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Jezebel - Episode 14


Jezebel - Episode 14


” oskilala, oskilolo, wuskere, rastamanka ” I heard different wierd voices as I regained my consciousness, bit by bit. I was secluded at one portion of a room which I couldn’t decipher how it was.
The voices was coming from a dark segment of the room.
I tried to clear my head so that I could hear what they’re saying.
The voices sound kinda feminine but baritone in nature.
” Jezebel, wetin make we do for this people na, all this thing wey you they yan us since morning I no like am ” one of the voices said.
” chill Flexy, no they reason me like that, we’re doing it like I said ” one of the voices barked at the first voice .
” but Jezebel, how we go link up with Red gun na, e no make at all, make we just declare war if them wan try rubbish ” another voice said.
I could feel discomfort at the point where I was hit by the taser , my hands and legs were firmly tightened with a rope.
I couldn’t stand up and couldn’t speak because of the tape that was used to cover my mouth.
My view was getting normal as I could feebly see through where the voices was coming from.
They’re all in black and depicting from their figures, they’re all females as their voices had already portrayed to me.
They’re not wearing mask this time but their faces wasn’t that visible to me but I could tell that their was someone familiar among them.
Earlier when Ben left the house
” do you think it’s right to allow this guy alone with that girl ” Lekan asked as Ben left the room.
” he’s not a small boy na ” Samuel replied as they paused the game.
” who’s a big boy when you’re going head up with red gun ” Usman said giving Samuel a weird stare.
” do you think we should follow him ” Lekan asked.
” do you know where they’re going ” Samuel asked.
” he whispered it to me as he was about to go outside, idiot ” Lekan said flaring up a bit.
” someone cannot ask question ba ” Samuel retorted in his defense.
” ask reasonable ones ” Usman replied.
” then let’s follow them now, so that we won’t miss them ” Lekan said standing up.
” why are you always ridiculous like this, are you still living in the pre-colonial area ” Usman asked smiling.
” brain is far from him na, na today you know ” Samuel said laughing.
Usman took his phone and login to WhatsApp.
” three things is sure in this life ” Usman said as he was still going through his phone.
” death, tax ” Usman added pausing for a while
” and Ben not switching off his location and data ” he said smiling as he showed Lekan and Samuel Ben’s location.
” let me quickly change my short ” Samuel said as he swiftly dash inside the bedroom.
They stopped two bike and ordered them to follow the route showing on their phone.
Samuel and Usman boarded one together while Lekan was single on the one he boarded.
The two bikes stopped in front of the whispering garden toll gate.
They settled the bike men after little argument about the price and they left.
” why did we even come here in the first place ” Samuel asked regretting the decision they made.
” we can’t even enter because we’ve used all the money with us to settle the bike men ” Usman uttered, also looking dejected.
” I think we should withdraw money from a nearby POS or ATM machine , I’m with my ATM card, we can’t just stay outside here till they’re through with their lovey dovey affair ” Lekan said glancing around to see if there’s any ATM machine or POS kiosk around.
” guys, I think something is wrong ” Usman said getting the attention of Lekan and Samuel.
” Ben’s location just went off now ” Usman said showing them the map on his phone.
” ugh, what could be happening ” Lekan asked looking surprised.
” maybe you should dial his number ” Samuel suggested.
” this place security is good, I don’t think anything could happen to them ” Lekan said .
” good security when red gun is involved ” Samuel said.
” his number is not reachable ” Usman said after trying his number.
” I don’t think this is right, what should we do ” Samuel said getting excited.
” the location is back on ” Usman said heaving a sigh of relief.
” but, they’re not inside that place anymore ” Usman added.
” could it be that he knew we’re following him and decided to switch his phone off so that he could escape from us ” Lekan suggested.
” I don’t think such is the case, something isn’t right ” Samuel said.
” but what should we do, we’ve got no money on us even if we decide to follow him again ” Lekan retorted angrily.
” but you said you have your card with you ” Samuel said.
” and do you see any ATM machine around or I’m going to insert it into your mouth to withdraw the cash ” Lekan lashed at Samuel
” guys ” Usman called out to calm the two of them
” let’s get bikes, we will make a stop at any ATM machine we see and withdraw the cash ” he added with a calm tone.
They stopped two bikes and like they did earlier, Lekan having one to himself while Samuel and Usman took to the second one.
” are you sure this is the place the location pinpointed ” Samuel asked as they alighted the bike in front of Precious house.

To be continue…

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