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Picture Perfect - Episode 5


Picture Perfect - Episode 5
© Christabel Nwoko

The next day, Kate visited the hospital and some medical tests including a Pregnancy test were run on her.
She waited patiently for her results, She sat very close to the entrance of the room, when her sight wandered to a man and a pregnant lady, they both walked into the hospital's waiting room holding hands like a couple.

One stare at the man, Kate could tell who he was "Fred?, what's he doing here? And who is that pregnant lady with him?"She thought as she kept staring at him and the lady, She stretched her head to see if she could see her friend Olivia but obviously she was no where around there. Kate concluded that the lady might be Fred's younger sister or cousin, as they appeared to be too familiar with each other.

Fred gave the pregnant lady undivided attention as it seemed like they were both in a middle of a conversation. Unknowingly to Fred, Kate was staring the whole time,  she sat at the entrance of the waiting room. Few minutes later, Kate stood up and was about to walk closer to them, at least to say "Hi" to Fred,  When the nurse on duty announced
"Mr and Mrs Fred Wilson, you can now go in to see the doctor"
As Fred and the pregnant lady walked into the doctor's office, Kate's heart sank, "Mr and Mrs Fred?  Fred has another wife?,  what about my friend,  Olivia? What's going on?"Kate thought, she almost collapsed due to shock but she somehow comported herself.

30 minutes later, Kate was called into the doctor's office for her results and drug prescription, but still She couldn't get her mind off what she saw.
"Mrs Victor,   the test results proves that you have malaria and...." The doctor paused, He stared into Kate's eyes, to see if she was prepared for the news,  she was about to receive and then the doctor continued with a warm smile on his face.
"Congratulations Mrs Victor,  you are 9 weeks pregnant"

"What?,  no doctor, it can't be, I saw my monthly flow just last week,  there's a mix up somewhere" Kate replied,
"Ma'am, it's called implantation bleeding  and it's normal,  you are 9 weeks pregnant, . Congratulations once again MA. I will prescribe some medications for you,  please adhere to the dosage and avoid stress" The doctor concluded and Kate gave a warm smile but she continued to stare at the doctor in disbelief, hot tears of Joy rolled down from her eyes.
"I can't believe that I'm having a baby, I can't wait to share this good news with my husband, He had always expected this news"She thought in smiles .

She quietly left the doctor's office after a list of prescribed medicines was handed to her. As she returned home, she couldn't stop thinking about Olivia and her jerk of a husband, Fred.
"Some men are wicked oh, Fred is living a double life, He has two wives?, I don't think Olivia knows, 
oh my God, Olivia and Fred had been married for 4 years now"
 Kate returned home confused.
She was somewhat happy about the news of her pregnancy and at the same time helpless and sad for her friend Olivia.

She burst into uncontrollable tears when she also remembered her financial instabilities.
"This pregnancy would have been a great news,  if I still got my Job, now I'm jobless and pregnant, will my husband be able to provide for our little family? God please help My Husband and make a way" Kate said with tears in her eyes.
That was the first time ever that she had prayed for her husband sincerely. With the whole situation Kate became emotional too.

She kept contemplating on whether to inform her husband that she was pregnant on the phone or wait till he returns and then give him the good news. She was still in thought when Olivia's call came in.
"Hello babe" She greeted
"Babe how are you doing today?"Olivia asked calmly
"I'm okay and you?"Kate responded
"I'm OK, thank you" Olivia said
The two friends chatted for a while and finally Kate shared the good news.

"My friend I'm pregnant!" Kate announced and Olivia gave a loud noise of excitement on the other end of the phone.
"Wow,  congratulations my friend, Have you told your husband? When is he coming back? You don't have to be alone, you need some one around, let me come over, Fred is not even around, He left for Abuja this morning for an urgent trip, his mother is unwell and hospitalized" Olivia said and Kate felt bad knowing that Fred was deceiving her Best friend.

For the first time, Kate agreed to have Olivia visit her at thier mini flat. She was no longer ashamed of her life.  "No one has a perfect life after all, Fred might be wealthy but it's obvious that he is a jerk and a liar" She thought.

Kate was overwhelmed with the whole situation that she had not observed that Victor had not called her for days.
When her thoughts finally came to that direction, she shivered in fear. She picked up her phone and dialled Victor's number and he was unreachable.
She panicked as her thoughts went to all those times that she bruised his ego, humiliated him and made him feel bad.
"I even asked him to remain in Ghana and not to return empty, oh What have i done?  I Hope he has not left me?" Kate thought as she wept bitterly, she kept dialling her husband's number but it was still the same, unreachable.
She was so broken and in tears when she heard the door bell.

She quickly ran to the door and almost collapsed when she saw who was at the door.
"Victor,  my love, you are back? I missed you so much" She said immediately and she hugged him so tightly.
Victor wondered what was going on, Kate had never been so happy to see him.
"Kate,  slow down, how are you? Your eyes are red and swollen, were you crying?" Victor asked and Kate looked away
"I came home empty handed, things didn't turn up as I expected, I'm not rich yet" Victor said smiling
"I don't mind,  I missed you, please don't go anywhere, please stay with me, we will manage,  I will get another job and we work hard and harder, together, we will become very wealthy" Kate said in tears and Victor was surprised and speechless as he wondered what had happened to his wife.

When Victor learnt that he was going to be a father, he was super excited and grateful to God. He showered his wife with kisses and promised to make her happy.
Kate apologized for taking his love for granted and promised to stand by him forever.
Kate and Victor were in each other's arms kissing and cuddling when Kate's phone rang. It was Olivia. Kate wondered if she was on her way already.

"Hello babe" Kate said calmly
"Babe,  I don't think I could come over to your place today" Olivia said apologetically and Kate told her it was okay.
"My Husband has returned" Kate announced and Olivia gave a loud noise of excitement at the other end of the phone. "Babe enjoy your self, my regards to your husband, see you tomorrow, good night" Olivia said and hanged up.
Kate tried to get her mind off Olivia's problems and enjoy the evening with Her husband.

Victor returned home looking more handsome and overly fresh. He had gained few weights and Kate admired how he looked.

End Of Episode 5
To Be Continued

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