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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 18


Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 18

Thunder was relaxing on his couch when he heard a knock on his door, come in

His guy camAmbrohunder; Hey, Scale how far nah

Scale; Am fine o, (he sat down beside him)

Thunder; You later find out things about that girl?

Scale; Why not, the girl na Jew o
Thunder; Haha, that’s very good
Scale; Just give me order let me bundle her here

Thunder; Easy man, hope you know her address cause I guess she don’t live in the hostel

Scale; Yes, I have every details of her

Thunder; That’s good, we will match up to her this Night
Scale; That’s my boss man

Gallant have called the 89 girls that she received their number and asked them to come over to her lodge.

They all came over and she lectured them the same way she did to the previous ones and she also asked them to come back the next day before she discharge them.

Sparkling; So what next, cause i know not all of them will come back

Gallant; That’s for sure, the brave ones will come back and then we include them to the girls will have already and tell our Queen Mother the recent Development.

Sparkling; I believe she will be happy to hear it

Gallant; Yes, lets just wait till tomorrow to be certain on the number of girls that have agreed

Sparkling; Your right, but secondly am hungry

Gallant; Not only you oo, am also hungry joor

They both laughed and walked inside the house to get something to eat.

The ANGELS got the hint of what the Viqueens are doing in the school to get more girls to themselves.

The ANGELS laughed over it cause they saw how frustrated they have become just to increase their number Meanwhile the ANGELS have organized a party 2 days ahead to Celebrate the Initiation of their newbies the next day.
Their Queen asked them to make sure that the initiation goes on fine and they should be no problem recorded.

The Arrangements for the newbies and preparation has started long time ago so it wasn’t a new thing for them cause they have been doing it yearly.

Cynthia was inside her Lodge studying her books when she heard a knock on her door, she was startled, she checked the time and saw 10;41pm. Who will be knocking at my door by this time? She asked herself.

The knock sounded again and this time around it was louder.

Cynthia; Who is that?

Thunder; Sweetheart is me

Cynthia; Who is your sweetheart and by the way who are you?

Thunder; Is me AB THUNDER
When she heard his name, she felt chill run over her body

Cynthia; What do you want?

Thunder; I came to check on you, just open the door

Cynthia; No, is late, tomorrow we will see

Thunder; Am already here so open it now

Cynthia; No, (she said and went back to her bed and now shivering but thanks to God that is an Iron door)

Thunder and Scale tried forcing the door open but not no avail.
Scale; Boss, lets leave it for now, next time I will figure out how to open it

Thunder; Shit, this girl have dared me, I will surely deal with her
they left her door step into the dark night.

During the Next day, Cynthia quickly prepared for school, she was still scared to open the door, but she summoned courage and open the door, she didt see anyone around, she quickly closed and locked her door before she went over to the main road and stopped a bike that will take her to the school quickly even when her school is not far but due to she’s very scared.

The bike man stopped her at the school gate, she paid him off before she walked into the school premises.

She got to her department and everyone started stirring at her like always.

She went to the back of the Hall and sat down on the empty chair there, she looked round for Tracy but couldn’t find her, she bent her head on the desk before her.

Someone tapped her on the shoulder and she looked up and saw is Tracy.

Tracy; Babe, how far nah

Cynthia; Am fine

Tracy; Hey, what’s wrong with you, You look so dull today, tell me what’s wrong?

Cynthia; Nothing, am fine

Tracy; Here you go again, I know you aren’t fine, so tell me what’s wrong with you.

Cynthia; That will be later cause the Lecturer has come.

Tracy looked at the board and saw the Lecturer is already in class, she sat down beside Cynthia while the Lecture kicked off.

After the lecture, Cynthia dragged Tracy out from the hall and they went over to a quiet place and sat down.

Tracy; so tell me, what’s wrong

Cynthia; Is it not that THUNDER of a guy

Tracy; Hmm, what did he do?

Cynthia; Can you imagine such useless guy came to my Lodge last night

Tracy; What? Around what time?

Cynthia; Around 10

Tracy; That’s late already, did you open for him?

Cynthia; Am I stupid
Tracy; Hmm, you are just lucky that your door is Iron door, if not

Cynthia; I know nah, that’s why I didt bother

Tracy; But next time they will be prepared to open it

Cynthia; Till then

Tracy; Don’t say I didt tell you

Cynthia; Ok nah
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