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Picture Perfect - Episode 4


Picture Perfect - Episode 4
© Christabel Nwoko

Many Months later, Due to the Kate's constant insults, Victor refused to tell her about his recent dealings.
"No need to tell my wife about my dealings, when the money comes, I will inform her, then I will spoil her with expensive gifts and shower her with so much money" Victor had thought. And silently and secretly he was making money moves. The new dealings looked promising and it involved him traveling to Ghana, He told Kate about his urgent business Trip and she reluctantly allowed him to go.

Four weeks later, The worst thing happened, Kate lost her job and she became devastated, Victor was not back from his trip.
With the whole situation Kate was frustrated and she wallowed in self pity with no one to console her, and then Olivia's call came right in.
"Hello my friend" She greeted
"Hello Olivia" Kate said in a low tone. Olivia sensed that something was wrong.
"What's up babe?  You sound so down, are you okay? " Olivia asked
"I lost my Job today" She opened up

"Awwww, so sorry about that, my dear I want you to see it as a blessing in disguise, you have been working for someone, the whole time, I guess this is the time you start working for yourself and become your own boss" Olivia said calmly
"come and learn how to run my kind of business, it's very profitable, I don't mind I will coach you and when you have mastered every business tricks, I'm sure that your husband would gladly give you capital to start your own business" Olivia added, while Kate's thought went to her poor husband, Victor and she remembered that he had not heard from him the whole day.

"Like how much are we looking at?"Kate asked curiously.
"Like half a million or more" Olivia responded and Kate lost words,  she was speechless for a while and when she got her speech back,  she comported herself, She reluctantly agreed to learn Olivia's business, the two friends talked for a while, before they hanged up.

"But how will I get the capital to start my own business?, my poor husband barely afford a hundred thousand, talk much of half a million" She thought.
Talk of the devil and he appears, Victor call came in almost immediately, Kate threw all the frustration she was feeling at him, Kate told her husband about everything that went wrong.

Victor felt bad when he learnt that his wife had lost her job. He promised to return in few days but to his utmost shock, Kate entered " I have lost my Job,  now is the time to start fulfilling your responsibilities as a husband. don't you dare return empty, otherwise just remain where are you" and Victor was dumbfounded and he quietly ended the call.

Few weeks later, Kate's apprenticeship began,  Olivia took her time to teach her best friend everything she would need to know about her business.
And Kate was thankful.
One-day, Fred came over to see his wife Olivia at her shop, he needed money urgently and he was shocked to see Kate with Olivia. He wondered what she was doing there
"Good afternoon Mr Fred,  I know you missed your wife, that's why you couldn't wait for her to return home" Kate teased him and Fred managed to give a faint smile.

"Mrs Victor, how is everything? And how is your husband?" Fred asked nervously
"we thank God, My husband travelled for business" Kate replied
And Olivia gave her husband a piercing look, she had been trying hard for months to get Fred to take up a job or start a business instead of sitting around waiting for her wealthy cousin or friends to send him free money but he refused.
Fred knew why his wife was staring at him in that manner but he comported himself.
"My love, come I want you to see something in the car" Fred entered and Olivia nodded, they both headed outside, holding hands.

Kate concluded that Fred had bought another expensive gifts for his wife as usual.
"This man keeps showering my friend with gift, Olivia is very lucky, I wished I married a man that would spoil me with gifts and sweet love like Fred,  Victor have never given me a gift, we have been married for close to 2 years now,  he is not doing anything about his poverty and he is expecting me to get pregnant in this condition,  he traveled to Ghana for the past two months and  he had only sent money just once, how will I cope now, when I have lost my job,  I know my parents and my siblings will be expecting the money I promised them,  oh Lord I wish I never married Victor, this man is not helping my life at all" She thought.

As Kate was still in her thoughts, she felt the urgent need to puke(Vomit), she quickly ran to the rest room, she came out few minutes later, feeling nauseous and very weak,  she wondered why she was feeling sick but she waved it off immediately at the sight of Agnes,  Olivia's manager.
"Where is my friend?"Kate asked the middle aged woman.
"She left, She would be back soon, she headed to the bank with her husband" Agnes replied
"bank?  Oh OK. Thanks" Kate managed to say.

Kate felt nauseous and tired, her thought went on seeing a doctor as she had been feeling nauseous and feverish for days,  her menstrual flow was normal, she was certain that she was not pregnant.
 "It must be symptoms of malaria,  a lot of mosquitoes species had dealt with me ever since Victor travelled, I must admit my husband takes good care of me, in his own way, sometimes, he stays awake to chase mosquitoes off my body and before I would be back from work,  he would spray the mosquitoes repellant, I miss him so much" Kate thought as she smiled to herself.

End Of Episode 4
To Be Continued

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