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Lex - Chapter Two


Lex - Chapter Two


©Tz_ Chilest

"You shouldn't have come here" the voice was thick and hoarse

Adam was lying helplessly on the floor, his mouth were full of blood. The werewolves had dominated him.

"You must be a fool to walk alone in the forest" another voice said

Adam manage to his feet. He staggered helplessly like a drunkard. He wasn't going to sit and watch the lycans assault him.

At least he had been so successful in preventing their bites. The bite of a lycan is so poisonous to the vamps, it spreads faster than the venom of a snake and could kill a vampire if it reaches the heart.

"Do you know who I am?" Adam said, trying to put his pride intact but the lycans wasn't moved.

"You guys are only five. Your mistake could harm your pack and even your fractions" Adam continued

The werewolf alpha raised his eyebrows and was ready to find more information.

"I am an Olsen" he said, hoping for them to be moved or maybe scared but they weren't. So I will give you just a second, you are going to hand me the girl and we are all going to forget this happened "

Adam thought he had been so successful in manipulating them but hell No, it was his doom.

"Do you know how long have been trying to get hold of an Olsen? Guess today is indeed my lucky day" the alpha said

"Luc....Lucky?" Adam stammered, and was gripped by fear. He saw the alpha shifted into a beast and that could be deadly.

"I have waited a long time to avenge the death of my family. What Austin did to them; every time I close my eyes, I could hear my father screaming in pain, my mother begging for her life, my sister clutching unto his heels"

"Wait a minutes. Austin? My dad?"

"So he is your father? Guess now is the right time" the alpha howled and his fangs were dripping with saliva.

Adam knew he must prevent the fangs from entering his system if he wants to live. He suddenly wished lex was there to repay his debt- debt of saving him and Cole numerous times.

The rest of the packs tries to pin Adam down but he managed to overcome them until one of the wolves attacked him from behind. The attack made him lose focus, so the rest pounced on him. They dragged him towards their alpha. Adam suddenly realized the only way out was screaming to alert Lex and Cole. His voice was at the loudest pitch, he knew the moment the alpha bit him, that would be the end.

The rustling of leaves began to give him hope

"I warned you not to mess with the Olsen"

 And to his surprise, it was a deer that ran out of the bush and he felt despondent.

"Ohhhhhhhh, your emergency call got diverted" the alpha said, and the rest of the pack burst out laughing.

"Oops, guess I just picked up his emergency call" the voice came so husky from behind the trees.

Adam face lit up immediately. It was Lex, he hid in the dark and warned the werewolves to surrender. He gave them a minute release Adam and loose grip of the lady they had tied down.

"So you think staying in the dark would scare us. Come out and fight like a man"

Lex jumped out from where he was hiding. He swooped a wolf and bit the other one holding Adam. He helped Adam to his feet and rested him behind a tree.

",what the hell took you so long?"

"Traffic, I guess" Lex said, smiling

"I warned you but you just didn't listen" Adam said, coughing

The werewolf alpha was scared, he hadn't seen anyone move so fast before

"Attack!" The Alpha screamed

Lex overpowered them in no time. His abilities were growing day by day, so defeated those wolves in a short time and was left alone facing the alpha.

"You just made your pack suffered"

"You will pay for this" the alpha growled, and his pack stood up and left.

Lex went over to where Adam was laying

"Did you bit that guy?" Adam asked

"Guess I will take that as a thank you"

"Am serious. You bit the guy" Adam said, frowning

"All part of sense defense-  I just saved your life, that is all that matters. So please stop crucifying me"

"You know what will happen when a vampire bites a Lycan" Adam eyebrow rises.

"They will get him treated before the venom spreads"

Lex turned his head to see the lady being tied to a tree, she was sitting in fear with hope of been forgotten.

"And who is this?"

"Oh! I heard her screaming. So I ran there but the wolves dominated"

"That is what happens when you wander off without me" Lex said, smiling.

Adam went over to the lady and untied her. He could hear her heartbeat raced as he held her. Her heartbeat skipped in fear and  she tries to run away.

"Don't forget to clean up your mess" Lex shouted

Adam pursued her and stopped her before she could leave the forest. He grabbed her tightly and she tries to fight her way out.

"Don't be scared, I won't hurt you"

She tried everything possible but his grip was too strong. Adam looked straight into her eyes making her concentrate as he utter some soft words.

"Forget ever coming to the forest, and everything you saw some minutes ago. Go back to the city and enjoy your life like as a normal girl"

She obeyed silently and left. It was like she had totally forgot everything that had happened about forty five minutes ago. Compelling was one of vampires greatest weapon. They could compel anything at anytime.

"Are you sure she has forgotten?" Lex said as he walked up to Adam.

"My compelling never fails"

"There we go again with the Olsen ego"

Adam  smiled and gave him a pat

"And where is Cole?"

"Oh Cole! Guess am in serious trouble" Lex said, smiling

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