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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 14


Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 14

Cynthia has gained Admission into UNN, She haven’t fully cleared the memory of what the Labour did to her and the Betrayal she faced, she has forgiven Grace since but doesn’t trust her again nor anyone else, Sir Emeka on the other hand has faced the Teachers panel and they gave him 3 months suspension and changed the school he was teaching to another.

Cynthia is Offering a Medical course in the school so she is reading hard for her exams.
Hey you, Can I sit beside you? A young guy said to Cynthia at the School Library that she was reading her books
Cynthia just nodded while he sat down
Guy; My name is Justice and am a Business student and you?
Cynthia hesitated for a while before she told him hers.

Justice; Wow, nice to meet you, and I have been noticing you here every day and alone too, don’t you have friends?
Cynthia; Yes I don’t have
Justice; Haa, A beautiful girl like you don’t have friends, this is wired, but why?
Cynthia; Nothing, I choose not to
Justice; Hmm, what of your guy?
Cynthia; Please you are disturbing me, as you can see am busy please ‘she said in a calm manner’
Justice; Oh sorry about that, just want to steal few minutes of your time, i want to be your friend
Cynthia; Am sorry you can’t
Justice; I mean no harm
Cynthia; I know, that’s why i said No, i don’t want
Justice; But why?
Cynthia; Is my choice, i don’t want friends
Justice; hmm, see you some other time (he stood up and looked at her for a moment meanwhile Cynthia is not even looking him rather she faced her book, He left her there)
Cynthia sighed sign of relieve before she continued with her reading.

Scope; Chairman! Oga boss I dey greet ooo (he said to the leader of their gang who was sitting in a well decorated Chair situated at the side of a well furnished parlour)
Boss; How are you scope
Scope; Oga boss, i just dey oo
Boss; So how is the gang going
Scope; Udo boss, just that we are running out of ammunitions
Boss; That’s not a problem, I will send some to you tomorrow morning
Scope; Oga Boss, after you na still you
Boss; So how is the recruitment of the new Students going?
Scope; Oga, the thing the go fine, na to just do the final initiation still remain
Boss; That’s good, and when is that?
Scope; We haven’t fixed it yet and you know, you are the one to decide
Boss; Ok, lets make it this weekend
Scope; Ok boss
Boss; So how many them dey?
Scope; Na 21
Boss; That’s small
Scope; Yes boss, the last one we did was 58 but this one, the students too the fear
Boss; Then assure them like before, you know most of us are down due to the last hit, so we need more recruitment, so how many the Black Angels did
Scope; I heard they recruited more than 70 this Year
Boss; That means, they will be problem because we the Red Devils won’t allow such, just make sure we beat them on this
Scope; Yes boss
Boss; You can go now
Scope left the Mansion of the Boss and entered into his car and drove back to school.

2 days later
A lecturer was teaching the new Medical students together with the 200 level when 8 boys stormed inside the Hall putting on Black.
Lecturer. Hey! What are you people doing here?
Boy1; Hey Mr Man shut up, if you know what is good for you
Lecturer; Are you stupid? How can you batch into my class and be talking rubbish (he said with anger before took his phone and dialed a number while one of the boys snatched his phone)
Lecturer; Give me back that one (he was dragging the phone with one of the boys when he was shot at the leg and every student in the Hall started running helta scatter.
The 8 Boys quickly went out from the Hall.
The school Security men came and carried the Lecturer to the school Clinic before transferring to Teaching Hospital.

Cynthia ran back to her Lodge and started thanking God that nothing happened to her, Her phone started ringing, she took out the phone from her bag and checked the caller and saw is her mum, she picked the call.

Cynthia; Hello, Good Afternoon Ma
Mum; Fine Afternoon, how are you?
Cynthia; Am fine and you?
Mum; Am good, this one you are breathing heavily, What’s wrong?
Cynthia; Nothing ma, just did some juggling
Mum; In this afternoon?
Cynthia; Lolz, ma, you know i like exercise nah
Mum; Ok o, so how is school today?
Cynthia; Fine ma, so how is Junior?
Mum; His fine with his wahala oo
Cynthia; That boy self, hope, his preparing for his Junior Waec?
Mum; Yes, I have even registered him
Cynthia; That’s good, make sure, he reads oo, you know he plays alot
Mum; Trust me nah, his even reading now.
Cynthia; I trust what you can do
Mum; Ok, just want to check on you
Cynthia; Thanks very much ma
Mum; ok, take care
Cynthia; And you too, Love you
Mum; Love you too
The line went dead while Cynthia went into the kitchen to eat some food.

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