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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 17


Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 17

The school remained calm without any of the cult group giving any problem, The Angels knew that the Viqueens are upto something but they don’t know what they are upto.

Tracy was coming back from school with Cynthia when 2 guys stopped them.

Guy1; Hey baby girl, excuse me I will like to speak with this beautiful girl (he said to Tracy)
Tracy gave them some space.

Guy1; Babe my name na AB Thunder but you can call me Thunder, everyone knows me in this school, after me na still me, so I would like you to be my girl and I promise you, you no go lack anything for this entire life
Cynthia; So sorry to disappoint you, am not interested Mr Thunder

Thunder; Haba, babe, no body the tell me No for this School oo so better accept before e go start

Cynthia; Am not like other girls, like I said, am not interested and I will never be. (she said and walked over to where Tracy was standing and dragged her along with her)

Guy2; Nna guy that guy go hear am tight

Thunder; Leave am, we go handle her matter, na ”Akamu” case.
They left that spot.

Tracy babe slow down nah, wetin happen?

Cynthia; That fool asked me out, can you just imagine

Tracy; Haa, babe, you don enter

Cynthia; Enter how?

Tracy; You should have begged him

Cynthia; Wait, I should have begged him how?

Tracy; The Guy is a total disaster, what ever, he wants he must surely get it.

Cynthia; Is he the son of a powerful Politician?

Tracy; No

Cynthia; Then who is he?’

Tracy; His the 3rd in command of the black axe.

Cynthia; hmm, is not by force joor
Tracy; ok nah

Cynthia left her there and started walking back to her lodge

Tracy; Wait for me nah (she said and ran after her)

Thunder got back to his Lodge with his guy.

Guy; So boss, wetin we go do that girl

Thunder; Allow me to think, as I the see the girl, she go dey stubborn

Guy; That one no go be issue, we go bend am nah

Thunder; Just find out if she’s not in any fraternity and get back to me

Guy; Ok boss, consider it already done

Thunder; Arrange 2 girls for me right away

Guy; No p

Thunder brought out his wallet and handed 10K to his guy for the 2 girls arrangements

Cynthia and Tracy got to Cynthia Lodge, Cynthia unlocked her lodge and they went inside.

Tracy; Wow, you got a nice place here

Cynthia; Thanks dear

Tracy started looking around the Lodge

Cynthia; Come let me show you round

Cynthia took her round her Lodge and showed her round, she later brought out food and they ate together.

Gallant and Sparkling went over to the canteen, they saw many students there. Gallant went over to the owner of the canteen

Gallant; Good day ma

Madam; Thank you

Gallant; I want to pay for everyone here things

Madam; Haa, e go cost you oo

Gallant; Like How much?

Madam; Wait Let me check
She brought out her calculator and did some calculation within a minute she was done

Madam; It will be #17.830

Gallant; That’s small self, she gave sign to Sparkling while she brought out some money from the bag she was carrying and gave it to Gallant.

Gallant; Here (she handed the money over to the woman) That’s the sum of 20k

The madam thanked her and she announced to everyone there that their bills has been paid by Gallant, and they all started hailing her and thanking her.

She left with Sparkling not after 9 girls gave them their number.

At the end of the day, Gallant and Sparkling were able to get upto 43 girls number.

They called their line and asked them to come over to her lodge by 7 in the night, they all agreed.
The girls came to Gallant lodge and now they are higher in number, Gallant used her eyes to count them and they were now 61 in number, she felt happy.
Gallant; Thank You girls for coming, am so happy to see you girls,

All; Thank you too
Gallant; I know most of you are wishing to be like us, we are just freedom fighters against the wicked Lecturers, cult guys, and other oppressors. We would protect you girls and give you maximum protection and also you girls will be top girls in the school, drive classic cars and wear many expenses cloths, all I will need you girls to do is to cooperate with us. We are called the Viqueens, i know most of you already know so we are the freedom fighters, backed up by many top politicians of this country and we have the guys group which is the Vikings.

She continued and preached to them and she was able to convince almost all of them, she asked them to come back the next day for further preparation, she dismissed them.

Sparkling; Nice one dear

Gallant; Year, so happy, atleast first day we got this number

Sparkling; Yea, that’s our luck

Gallant; Lets wait for other girls result

The other girls came back and gave them 89 numbers they got from girls that are interested
Gallant; Wow!!!

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