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Lex - Chapter One


Lex - Chapter One


©Tz_ Chilest

It was so late in the night, the boys had sneaked out their way from the penthouse. They do so every night, they leave the Olsen penthouse and tries to mingle with the humans.

They began to race their way down the city, the three boys had this particular competition going on among them. When they got to a highschool down the street, they stopped.

"Hope it is not what am thinking" Cole said

Lex had jumped his way over the fence of the highschool before Cole could think otherwise.

"Adam, why is lex always getting us into trouble"

"We are vamps and this is our city. So we ain't trespassing" Adam replied

Cole had been the silent one, he was more like a nerd. Adam on the other hand is a descendant of the original vampire. His forefather, Kol had begin the bloodline of vampire.

What remain a mystery was Lex. They all knew his mother Sarah, a vampire who had ran away and lived in the outside world for two years. So when she came back, she wasn't alone. She brought a baby boy along with her.

Sarah had died from a werewolf bite. It was really a sad day for the vamps. So lex was something greater than a usual vampire. He was faster, his reflex was quicker, his hearing aid was much better, and he was just so invisible. And that brought up speculations among the vamps, he wasn't an Olsen's but his abilities were similar to an original vampire.

"Lex, watch out" Adam screamed

As usual, lex reflex was much better. He had drifted so quick and had prevented a collision with the unknown creature.

"That was a close one" lex said, grinning

A loud sound came from the forest behind the school, and more creatures began to hop out of the forest. Most of them jumped into the school compound. They were running like they were been pursued.

The boys dodged the creatures to prevent an encounter. One of the creature with blood dripping from its neck turned towards the boys and tried to attack them.

Instantly, Adam stepped up and held the creature horn. He turned it towards the rest with a dramatic reflex. He smacked it buttock which made it ran towards the rest.

"It is just a deer" Adam said, simply.

"Always showing your Olsen prowess" lex said with a wink

Adam ignored him. He knew lex could be like that at times, always mocking him whenever he saves them or does something so outstanding.

"It was in fear....."

"What was in fear?" Cole asked

"The deer..... They were running for their lives"

"Okay- okay.... Action boys" lex said, drifting their attentions "you guys are digressing. Don't forget what we are here for- and that is girl... You know, this high school has hot chick. So let the issue of deer and any unknown creature lay low"

Adam mind was still there, he was really interested in the creatures scaring those animals.

"We should go back to the penthouse; it is the full moon and you know what happens on full moon" Cole warned

"So?  Don't forget those crazy lycans- shape shifters- werewolves or whatsoever they are called ain't our match"

"Lex!" He screamed "they would be at their full potential and you know they hunt in packs, and that could be deadly"

"You scared? Better don't be. We gat an Olsen with us" lex said, smiling.

"This ain't a joke, lex" Cole said, giving him a serious look.

Adam gave him a disgusting look

"I am nobody savior, especially not your savior. Anytime I save you, you spit it back to my face"

"Huh, so you prefer watching me die and ....."

Noises from the hostel cut him off. They watch the students ran out of their hostel and scattered around the school premises. It was like they were in terror, fear had gripped most of them.

"And what the hell is going on?"

"I think those deer just got acquainted with our precious students" Cole said, and turned to lex " -and your hot chicks"

"Guess it's time to be the superhero" lex said, drifting towards the students.

"What in Hades name is Lex problem?" Cole asked in disgust but Adam just grinned.

"Don't tell me you don't love adventure" Adam said, and within a blink of an eye, he was also gone.

"Adventure!............oh shit, also gone"  Cole said, with a hoarse voice.

He saw a lady been pursued by a deer.

"This is so not funny" he said, surrendering to them and ran towards the lady. He grabbed her waist with his left hand and flipped to the other side. He stopped the deer with his right hand and knocked it out.

"You are my Superman" the lady voice came so soft and slow

"Superman" Cole said with a scoff

He took her to a safe place and laid her down. Her beauty captured his eye. She was a brunette with deep eye brow and dark lips. She looks sixteen and Cole couldn't stop admiring her as she laid low on the floor.

"She is beautiful..."

"Cole!" Lex screamed and brought him back from his little fantasy.


"Help me with this" lex said, angrily "this stupid creatures are frustrating"

Cole ran towards him and in a seconds he was right beside lex who was holding a rope in his hand.

"Tie their horns"

"Is that your plan? You just gonna tie their horns together with this little rope?"

"We are just going to tie the ones the rope can tie...... You know what I mean?"


"Okay, nerd- You have a plan?"

"We are going to divert them and send them pass the school gate........."

"So they go into the city and starts destroying properties?" Lex cut in sharply and Cole shrugged "sounds like an awkward plan. We stick to my plan.... Tie as many deer as you can...."

A sudden noise erupted from the forest. It was the sound of hooves, those deer kept coming into the school compound.

"More deer? Is this compound even secured? How on earth are they entering the compound?" Lex yelled

"I was about to ask you the same question"

"Me?" Lex gave him a disgusting look "something is scaring them, and I must find out what that is before it kills a human"

'Where is Adam?"

"Adam?" Lex looked around but Couldn't find a silhouette of Adam "let me go look for him"

"Lex, come back here. Don't leave me alone with these creatures" Cole screamed but before he knew it, lex was gone.


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