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Lex - Prologue


Lex - Prologue

©Tz_ Chilest

At the waxing moon, during the twenty five years of the witches rule. They decide to Channel the powers of their ancestors and bind the other supernatural creatures from the citadel.

The witches had been the protector of the human race and had saved them from the hands of the lycans. The witches had placed a curse on the werewolves, preventing them from reaching their full peak except on the full moon.

The vampires had also been a problem, they go about the city at night dominating any creatures they found lagging. The mother of witches of the citadel, Elaine casted a spell in the city thus restraining the movement of the vampires.

Now it is time for the witches to celebrate twenty five years of peace among the four fractions. The witches want to strengthen their holds on the city, because they knew it is only a matter of time before the supernaturals joins forces and conquer the city. It would be disastrous for the witches. So the witches then cast a spell to unite their old and powerful witches and seek their wisdoms.
"You know it's funny as you seek advice from the dead, especially from people who couldn't do anything when they were alive"

The witches jerked at that familiar voice. They moved swiftly and formed a circle around Elaine. That was the voice of the only creature strong enough to bring down the witches. He hid behind a tomb, not ready to make any rash judgement. His eyes were glittering of gold, so he looked for any weakness, any soft spot to attack the witches.

He knew that place was a scared ground for the witches, their ancestral ground. He knew that place would be heavily spelled, every nook and cranky would have being bind as precautions. He was tired of being led by a woman. He knew he had to take a step, which he just did. He knew the fates of his clans and whoever he had sire would lie on his actions, so he had to go slowly.

"Don't you have dignity, Kol" Elaine yelled "how dare you come to our ancestral ground"

The young witches around her kept murmuring some kind of spell harmoniously.

"Vazoo hsk to kiwva labasoro"

That word kept spreading in his body like wide fire. He already knew the witches to be a tough opponent, they could get to you even before you make a move. The witches had a leverage on every supernaturals, the way they chant those spells moves faster than the speed of light and that always get every supernatural on their toes.

He was already prepared for the worst, but now wasn't the right time for bloodshed. He was here for a deal with the witches, a deal that could cost the witches their hold on the city.

That spell kept burning through him, he could feel his kidney being twined. His golden eyes had become black and that means trouble but making a rash move could be deadly, he was outnumbered and witches are at their peak at the moment. So he had to trend slowly.

"Elaine, tell your kittens to stand down" he screamed from the dark "Ain't here for bloodshed, I come in peace"

"You? Peace? Wherever Kol Olsen goes, death follows"

"True! But not tonight. I only came for a deal"

Elaine smiled knowing fully well the only creature she had learned not to trust was the vampire. They are cunny, selfish and devilish, she had learnt to be careful when she around them.

"A deal with a vampire is impossible. In fact not just a regular vampire, the fathers of vampires, the messenger of evil, the friend of the devil"

Kol nodded in agreement, at least her facts were right this  time

"That is me. You got the sire of vamps wrapped under your fingers"

"Am sorry Kol. Have learnt to flee at your presence and that is what has been keeping the witches going, that is what still makes us the ruler of the citadel. So a deal with you is just impossible"

Impossible is not just the word Kol was ready to hear. He had planned this encounter for years and wasn't ready to stop until the vampire rules over the citadel.

"What if I tell you we are going to leave the city for you and your little coven to keep ruling"

Elaine eyes were brightened. The witches had began to lose focus. Kol knew he had been successful in getting to them, so he moved closer to the coven. That was exactly what he needed if he wants to strike the witches, he needs to make them lose focus but the bad news was, he wasn't going to strike the witches at least not tonight.

"This is getting interesting" Elaine said with disbelief

"I bet it is" Kol retorted with a scoff

"And you just expects me to believe you and your vamps will just vamoose the city just like that"

"If our demands are meant, why not?"

"Demands? And what could your deal probably be?"

One thing Kol had learned about the witches was breaking an oath on their sacred ground would result to an ancestral curse. So he had chosen his timing perfectly, he wasn't ready to lag behind. His vampires should be moving freely in the city instead of lurking in the dark and his sons should be the prince of the city and his daughters princess of the citadel.

"Daylight ring!"

"You want us to make you daylight rings" Elaine said with disgust

"Yea, guess my demands are so simple. So make me the ring and vamps would be history in your city"

The deal was so tantalizing. Elaine could see her coven had agreed to it without second thoughts. They were all ready to kick the vampires away from the citadel but Elaine knew this isn't the right deal. If she accept the deal and make the vampires a daylight ring, they would now move freely in the city.

"So if I create you a daylight ring, you vampires would now move freely in the sun. So weeks later, the lycans would come demanding for their powers back"

"Everyone knows the lycans are the weakest fractions. Even the humans now hunt them. So we the vampires should be your major concern because we are second to you in terms of strength"

"I think it is a fair deal" Rebecca, Elaine second in command said.

