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Jezebel - Episode 10


Jezebel - Episode 10


An idea suddenly flashed through my.

Precious wasn’t only bestie with me, she also relate well with my friends.

If I could get Samuel to ensue in a talk with her, she might get carried away and will already be home with Samuel before she got hold of herself and remember that she’s left me in the church.

But getting Samuel to do it was another problem on its own.

Not when he’s on a crucial mission to get a yes from sister Chioma, I was sure he won’t want anything to disrupt the mission.

I took my phone and sent an SMS to him. The SMS connote ” login to WhatsApp “.

I watched impatiently expecting him to check the message, which he finally did.

He suddenly turned back and was glancing through everywhere, I knew he was searching for me.

On seeing me with my acquaintances, he let out a funny smile as he returned his gaze to his phone.

” pastor Ben to ja gidi ??” he messaged me on WhatsApp .

” only you with iyawo and iyale, mo fo o ” he added while I was still typing my reply for his first message.

” my guy, as you can see I’m in trouble ” I replied him.

” which trouble ” he asked.

” Jezebel is here so that we can talk, maybe over what happened earlier and Precious will try to be an obstacle to it ” I replied him.

” hmm, so what are you going to do ” he asked.

” you’re the one who can help me now ” I replied him.

“Me ke, how ” he asked turning to look at me with a curiousity filled eye.

” when we’re through with the service, I want you to help me get Precious occupied and if possible go home with her ” I replied him.

” kolewerk ?? ” he messaged and before I could start typing, I saw that he’s already typing another message.

” I have something important to attend to when the service is off and I can’t also go home directly from here or keep her distracted ” he added.

” is Chioma the thing ” I messaged him.

” yeah, you’re right ” he replied me.

” so you’re going to decline and leave me in this mess because of a lady you just met, what a great friend you are ” I messaged him dwelling more on his weak point. Samuel’s weak point is been seen as a bad friend.

So making him feel guilty, always work to make him do some things some times.

” it’s not like that blood, I’ve been on this girl issue for quite some time and I think she’s going to concur to my proposal today ” he replied.

” , you underrated and belittle Chioma, she will make you think you’ve got a best chance of she accepting your proposal until she tell you, we can only be friend ” I texted like I’ve seen someone who’s been rejected by sister Chioma before.

” help me with what I asked you and I promise to help you get her more quickly ” I added.

” are you sure ” he asked.

” yeah, trust me bro ” I replied.
” deal ?? “he texted before going offline.

Except “Praise the lord, in Jesus name ” I couldn’t add meaning to anything brother Collins was teaching.

But I could see him stealing glances at Jezebel and funnily, I was kinda angry or jealous.

Brother Collins was a chronic womanizer and he’s always on watch out for pretty ladies.

Whenever we have a pretty lady worshipping with us for the first time, that’s when he does everything properly, even remembering the duties allocated to him that he’s already forgotten about them for a while.

When Precious first started attending my church, he’s also tried to woo her but Precious didn’t give him even an ounce of attention and that resolved the case then.

The service that was supposed to come to an end by 5:30, but because brother Collins wanted to prove how well he knew the word of God, we had to end the service 5:48 pm.

As pastor Michael finished offering the benediction signifying the end of the service, brother Collins was already with the register book.

He motioned to Jezebel to move to one of the chairs in the front.
Samuel as if on cue relocated to where Jezebel was sitting down.

” this one you’re coming to our services now, hope we’re safe ” Precious teased Samuel.

” human being self, nothing can please you, I no go church you talk, I go church you talk, maybe I should kuku start going to mosque or shrine, maybe that’s when you’re all gonna stop talking ” Samuel replied humorously.

” maybe you should just become an atheist, that will suit you more ” I chipped in laughing.

” when people with brain are talking, always endeavor to raise your hand up before talking ” Samuel retorted humorously.

” chisos, that one enter ” Precious said laughing.

” brother Ben ” pastor Michael called my name before I could reply the fool I call my friend.

” God save you ” I said to Samuel before I heed to pastor Michael’s call.

” good evening pastor ” I greeted pastor Michael.

” evening, how are you doing ” he asked
” I’m doing fine, you ” I replied him.

” as you can see, the lord is working wonder ” he replied like Nigerian pastors habitually replied to such question.

