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Lex - Chapter Seven


Lex - Chapter Seven

Theme: SPY

©Tz_ Chilest

"You shouldn't be calling me during the day" a female voice call out as she approached an average height man.

"You don't have to be scared, no one knows you work for me" Austin said

"What if I get caught? Then my cover will be blown, and my great plans for the coven will be gone"

"You won't be caught- I just need to ask you some few question" Austin said

The lady hid herself when she saw two of her coven sisters approaching. Austin just smile and made sure she wasn't discovered. She is a useful asset to him and he won't lose her now- not until he had use her to fulfill his great course.

"Come out now- they are gone"

"Austin, just ask whatsoever you want to ask"

"I want to know what Lisa is planning for me tonight- I want to know what traps she had laid down"

"Lisa isn't planning anything-  not that I know of"

"So you mean she isn't planning anything evil?"

"No- she isn't" the lady said

"Guess, we are done here then" Austin said

"Wait a minute, Austin" the lady began "- is Elaine truly alive"

Austin smiled. She is an asset, a valuable one but that doesn't mean he can trust her. She might be his spy but the fact still remains- she is a witch.

"Don't rush and be patient. You will see for yourself" He said as he vanished into the thin air.


Lisa gathered few witches from the coven. She had selected the witches she had trusted the most. She had snub her daughter- she knew this particular mission was a dangerous one. So she wasn't ready to risk the life of her daughter any longer.

"Mom" Freya began "please let me follow you- your mansion is my mission and the witches revenge is mine also"

"No! This is very dangerous. Losing you will be the end of me"

"Mom" Freya screamed

"Don't  worry, Leah will take good care of you" Lisa said

"Aunty Leah! I hate her"

"You don't hate family- we are one family, always keep remember that" Lisa cautioned her

Leah as always been Lisa sister. They grew up together in a small town called cedar rapids. Things began to fall when Leah was taken away by am evil witch, Delia. That became the transformation of Leah. Her principle about truth and light vanquished. She became a new person entirely, she embraced evil and believed only an evil witch can stop the war against the vampire.

"-but mom, where is aunty Leah now?" Freya asked

"I don't know. She didn't tell me where she was going" Lisa said, as she held Freya hand

"Leah wasn't like that from the start. Even though she now embraced evil- she still has the coven interest in mind"

Freya didn't know what else to say. She knew Lisa was protecting her but for how long does she need protection. This is war, she have to be prepared for the worst.

Lisa called on the few she had selected and told them the plan. She explained every bit to them and told them not to leak it to anybody outside the circle.

"Is Amy not coming along?" A witch asked

"Amy as a date tonight- so I didn't include her" Lisa said

"This is a dangerous mission. So let's be prepared for the worst"

Lisa had place the cover hopes on speculation- she is about to lead them on a dangerous journey that could cost their lives, but it seems the witches were ready to sacrifice their lives.

"I will signal you when my suspicion are right" Lisa said

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