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Jezebel - Episode 20


Jezebel - Episode 20


” how much for a day lodging ” I asked the guest house attendance.
” it’s ten thousand naira Sir ” she replied.
” what ” I exclaimed.
” just a day lodging ” I asked, shocked at the price.
” yes Sir, that’s the amount ” she replied.
” but you can lodge for half a day which is ten hours for five thousand naira ” she added.
” alright, we will opt in for that ” I said to her bringing out the last five thousand naira inside my pocket.
After settling the bike man, bought pairs of slippers, and also got food and drinks which were inside the black polythene bag in my hand, five thousand naira and some changes was the only cash left from the ten thousand naira I collected from Jezebel.
” follow me ” the girl said after withdrawing a key from the numerous keys hung on a board after she’s finished registering our details which were fake into the computer that was in front of her.
She stopped in front of room 812 as inscribed on the key in her hand, unlocked the door and ushered us inside before she left.
” ohhhh ” Jezebel said sinking into the king size bed inside the room.
I dropped the polythene bag in my hand and sat on the bed.
” and we escaped death ” I said smiling.
” yeep, and it was thrilling, the abduction, escaping and all ” Jezebel said smiling as she run her hand through the bedsheet used in covering the bed.
” how won’t it be thrilling, if you know what almost happened to me, you won’t even find it thrilling at all ” I said winking at her deliriously.
” I was also going to ask you what happened to you during the time I was separated from you” she said sitting up, on the bed.
” I was almost caught in a disastrous event if not for the intervention of God ” I said taking my phone out of my pocket.
” gist me, what really happened ” she asked me placing her head on my lap.
” I’ll tell you later, want to confirm if my friends are safe ” I said as I started operating my phone.
” hope your phone location is not on ” she asked me.
” of course, it’s on ” I replied her.
” what ” she said dragging the phone away from my hand.
” don’t you know that we can be tracked with your phone’s location ” she said as she started operating it.
” maybe that’s how we’re even been located in the first place ” she added as she continued operating the phone.
” that didn’t cross my mind ” I said as I found meaning to what she said.
My data and location is something that can’t be found off in my phone.
Both is always on as long as my phone is on.
” I’ve downloaded and activated fake location on it and right now we’re in Chicago ” she said returning the phone to me smiling .
I collected the phone from her and saw the fake location icon in my phone’s notification tray, and Chicago was written beneath it.
” where did you learn to do that ” I asked her.
” from the State ” she replied me.
” whenever I visit Europe with my friends, I had to tamper with my phone location so that dad won’t sniff it out and when we’re also up to a mischievous act like skipping class, fake location is always to the rescue ” she added smiling.
” you’re really bad ” I said also smiling.
” that was then, now I’m a reformed soul ” she said smiling.
If anyone had seen us then, it would be hard for the person to believe that we just escaped from a life threatening situation.
” what about your dad, what’s the deal with him and why don’t you wanna talk about him ” I asked her and her mood suddenly turned sour.
” it’s alright if you don’t wanna talk about him ” I said running my hands through her hair.
” my dad is police officer ” she said, lifting her head up from my lap.
” because he wanted to remarry and wasn’t ready to split his assets with mom by divorcing her, he framed her up and with his office, got her deported back to Nigeria ” she continued.
” with fake identity, I was able to get out of the country to join my mom here, and I’m sure if I return back there, he’s sure to find a way to locate me ” she said feigning a fake smile, I knew she used the smile to pushed the tears trying to force its way out of her eye back .
” it’s alright ” I said placing my hands on her cheek as I stared deeply into her eye. I kissed her deeply for almost a minute before I brought an halt to it.
” we’re going to be alright ” I assured her and she smiled brightly.
” I’ve to go and bath, I’m freaking dirty ” she said standing up and head to the bathroom inside the room.
I smiled as I continued with what I was doing on my phone.
” hello bro ” I said as Usman picked the call.
” Ben ” he exclaimed.
” what happened, hope you and Precious escaped the clash that occurred in front of her apartment ” he asked me.
” how did you know that I was with Precious ” I asked with a perplexed expression.
” we tracked your location to her place when you suddenly disappeared from Whispering garden ” he replied me.
” so you guys were actually watching my back ” I said feeling touched with their deed.
” or is it one of you guys that called my phone earlier ” I asked remembering that I had a call when I was still held captive.
” yeah, I was the one that called, wait mad man ” the voice suddenly changed, I knew it was Lekan.
” how did you get to Chicago this fast ” Lekan asked.
” leave that story for another day, are you guys safe ” I asked.
” yeah, we’re safe ooo, if you saw how everyone was running for their lives, it wasn’t easy ” Lekan said laughing.
” what of Samuel, where are you guys sef ” I asked.
” he’s also here with us, we’re currently lodging in a guest house far away from home ” he replied.
” guest house! , what’s the name of the guest house ” I asked.
” Bamo guest house ” he replied
” the one in Santoke street right ” I asked.
” yeah, do you know there ” he asked me.
” yeah, I’m currently lodging in one of the room with Jezebel ” I said excitedly.
” wow, we just got there now, which room are you guys lodging ” he asked me.
” room 812 ” I replied.
” we’re on our way ” Lekan said hanging the call.
” was that your friends you’re speaking with on the phone ” Jezebel asked behind me, startling me.
” yeah “I replied turning to look at her. She had a white towel wrapped on her body, her hair which she had tied into a pony tail was already freed. She looked stunning.