” I tried to reach you on WhatsApp ereyesterday but you’re offline and I tried your number yesterday afternoon but it was not going through ” pastor Michael said to me as we both helped each other to two empty chairs.

” we will be waiting for you outside ” Samuel said with precious beside him as they came over to where I sat with pastor Michael .

” okay ” I said happily, knowing Samuel was going along with the plan.

” goodnight pastor ” Precious greeted pastor Michael.

” goodnight dear, see you on Sunday ” pastor Michael replied her.

” okay Sir ” Precious said before she exited the church with Samuel as they kept on talking.

” my phone was having issues, that’s the reason you couldn’t reach me ” I replied pastor Michael question before Samuel and Precious interrupted us.

” alright, have you gotten it repaired yet ” he asked me.

” yes, did that this evening ” I replied him
” okay, I just wanted to inform you that you’ll be the one to minister on Sunday ” he said to me.

” wow, thank you Sir ” I appreciated him. I’ve been looking forward to preach in one of the Sunday services.

I was only privileged to preach in midweek services and I’ve only been able to do that only thrice.

I knew my mom was going to be happy when I inform her of it.

” you don’t need to thank me, you deserve it ” pastor Michael replied.

” I’ll send you the topic and bible verses on WhatsApp so that you can work on it before Sunday ” he added.

” alright Sir, I promise to do my best ” I said to him smiling.

” I trust you ” pastor Michael said before shaking hand with me and left me.

Brother Collins was still taking Jezebel’s details.

Something that was not supposed to take over three minutes,he’s used more than ten minutes.

I didn’t say anything as I moved to the alter and took three selfies.
Then returned to one of the empty seats and sat down. It was already getting dark but with the help of the selfie flashlight, I was able to get a clear picture.

I uploaded the three pictures to my WhatsApp status. It didn’t get up to a minute before I got reply to the picture from mom.

” where is your eyeglasses ” she asked circling my eye in the picture.

That was when I knew what was missing in my dressing. I have been trying hard to figure out what was it as I felt awkwardly incomplete.

” I’m sorry mom, I forgot it at home ” I lied to her.

” how could you forget it at home, you’re always careless with that glass, always forgetting it at home after everything I told you ” she said like I always forget it at home everyday . That was my first time of not wearing the eyeglasses since she’s got it for me.

” I’m sorry mom ” I said so that she would leave me alone soon.

” sorry for yourself,how was the bible study ” she asked.

” it was amazing mom ” I replied as if I heard anything that was thought.

” what happened to your face ” she asked circling where I had gotten bruised up on it.

” shit ” I exclaimed. She must have zoomed the picture to see it because it wasn’t obvious.

” I fell down, but it’s okay ” I replied her.

” why won’t you fall down, when it’s your phone you’ll be pressing every time, sha pity me and don’t kill yourself with too much of phone pressing ” she messaged me.

I shook my head in a disbelief manner as I read it.

Mom can be dramatic.

” okay mom, I’ve got to go now, my regard to dad ” I said exiting the WhatsApp as I saw Jezebel walking towards where I was sitting.

She carried on her face a kinda smile that made me wanted her more.

My love for her always increase the more I saw her face.

” hi ” she said as she got to my place.

I smiled as I stood up and held her hand as I walked her out of the church. A feat I didn’t know I could do.

Even as close Precious was to me, I’ve never for once held her hand around the church province .

It was already getting dark as the time was already 6:06.

” when you said you we’ll talk soon, I didn’t know it will be this soon ” I said to her still holding her hand as we were going home.

” I would have come to your place if you had not told me you’re going to church, I think we’ve to talk soon ” she replied.

” should we go to my place or we should go to a restaurant ” I asked her.

” what about my place ” she asked. I stopped moving at once and decided to check if I heard it right.
” your place ” I asked.

” yes, I’ve been to your place, so it’s not wrong if you also come to my place ” she said staring at me.

” and I even prepare spaghetti before coming here, we can eat it together ” she added still staring into my eye.

I wanted to decline her but saying no whenever she ask me anything always seemed impossible. When I’m with her, my thinking capability always disintegrate.

” alright, let’s go to your place ” I replied her.

