing beside the Door waiting for them.
The two men immediately greeted Victor and Kate.

Kate stared at them speechlessly
"my love, these gentlemen are estate agents. And this duplex is our new home" Victor said lovingly
Kate was shocked, "Are you kidding me? My love you know that I'm not feeling well, I'm weak and nauseous because of my pregnancy, please stop joking around" Kate said calmly and Victor assured him that he was not joking around.
"Honey, This is our new home, come take a look,  it's a duplex
Situated in a calm and beautiful estate with 4 bedrooms,
2 kitchen, 2 dinning room, 1 lounge,
1 cabinet space, 2 bathroom,
Terrace, Airconditioning,Pool,
Cctv camera and it's all yours,  I bought this house on your name" Victor said nicely and Kate burst into tears.

The two Estate agents left quietly as Kate cried, Victor was shocked, She wondered why Kate was crying instead of rejoicing, "this is what she had always wanted, a wealthy husband" Victor thought. He held Kate's arms and enquired why she was in tears.
"I have pushed you into committing crimes, how could you afford to buy this house? It's obvious that's it's expensive, what did you do to make much money?  Tell me,  I won't be angry cause it's my fault, I mounted so much pressure on you, please forgive me" Kate said in tears and Victor smiled and hugged her.

"Yes I became so desperate, I ventured into alot of illegal deals but at the last minute, I changed my mind, I met a friend who taught me Forex trading and in four weeks, I made it big, don't be hard on yourself, I'm your husband and I need to take care of you,  actually your constant nagging and pressure pushed me to succeed,  I love you so much and I'm never angry at you, you are my wife and only you had the right to trouble me" Victor said as he wiped tears from his wife's eyes and made her feel better.

The couple took a tour around thier new house, Kate hugged him when they were done with thier little tour.
"Thank you, I love it" Kate said excitedly and Victor smiled, for the first time he felt like a real man. Kate's beautiful smile melted his heart.
In few minutes, A beautiful Lady arrived and Victor introduced her to Kate as the interior decorator who would turn thier new house into a beautiful home with her creative designs. The young lady came with an estimate of what she needed and Victor quickly transferred the needed money to her account.
"Please start working immediately, I want to move in with my beautiful wife, hopefully by next week" Victor said at once

Kate stared at Victor the whole time he was conversing with the interior decorator, Victor had really changed, he spoke with confidence and authority,  Money indeed is power and it's brings respect.

Few hours later, Kate and Victor were in a car shop,  Victor paid for two brand new cars, one for Kate and the other for himself. Kate was speechless and at time happy that Victor was now a wealthy man.
"Lord bless My Husband with a long life,  let me deliver safely and enjoy my marriage always, thank you for turning things around, I also pray for my friend, Olivia comfort her and reveal to her the secret, that she should know about her husband, I don't want to tell her that I saw Fred with his other wife,  I will be held responsible if anything bad happens to her" Kate said within her.

Kate and Victor were done at the car shop,  when Olivia's call came in.
Kate picked up immediately.
"Hello babe" she greeted
"Hello Kate, please come and take me away from here, please I need you" Olivia said in tears
"What happened? Why are you crying? Where are you? " Kate asked at once
"Give me that phone now, you good for nothing" a familiar voice said at the other end of the phone.
And Kate could figure out who it was,  her husband Fred and before she could say "Jack", The call ended.

Kate turned pale and Victor wondered what had happened.
"My love,  Olivia is in trouble, please let's go to her house" Kate said at once. Victor got so scared at the mention of trouble that he drove off heading to Olivia's house in one of thier new car.

End Of Episode 6
To Be Continued

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