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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 8


Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 8


Sir Emeka; Demn, What’s all this rubbish? (he cursed within himself)
Cynthia; Sir we are done
Sir Emeka; Ok, Thanks very much
Cynthia; No problem sir
Grace; Goodnight Sir
Sir Emeka; Sweet dreams
They left him and went back to their class for the night reading.
After the Night class, they all went back to their different hostels to sleep.
But The Labour Prefect had another plan in mind, she sent 4 girls to grab Grace and meet her.
They sneaked into Grace Hostel and quickly tied her mouth to avoid her from screaming and bundled her to where the Labour was.

Labour; Hey stop proving stubborn here, cause i can easily kill you here without any trace and you know that. Untie her mouth (she said to one of the girls and she did as she was told)
Grace; Please forgive me, please don’t hurt me
Labour; I won’t hurt you if you only you do as I say
Grace; Please anything at all
Labour; That’s good, you will help me and trick your friend
Grace; Trick her how?
Labour; Cut it off, you already know what I want from her, so stop this rubbish you are claiming
Grace; please what do you want me to do
Labour; Good question, you will trick her to come to Sir Emeka Lodge Tomorrow Evening by 8
Girl1; Do you understand?
Grace; Yes I do
Girl2; Now get out from here
Grace stood up and ran as fast as her legs can carry her.
Labour; I don’t even like this girl
Girl1; Even me self
Girl2; Lets leave here before this useless security men see us here
They left that spot and went straight to Sir Emeka Lodge and knocked on the door, he opened the door for them and they came in.

Sir Emeka; What again?
Labour; What have you even done self, this one you are saying what again as if you have done something for me
Sir Emeka; Didt i make Cynthia to come to that Lab?
Labour; Just listen to yourself, are you not aware that she didt come alone?
Sir Emeka; How is that one my business
Labour; I can see you want to be proving stubborn and you know the consequences don’t allow me to be reminding you
Sir Emeka; Is ok, then why are you girls here?
Labour; I want you do something for me
Sir Emeka; And what is that
Girl1; Cynthia will be tricked to visit you tomorrow evening so, we would use this your Lodge
Sir Emeka; Hey shut up, I wasn’t referring to you
Labour; Hey cut it off, they are with me and what ever they say is what i also want to say so cut that your anger off for your own good.
Sir Emeka; Are you girls aware that you are in my lodge and i can do anything to you girls and retain the video
Girl2; Hahaha, see this man, look around, do you think we are complete here?
Girl3; You don’t even see your Lovely Ivy here with us or other girls with us.
Girl4; Or you thought we are fools to be going round with the video without even duplicating it
Labour; This man you are really funny seriously, well that’s by the way, like my friend said, we will be using here by 8 tomorrow night
Sir Emeka; To do what
Labour; To do that you are thinking
Sir Emeka; Not in my Lodge that you will do such nonsense thing
Labour; Oh but you are f-----g students here, so why won’t we also f--k here too?

Girl1; This man na useless man i swear
Sir Emeka; Hey don’t insult me, am not your mate
Girl1; Oh am not your mate but you f----d my Daughter here in your lodge and i kept mute, you are just a pig, you don’t even have choice, any hole is a hole, you don’t even look at quality before you put that your small tail in between your legs to small small girls, you are a big disgrace
Labour; Babe don’t mind the fool, I have told you, just make sure that your bed is well arranged and we would be needing music cause of loud scream.

Sir Emeka remain mute, he didt know what else to say cause they have finished him totally.
Girl2; Just look at him, the hard Chemistry Teacher
Girl3; He can flog eeh and also can F--k
They all laughed and went out from the lodge.

Sir Emeka quietly went and locked his door before he slowly walked to his bed and lay down on it thinking on how terrible the trouble he has landed himself to cause of girls.
He tried to sleep but none was forth coming, he took some sleeping pills before he was able to sleep.

Is now Another bright day, Ambrose came out to sweep his compound when his 2 Uncles came into the compound with 2 police men.

Uncle Mike; That’s the Criminal
Police1; Are you Mr Ambrose?
Ambrose; Yes sir
Police1; You are Under arrest, and anything you say shall be used against you in the Law Court.
Ambrose; Please what’s my crime
Police1; When we get to the station you will Know, Sergeant
Sergeant; Sir!
Police1; Handcuff him
The handcuffed him and took him along with them. While he Uncles went into the house in search of the Documents.

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