We stopped a bike and she told him the name of her street. Unlike with Precious that I was always in haste to be the first to sit on the bike, I waited patiently for her to sit first before I sat behind her.

Her place was very close to the school, so we didn’t use up to ten minutes on the bike before we got there.

She was staying in Bamo estate GRA, an estate well known for its sophisticated resident.

” is this your house ” I asked her as we alighted the bike in front of a magnificent building.

” yes, and I stay here all by myself ” she replied smiling as she unlock the smaller gate with the key in her hand.

” you meant you rent the whole building ” I asked, shocked at her reply.

” nope, I own the whole building ” she replied me as we enter the elegant compound of the building.

” it’s one of mom’s buildings here in Nigeria ” she added when she noticed my expression.

” I moved in here when I got admission and she made me the owner of the building as my birthday gift last year ” she added.

I couldn’t help but imagine how rich her mom could be .

Tho dad also got six magnificent buildings in Lagos and Ogun apart from the family resident.

But dad only made one out of the three in Lagos extended family resident while the remaining five were leased out.

I didn’t think dad could dash anyone out of the three of us any of the building, even if he wanted to, mom will change his mind, saying it’s too much. Mom cherished all of us living together.

If it’s possible for us to be coming home after lectures everyday, she wouldn’t mind.

” really ” I exclaimed not hiding how shock I was.

The floor of the compound was beautifully designed with the interlocking used.

” and you live alone here, all by yourself ” I asked looking at how big the house was.

” yes ” she said as she head to the main entrance of the house.

She opened the door, welcoming me to her magnificent house.
It was just a story building but wide enough to host a soccer match {just kidding}.

But the room was very wide.

I imagined staying there alone, I didn’t even think it to be possible.

The interior design looked like a paradise with a large LCD flat screen placed inside the wall.

” Cindy ” she called, after she had ushered me to one of the sophisticated chairs inside the room.

” I thought she said she live alone ” I said to myself as I glance through the room.

I knew she’s saying the truth when I heard the whining of a dog.

It was a little hairy pet dog. It wagged its tail as it ran to meet Jezebel, who picked it up laughing as she caressed its hair.

” Cindy meet Ben ” she said and surprisingly, the dog turned to look at me and let out a soft moan.

” Ben, meet Cindy, my best friend ” she said to me and I smiled at her like a mumu because I was short of words.

” go back to your room ” she said dropping the dog. Its wag its tail as it disappeared out of sight.

” you seemed to be uncomfortable ” she said sitting on one of the chairs.

” it’s because it’s my first time here ” I replied her honestly.

” hmm, you’re right, let me get into something comfortable so that we can eat ” she said smiling as she exit the floor to the first floor.

Few minutes later, she came back.
I opened my mouth in surprise when I saw her.

She was wearing a bum short that revealed most of her thigh and a singlet that stopped a little above her midriff. I could easily tell that she had no bra on as her n----e pushed against the singlet.

Her hair was bond into a pony tail.
She glowed brightly more than the electric bulb that was on.

My heart suddenly began to beat faster.

She smiled when she noticed how I was staring at her.

I swiftly averted my gaze, clearing my throat as I feigned not to be staring at her.

” give me a minute ” she said disappearing again.

Few minutes later, she came to call me and took me to the dining room.

She had set the table.

I sat on the chair closest to where I was standing.

She helped me to dish the food. It was jollof spaghetti and fried turkey which had already been mixed with stew. .

” it’s delicious ” I complemented her as I started eating.

And I was been honest with it because the food was delicious which made me wondered if she had knowingly added a lot of pepper in the porridge she prepared for me first but I remembered she said it was her first time preparing it.
” will you sleep over since it’s already late ” she said and I almost spit out the food inside my mouth if not for the swift intervention of my hand.

” we’ve got a lot to talk about and it is dangerous to be moving around at night ” she added staring at me and it happened again, my brain living me in such dire situation when I needed it most.

” my brain, please don’t do this to me, come back na, you need to help to help me make a good decision to me ” my spirit moved out of my body and was conversing with my brain that has already ran out of my head.

” are you going to sleep over, there are many vacant room here ” she said to me when she noticed I was mute, just staring at her but what she didn’t know is that I was currently brainless at that moment, not knowing if I should sleepover or not.

” should I sleepover ” I asked my brain.

To be continue…

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