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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 9


Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 9


They took Ambrose to the station and kept him there without telling him his crime, he started begging them to release him that he haven’t eaten anything since that morning and his house is not also locked but they paid no attention to what he was saying.

His Uncle came into the station after few minutes and Ambrose started begging them.

Ambrose; Please Uncle what have I done?

Uncle Mike; So you don’t know what you did?

Ambrose; Yes sir, i don’t
Uncle Mike; Where is the money we asked you to get ready for us?
Ambrose; But I don’t have such money sir

Uncle Uc; Liar, Oh you think, we are not aware of the money that people were giving you

Ambrose; No one gave me money except the one given to me during the Burial.

Uncle Mike; All we know is that you must provide the money or the documents

Uncle Uc; By the way, where is the documents to the land?

Ambrose; That’s the only inherited property that I have from my Late Dad.

Uncle Mike; Then you are not yet serious to go home, Officer you know what to do
Police1; Haa Oga trust us nah
Uncle Uc; Useless boy
They left the station

During the Afternoon After school, Stephen and Caleb took permission from the hostel Master to visit Ambrose and it was granted.

They came out from the second gate of the school and stopped a bike which took them to Ambrose house and they paid the bike man while he speed off.

They came into Ambrose compound and found out that the house is wide open, they searched the whole house but couldn’t find Ambrose.

Caleb; But where did he even go?

Stephen; I don’t know, and he even left his house wide open

Caleb; That means his not far from here

Stephen; Then lets go and ask people around if they have seen him

Caleb; well that’s good
They stepped outside the compound and started asking people around, they where told that Ambrose was taken to the police station, they found out the station before rushing to the station.

They got to the station and met the policemen on the counter

Caleb; Good day sir

Police1; Good day, how may we help you?

Stephen; We came to see our friend

Police1; What’s his name?

Stephen; Ambrose

Police1; Oh that criminal

Caleb; Hmm

they went and called Ambrose out for his friends and he came out to the counter and saw his 2 best friends and by now his face has now changed totally, he look like someone thousands of people have beaten.

Stephen; Ambrose what happened, you look so horrible

Ambrose; Is a long story

Caleb; Please tell us

Ambrose told them what happened before the policeman came to drag Ambrose inside

Ambrose; Please try and get help for me cause this people will kill me (he said before he was finally dragged inside while Stephen and Caleb didt know what action to take)

Caleb; I think we should tell Mr Gab

Stephen; Will he listen?

Caleb; I bet so, he will

Stephen; Ok lets try

They took a bike and head back to the school.

Grace was searching for Cynthia in the hostel but didt see her, she then came out from the hostel and saw Cynthia sitting with 3 Junior student solving for them.
Grace walked upto where they were sitting while the junior Students stood up and greeted her and she responded

Grace; Babe, I have been searching for you since

Cynthia; Chai no vex na this Girls homework held me here
Grace; Homework ni? Or Hostelwork?

They all Laughed
Grace; Babe finish with them, I get Something I wan tell you

Cynthia; Ok oo
She finished with the solving and gave it to them, they thanked her before leaving.

Cynthia; So babe wetin you wan tell me

Grace; I go wan make you follow me go somewhere

Cynthia; and where is that?

Grace draw closer to Cynthia and whispered something into her ears

Cynthia; Is because of you that I will be going oo.

Grace; Thanks alot dear

Stephen and Caleb got back to school and rushed towards Teacher’s Quarters. They got to Mr Gab Lodge and knocked on the door

Wife; Who is there?

Caleb; We are students ma
The wife came and opened the door for them and they greeted her and told her that they want to see the Husband and she asked them to wait while she call him for them.

She went inside the house and came back with Mr Gab, Stephen and Caleb greeted him. Mr Gab asked them what is wrong and they took time to explain everything to him and he was really touched, he asked them to wait for him in his car while he prepare to go and see Ambrose with them.

When he was done he came and drove them straight to the station and requested to see Ambrose and they brought Ambrose out for him to see his Visitors.

When Ambrose saw Mr Gab, he burst out in tears while Mr Gab started consoling him and he asked him what happened and he told him everything.

Mr Gab; I must see to the end of all this Madness.

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