” get your clothes on, they’re on their way here now “I said.
” what ” she asked with a surprised countenance.
” are they also lodging here ” she asked.
” yeah , they’ll be here anytime soon, get your clothes ” I said to her.
” there’s no big deal with the towel I’ve on me now and I’ve drained my clothes with water ” she said looking at herself.
I wasn’t able to reply her before their was a knock on the door.
I stood up from the bed to open the door.
Only Usman looked normal as Lekan was only having singlet on his body while Samuel was with no footwear.
I hugged the three of them passionately at the entrance before I allowed them in.
” hi ” Jezebel greeted them as they entered.
They all stood transfixed at the spot they’re standing as they were all staring at Jezebel with their mouth widely opened.
I had to hit their head before they received their lost brain.
” hello ” they all stuttered to reply her greeting
My phone suddenly started to ring, I checked who the caller was and found out that it was my mom.
” shhh ” I placed my index finger on my lip, depicting that all of them should be silent as I picked the call.
” omo mi, are you alright, hope you’re not hurt ” mom started questioning me as soon as I picked the call.
” I’m alright mom, what is it ” I asked her.
” I just heard the news right now that some cultist groups are fighting in your school and some neighborhood where students are lodging and many people have lost their lives, hope they didn’t get to your area ” she asked
” they did but I’m fine ” I replied her.
” Oluwa seun ooo ” she appreciated God.
” what about your friends ” she asked.
” they’re also fine, we’re all currently lodging in a guesthouse now ” I replied her
” that’s good, please make sure you don’t go out oo or return to that place, just make sure you return home tomorrow until the forces are able to control the situation, because right now, they said the situation is out of control ” she explicated raising her voice.
” alright mom, I’ll return home tomorrow’s morning ” I replied her.
” okay omo mi, your dad want to speak with you ” she said handing the phone to dad.
” hello Ben ” dad greeted in his habitual cool tone.
” good evening dad ” I greeted him.
” evening, how’re you and I hope you’re safe ” he asked.
” yes dad, I’m safe ” I replied him.
” alright son, see you tomorrow or do you need cash ” he asked me.
” no dad, still got some cash with me ” I replied him.
” okay, bye, my regards to your friends ” dad said before dropping the call.
I suddenly bursted into laughter on seeing Lekan and Samuel again , they both looked like a village farmer.
” so ordinary to wear shirt and slippers, you can’t do because of mere cultist clash ” I said still laughing.
” idiot, you should be thankful that we even made it here alive, bullets were spraying like sand, it wasn’t easy at all ” Lekan said sitting on the bed .
Jezebel had already gone into the bathroom.
” how did you do it self, thought you’re with Precious, how did you end up with Jezebel here ” Samuel asked.
” guys, if I told you that I was just a meter far from death today, you wouldn’t believe it ” I said to them, sitting beside Usman.
” how won’t we believe with all that happened, where’s Precious self, hope she’s safe ” Lekan asked.
” that’s not the right question ” I said.
” so what’s the right question ” Lekan asked looking at me with a kinda weird stare.
” the right question should be if those she shot are safe ” I replied him.
” what do you mean by that ” Usman asked.
” you’re not gonna believe this but Precious is the capon of the black widow ” I told them and they all stared at me in shock.
” she and her crew kidnapped me today alongside Jezebel ” I added and told them all that transpired after the abduction.
” I knew it ” Usman said standing up.
” something was definitely off but you guys wouldn’t see it ” he said facing Lekan and Samuel.
” Ben isn’t the type of person to do such ” he added confusing me .
” do what ” I asked looking confused.
” they “.
” nothing, what are we going to do now ” Lekan swiftly said, interrupting what Usman was about to say.
” nothing much ” I replied him.
” Jezebel is following me to my place tomorrow because her mom is out of the country right now, from there, I’ll convince mom to let me join Oscar in Canada to continue my education. ” I explicated to them.
” what about Jezebel ” Lekan asked.
” she will also travel out of the country, we can’t stay here any longer ” I replied.
” you’re right, but I’m gonna miss you ” Usman said getting emotional.
” I’ll miss you guys too but I’m going to always keep in touch ” I said embracing Usman, while Lekan and Samuel joined us.
” what are you guys going to do, I don’t think it’s also safe for you too ” I asked them as we disengaged.
” don’t worry about us, just make sure you’re safe ” Usman said.
” alright, please make sure you’re safe and hope you guys got cash with you ” I asked them.
” nope, we used all the last card with Lekan to get here and pay for the room ” Samuel replied.
” none of us was able to reach out for our ATM card when we’re running ” Lekan added.
” alright, I’ll drop some cash for you when I get a new card from bank tomorrow and hope you’ve eaten ” I asked them.
” noooo ” they all replied in unison as if they’re already waiting for me to ask the question.
I smiled as I reached out for the polythene bag and gave them one out of the two packed food I bought and also gave them two hundred and fifty naira out of the four hundred and fifty naira change in my pocket.
” you and your friends can talk for Africa ” Jezebel said mockingly as she came out of the bathroom after the three idiots had left.
” that’s why we’re studying mass communication ” I replied laughing as I brought out the only food pack remaining inside the polythene bag with the two soft drinks we bought.
We gisted and laughed about everything that happened at Precious resident as we ate.
After we’re done eating, I also took my bath.
When I exited the bathroom, Jezebel looked ready for me on the bed, I moved closer to where the bulb switch was, put the light to rest and…..

To be continue…

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