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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 16


Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 16

Gallant and other Viqueens drove into the school premises with their car, they stopped at the car garage and by now most of the students around have started stirring at them and admiring them.
Gallant and 3 other Viqueens felt ontop of the world but their joy was terminated when a new white Ferarri drove into the school and parked beside where the Viqueens parked theirs.

4 ANGEL stepped down from their car and they were all putting on native white with the same style, this made the students around to start stirring at them, some started wishing to be like them while some just wish to ask them out, they have forgotten that the Viqueens were still around cause all focus was on the ANGELS.

The 4 ANGELS walked majestically towards their Department and all eyes was still on them till they were out of sight.

Gallant and 3 other Viqueens felt humiliated, they angrily left the growd that has already gathered to watch the ANGELS.

The Viqueens got to a hall they normally have small meeting and met 2 Lovers there.
Girl1; Hey, you both should get out from here now.
Guy. Meaning what? (forming brave)
Girl2; Didt you hear her? Just get lost now you still have the opportunity.
Guy; Or what will happen?
The fight girl brought out her gun and pointed it at the guy forehead while he started sweating and begging
Girl2; So you can beg like this
Girl3; Just get lost now before another thing happen here
The Guy hurriedly ran off from the hall while his Girlfriend followed from behind
Girl1; Idiots, he even left the so called girl and ran away
Gallant; Babes, is ok, lets talk better thing
They all sat down on the chairs there.
Girl1; But babes, see this Angels oo, see how them humiliated us today
Girl2; I swear and the most painful part is that they even park near us and didt even do as if we were there
Girl3; I just felt like make the ground open and let me fall inside.
Gallant; Babes is ok, I feel you girls pain, am also pained but we have to endure for now
Girl1; Till when? Is it when they will start pursuing us out from the school that we should find a solution?
Girl2; You are right, they have started it gradually.
Gallant; Ok, you girls should gather all the girls to our Gathering ground this afternoon
Girl1; Ok boss, but where is Sparkling, cause I haven’t seen her since yesterday
Gallant; Oh, she went over to her boss place but will be coming back this Afternoon
Girl2; Ok oo

During the afternoon time, Sparkling has arrived and Gallant have briefed her on the things she missed while she was away.
Gallant came infront of all the Viqueens and greeted them and thanked them for coming out and also told them that those that didt come has committed big time.
Gallant; We the Viqueens are the ones that suppose to be at the top always and we suppose to dominate other cults but we are seriously going back and we need to upgrade as quick as possible so I have come up with a plan, you are know that we haven’t done initiation for the freshers cause of the low number we have, So this are the things we would be doing to attract girls to our fraternity.
First we should be Friendly to other students and be close to them
Second we should give them gifts and some other things that will be attracting them more to ourselves
and Lastly we should upgrade in our dressing code, cause we are lacking behind this days, our dressing code is already known to you all.

In this ways we would be getting much girls to ourselves.

They all agreed to do as she said and the meeting was ended.

Tracy has been searching for Cynthia round the school without any sight of her, she got exhausted and decided to go to the school canteen and eat some snacks, she got there and saw Cynthia sitting on one of the chairs there and a guy was sitting beside Cynthia, the guy was speaking to her but she seem not to be paying attention to the guy, so the guy got tired and went out while Tracy waved at Cynthia before she went over and sat down on the chair that the guy was sitting before he left.

Tracy; Babe, how far nah, since i just the look for you and i no the see you
Cynthia; Hmm, sorry about that
Tracy; Ok oo, so who was that guy?
Cynthia; Which guy?
Tracy; Haa, the guy that was with you few minutes ago
Cynthia; Oh, I don’t know him
Tracy; Are you sure? Then what was he doing here
Cynthia; I don’t even know for him, my mind wasn’t here self
Tracy; Nawa oo
Tracy ordered for her own snacks and soft drink, the same thing Cynthia is taking.

They ate and gist, Cynthia was still finding it hard to feel free with her but she flew along at the moment.

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