"Yea it is. I won't be here if the deal wasn't fair"

"The vampires are meant to lurk in the dark and the lycans are meant to be in the forest. So far, we have been able to achieve that" Elaine said

Lurk in the dark? The vampires was destined for something big. They were suppose to be leaders and not a creeper who burns out at the ray of sunlight. The lycans maybe comfortable with their predicament but the vamps are not. They were ready to fight nature and walk freely in the sun.

"Elaine, I know this is what you always wanted"

"Yes! But this deal is just too cloudy to be true"

"I knew you would be like this" Kol voice now become deeper, it was like his patience were already worn out and that could be bad for the witches. He was the first species of vampires, his blood had created alot of generations of vampires. So he was unusually fast and could attack three witches in a seconds. His quench for blood was more than usual, guess that was the price of selling his soul to the devil.

"I could just decide to join forces with my fiercest enemy, the lycans and on the full moon we could just attack you and the human creatures you admire so much. Or do you think you can stop us? It is only a matter of time before I wipe you and your kinds from the surface of the earth"

Kol wasn't ready to joked anymore. He had tried to be as gentle as he could, he was here for a serious business and not some child's play.

"Is that a threat?"

"It is not. That was just an advice on how to prevent such from happening" he said with a feint smile.

"Why don't we read his mind then, we could walk through his subconscious and find out about his plans with the ring" a witch said

Kol stood still, it was exactly like he had predicted. He knew the witches would result into that so he was already fully prepared. He had been on the witches trail for years now, so he already knew what they does when the were confused. He knew the would creep their way in his head and start solving the puzzles themselves.

What he planned on doing to the witches, what kind of pains he had installed for them. He was first going to inflict an everlasting pain on them which would make them wished they had died, then they would drink his blood as water. Whosoever who failed to drink it would be tortured till they drink his blood. He would then kill them and separate their bones so that when they tries to unite with their ancestors, they would be sent away as an abomination. So their souls would fly helplessly around the city they craved so much about.

"Oh, that would be nice" Elaine brought him back from his thought "it would be an honor to walk through the subconscious of the greatest vampire of all time"

Kol smiled knowing fully well he had been a step ahead of the witches. He had already drank a magical elixir, a portion made from the mistletoe and opium. He had recruited a sorcerer for his great course. He knew the greatest principle was applicable to all living creature, the humans, witches, vamps and even the werewolves. 'The greatest enemy of all is one's self' ..... So right now he had recruited a sorcerer who doesn't believe in the way Elaine puts the coven hopes in the ancestors hand. He had believe they were better off if they do individual magic but Elaine had thought otherwise. She had believe the coven is better with a group magic, so she had channelled all of the coven powers to the ancestors making it difficult for the witches to do individual magic.

So the sorcerer had made him a portion to cloud his mind and made it difficult for the witches to access his thoughts.

"Hope you are ready for the long walk" he said with a smile

So Kol walked up to Elaine, who grabbed his head tightly with her two hands and started a momentum spell.

"Kuze albrobrom Lou ve tusca........"

She entered his subconscious, and then began to walk down his memory lane. She was refrained from entering some of his memories. She could feel an electric shock as she tries harder. She never believe such a monster like him could have family in mind. Kol actions are always for his family and the people he sire.

Elaine was sweating profusely, it was like the whole channelling thing was getting the more of her. She could feel herself getting weak as she move through his memory. It was like she would get caught up in the mixture of his love life and wars. It was like if she kept moving through his thoughts, she would be lost forever. So she pulled back, not ready to go any further.

Kol felt a rush of energy left him as she let him go. He felt very weak, and scared. He hadn't felt like that before, but the channelling had gotten alot from him. He knew it would take more than a dozens of human to replenish his strength.

"Hope you liked what you saw?" He said with a smile as he tries to regain his strength.

Elaine looked at him, she still couldn't believe Kol had the purest intention and wouldn't hurt the witches when he gets the ring. She tries to think of it all over again.

Would Kol be gone? Would his vampires leave with him? Won't he come back in full force and mount on the witches and rule the citadel? But the more she tired, the more lost she was. She just couldn't solve the mystery, so she was ready to give him a try and breaks whatsoever rule she had set for herself not trusting any vampire. She was about the break the rules now, so she wished it would really worth it cause a turn of event would cost her the city.

Elaine turned to her coven, her lips were so heavy as she announced it.

"I deeply regret to announce this, but his intentions are pure"

Kol heart was filled with joy, he had been so successful among the enemies territory. He knew this was only the beginning of what is to come. The vampires would rise again.

"So when should I be expecting my daylight ring" he said with a feint smile.

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