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Inlove With My Best Friend’s Fiancee-Episode 1



Inlove With My Best Friend’s Fiancee-Episode 1

© Coolval

8:30pm, Val’s APARTMENT

Queen narrates her side of the story

‘’If only I had met you first’’ I heard him mutter as we shared an unplanned hug. I quickly pulled away from him, staring into his eyes as I composed myself, pretending to be uncomfortable with the hug we just shared. I could feel my ni.pples itch.

‘’Val we shouldn’t be getting too close. It’s getting unhealthy” I heard myself breathe. Deep down I wanted more than just that hug from him.

Val was a neighbor who moved into the compound the previous year. He was my girlfriend’s fiancé and I helped him secure the apartment which kind of made us close. He was a nice gentleman, charming and a good listener. Whenever I had problems with my computer, or any research stuff in the internet he had this way of helping out with a smile. Slowly and unintentionally I found myself getting too close to him that was necessary to the extent that I felt comfortable sharing most of my intimate secrets with him and he always kept them safe for me, a quality that’s lacking these days.

I enjoyed the evenings I spent with him. The stories, the plays, and care he showed me. Slowly and unexpectedly the affection started developing much more than it should which was so very wrong because he was engaged to a very nice lady who I valued like a sister.

I knew Val equally felt the same way I felt through his actions and with the way he looked at me most times and I knew if not for his fiancée we would have started a booming relationship. His hug that very evening was so unexpected, even though I liked the feeling, it proved all my suspicions.

‘’why did you make that comment?, are you having doubts about Clara?’’ I curiously asked.

‘’no not at all, just that sometimes I get confused. I love Clara. She hasn’t offended me in any way, but I’m beginning to feel something strong as well for you, which shouldn’t be. You are just her best friend. I don’t know. I’m sorry for what I just did’’ he confessed and apologized.

‘’I think distance is affecting your relationship with her. You guys should find a way to be closer’’ I softly advised.

‘’Queen you know she has a good job in UNTH Enugu as a nurse. We can’t afford her losing the job for my own selfishness. I can’t join her in Enugu either, because of the small job I’m managing here in Owerri’’ he explained.

‘’well I think it’s better we stop seeing each other frequently. Maybe once in a week should be better, so we don’t end up making a mistake’’ I suggested while he held me strongly. I felt his touch, the heat of passion between us, and the fire in our eyes, the burning desire between us was so much intense. I loved this guy, I wanted him for myself but I couldn’t betray my friend, I couldn’t betray myself. I was better than that but I just couldn’t explain what was happening inside of me. I quickly tried to free myself from his grasp but he held tighter. This time my underwear was wet with my fluid.

‘’I have to go. Goodnight’’ I breathed without moving an inch; he closed in one more time and kissed me hotly. I had never felt how I felt that moment all my life. I wanted him but it was wrong, this wasn’t supposed to happen.
All hell soon broke loose.

I found myself on the floor as he kissed and undressed me; I managed to beg him to stop without struggling with him or pushing him away. I was only wet with desire. I needed him just as much as he needed me. My whole body was on fire.

‘’why are you doing this Val?’’ I asked as I felt him gently penetrate me, sending a surge of current inside me. I couldn’t control myself any longer. I moaned out loud, encouraging him with my outburst. That moment the consequence of what we were doing was so far from our heads. It was as if we were the only two people in the world. It was so sweet, so heavenly, so wondrous.

It was a long ride through Sodom and Gomorrah , finally everywhere soon became quiet as we laid exhausted beside each other.

‘’I guess you are happy now?’’ I managed to ask him as I gathered my strength. I pretended to be hurt with what he just did, trying to lay the whole blame on him.

‘’I’m so sorry Queen. I just couldn’t help myself’’ I heard him apologize while I sat up to dress.
‘’so what happens from now onwards huh?. You pretend like nothing happened and continue your relationship with your fiancée?’’ I asked. He looked genuinely worried.

‘’please it’s better we stay away from each other. You have finally gotten what you always wanted. Good night’’ I uttered with a slightly raised voice as I walked out of his apartment, expecting him to come after me but he didn’t.

Yes I enjoyed the passionate moment we shared but at the same time deeply hurt and displeased with myself. I felt so cheap, so hurt and so ashamed of myself. I couldn’t imagine how I would face him the next day. I couldn’t imagine how I would look my friend in the face when she shows up. My soul was lost but my body totally satisfied.

To be continued

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