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Picture Perfect - Episode 3


Picture Perfect - Episode 3
© Christabel Nwoko

Kate and Victor finally tied the knot in a simple wedding but beautiful ceremony and of course she didn't post online cause she thought the wedding was not as elaborate as her friend's wedding. Even when Olivia called and urged her to send her wedding photos, Kate politely declined that she was extremely busy with her wedding party.
Olivia who was far away in Paris with her husband for thier supposed second honeymoon, believed her. She was genuinely happy for her friend and She wished she was present but she promised to return with a wedding presence for her.

After the wedding, Victor who couldn't afford an expensive trip to Dubai for thier honeymoon, suggested they visit a cattle ranch located at the outskirt of town for thier honeymoon and Kate was so pissed off at his suggestion that she snapped at him immediately.
"Are you not ashamed, your mates takes thier newly wedded wives to Dubai and Bahamas for thier honeymoon and you are suggesting that we go to a local ranch, come on Victor,  think big, has poverty affected your brain?"

Victor felt bad as he stared at Kate speechlessly, For a moment, He shivered in fear, His future is doomed with an arrogant and rude wife. He quietly walked away and Kate was still boiling in anger, Anger that was induced by envy.
Envy that was also induced by the picture her friend Olivia posted online some minutes ago, Olivia posted a smiling selfies with Fred at an exotic bar in Paris, She was humble bragging about their love and she even dished out marriage tips and Kate ended up thinking that her own life doesn't measure up to Olivia's.
"I shouldn't have married Victor, yes I know that I love him but love is not enough, I won't eat love oh"She thought as tears rolled down from her eyes.

Victor was hurt by the way Kate reacted and he vowed to make it up to her.
"Kate deserves to be happy, she deserves a better life and I won't rest until I give her the best life she so much desired, everyday I will work harder, I love her so much" he told himself.

Few weeks later, Olivia and her husband Fred got back from thier trip and she rang her friend.
"Hello babe" Kate greeted
"Hi dear"Olivia uttered excitedly.
"babe How is everything? How was your trip? I Hope you had a swell time at Paris? " Kate asked curiously
"Good,  we bless God for safe travels. How are you and your husband?" Olivia entered
"we are  fine dear" Kate uttered
"Babe, I don't like this your new attitude oh,  you don't fill me in on things, How was your honey moon? " Olivia asked smiling at the other end of the phone.

Kate was quiet for a while and Olivia repeated her question " Babe, how was your honey moon?"
"it was lovely,  we had a nice time at South Africa" She lied
"South Africa?  That's nice, I'm so happy for you, Babe I miss you so much, I can't wait to see you" Olivia said excitedly

" I miss you more my friend " Kate said calmly and was shocked to see her husband Victor staring at her in disbelief, it was obvious that he heard her lie about going on a trip to South Africa when they only lodged at a nearby five star hotel. Victor quietly walked away.
"On Sunday I will definitely pay you a visit, please send your home address" Olivia uttered. But Kate offered to visit her instead.
"I will come along with my husband, please send my regards to your husband" She concluded and finally they ended up discussing some other things before they hanged up.

On Sunday afternoon, Kate and Victor paid Olivia a visit and she welcomed them warmly, she offered them lunch and soft drinks. She brought out the wedding present she specially got for them, They conversed for a while and then all of a sudden, Kate asked "where is your husband, I will like to say hello to him" and Victor nodded in agreement.
Olivia went in to call Fred. He was not interested in meeting Kate or her husband, he heard thier voice the whole time but choose not to come out.

Few minutes later,  he came out to the sitting room reluctantly and he exchanged greetings with Kate and he shook hands with Victor who was genuinely happy to see him.
In no time, Victor and Fred started to talk about sports and other men stuff and
Olivia took Kate to her room, She brought out all the lovely items she bought in Paris and Kate's  attention went to a shinning gold necklace. She stared at the Jewelry for a while before she finally picked it up.

"Wow,  this is pure gold,  I know it will be so expensive" Kate threw in
"Yes,  it's almost a million" Olivia said and Kate gave a faint smile, she was somewhat jealous, she wished Victor was as wealthy as Fred but who would tell her that things don't always appear as it seems.
"I know it's your husband that got this expensive necklace for you" Kate uttered calmly
Olivia nodded "Yes" and she went into a deep thought.
"How will I explain to my friend that I got this necklace by myself" She thought

After that day,  Kate's behavior towards her husband became worst, she talks more rudely to him and she demands what she knew that Victor wouldn't be able to afford, She doesn't miss a chance to remind him of how poor he was and how he couldn't meet her needs. At that moment, Victor could feel his heart being ripped from his body, He was not expecting that Kate would turn into a nagging and abusive wife,  who would always bruise his ego. Kate always made him feel like a loser and failure. He tried to be matured about the whole thing.
"My wife is right,  I need to be rich and famous, this insult needs to stop" He thought

"I know that I don't have enough money yet to give you the life you desire but I will work hard everyday and I will give you the best life" he said soberly. Kate felt bad knowing that Victor was probably hurt, but she didn't apologize to him. Victor didn't bear any grudge against her either,  Victor loved Kate so much and He was a very nice and hardworking man but He was devastated and broken by the way her wife treated him, he was determined to make money and end the insults.

One thing Kate wasn't aware of was that she had ignited a fire in her husband, A fire that would push him beyond the limits he had pushed himself before, from that day he became a changed person, Victor became money conscious and He became extremely busy trying to make money, he was ready to venture into any kind of business as long as it would yield big money.

End Of Episode 3
To Be Continued

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