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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 13


Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 13


The Principal gathered all of them in her Office.

Principal; Mr Emeka
Sir Emeka; Yes ma
Principal; Tell me the whole truth
Sir Emeka was speechless cause his job is also at risk
Principal; I can see you don’t want to talk
Sir Emeka; Sorry ma
Principal; Cynthia
Cynthia; Yes ma (she replied in tears)
Principal; Stop crying and tell me the whole Truth
Cynthia; I I I wish to speak to you alone ma (she said in teary voice)
Principal; Ok, you all should please wait outside
They all went outside the office while Cynthia closed the door and sat down
Principal; So tell me what really happened
Cynthia; It all started long time ago (she took time and narrated everything to her without keeping any stone untouched)
Principal; You mean, all this was happening and you failed to tell anyone?
Cynthia; Am so sorry ma, I didt know what to do
Principal; The problem is that I have already let it out to the public(students) and reversing it will be difficult since you were caught in the act.
Cynthia; I know ma, but ma, do you believe me?
Principal; Yes I do, you are really someone other students are looking upto and you are also a mentor to so many students and have found favour in many Teachers heart even me but this Act has almost ruined all you have achieved.
Cynthia kept mute and didt know what to say, The Principal called all the school Authorities inside the Office meanwhile she asked Cynthia to wait outside till she will be called.
Cynthia went outside the Office and saw the Labour stirring at her Dangerously but she cared less cause the cat has already been let out from the bag.
Bursar; So what did she tell you
The Principal explained exactly what Cynthia told her to them and the room became silent like a grave Yard

Labour Master; I knew something was wrong cause i saw The Labour dragging Cynthia’s Hand one day like that while Cynthia was reluctant to go with her, I intervened thinking is just normal Senior thing but now I know what really happened
Games Master; So what should we do now
Principal; I don’t know, that’s why i brought it out here for all of us to put mouth on it cause I don’t even know how to judge this case.
Vice Principal; I think we should give Cynthia Suspension for 2 weeks since she was already caught in the act and expel others.
House Master; That’s good, so what now happens to Sir Emeka?
Principal; He will have to face the Commissioner of Education.
Bursar; That’s the best way, cause if you even expel Cynthia many student will change school
Vice Principal; That’s good, cause she is been loved by all.
Principal; Call the Regulator
The Regulator was called and the Principal told her to ring the bell which she did and the whole student came out in large number to hear what’s going on.
Principal; Today is really a hectic day for me seriously, from one problem to another but that’s by the way. We have drawn to the conclusion that The Labour and her 11 Friends has been expelled from the school and Cynthia…(all the student BP was high and curious to know what’s going to be the fate of Cynthia)
Principal; Has been suspended for 2 weeks

immediately the whole school started jubiliating that she was not expelled like others.

Principal; I know you all are happy and some will be saying is unfair to expel others and leave her, the truth is that they used a certain pills on her and video everything they did on her and now started using it to blackmail her which she cooperated cause she didt want to spoil her image.
The whole school started mocking the Labour and her friends.

They were ordered to park all their belonging and leave the school immediately. They shamefully Parked everything and was working down to the gate, when the Labour got to where Cynthia was standing, she drew close to Cynthia and whispered “This is not the end” before she joined her friends and they left the school entirely.

The Principal called Cynthia into her Office, she came in with tears still flowing down her face, The Vice Principal understood her pains and drew her close before she raised her head and cleaned her tears.

Principal; You don’t have to cry anymore, we have concluded everything, am only angry with you cause you failed to open up to anyone on what that was going on that’s why it went this viral, here is your suspension letter(she said and handed over the letter to her) I only gave you the suspension so that you will go home and cool off your mind and erase the incident that happened, don’t worry about your result, I will personally bring it to you
Cynthia; Thank you ma, and also thank you to you all, What can I do without you all, thanks for the Judgment, only God will reward you all
All; Amen
She hugged all of them in tears of Joy before she left the Office back to the Hostel

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