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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 12


Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 12


Labour called Sir Emeka and his line was not reachable.
Labour; The Useless man number no the go!!
Girl1; Keep trying cause am very h---y oo
Girl2; No be only You oo
Labour continued trying his line and it repeated the same thing and she got tired and stopped calling him.
Labour; So what do we do now?
Girl1; Lets run our thing quick quick cause the girls in this our hostel are having After Paper
Labour; That’s true
Girl2; That means we should do it here
Labour; Why not, is it the first time, you the knack person for here?
Girl2; Ok oo
They searched for their Lovers and called them to come and see them immediately.

Cynthia refused and Labour Threatened her that she will upload the Video on net and also on school website, Cynthia got scared and followed her.
They got to the hostel and they started their normal sexual activities, Cynthia was crying while Labour was assaulting her Suddenly the door to the hostel got opened and they all looked at the entrance in shock.

The Principal felt like crying when they brought the girls that was got in the act of Lesbian in the hostel and Cynthia was among.
The Principal looked at all of them.

Principal; Am very disappointed in all of you, especially you Cynthia, how could you? No wonder you were going down. Well call the Regulator for me (she said referring to one of the Teachers)
The Regulator came inside the Principal office.

Regulator; You called me ma
Principal; Yes, go and rang the bell for the students to assemble
The Regulator went out and rang the bell while the student where surprised to hear the bell at that hour so they all assembled at the assembly Ground. The Principal came out to address the student.
Principal; Good day students
Students; Good day Ma
Principal; I know you all will be wondering why i summoned all of you here
Students; Yes Ma
Principal; Am very sad to announce this to you all, You all remember that in the school rule that Lesbians are not allowed in this school and anyone or persons caught on the act will be expelled from the school.
Students; Yes Ma
Principal; Group of girls were caught today and they also mentioned all their colleagues and they are with us now (she said while a Teacher brought out Cynthia and other girls out from the hidden place to show the whole student while Cynthia was heavily crying in shame but Labour and other girls didt.
Principal; Here is our School Labour and Cynthia the most brilliant girl i have ever met in this useless act. Am just sad, what is this world turning into? Well All of them are 12 in number and has been expelled from the school with immediate effect.

The Whole school started crying and pleading for the Principal to have mercy on Cynthia.

Cynthia on the other hand has been crying heavily
The Principal was about to say another word when the school House Captain went over to the Principal and whispered something to her ears and gave her his phone and the Principal excused herself from the student while the students started crying aloud.

The Principal went into his Office and opened the Video in the phone and it was a sex Video that was uploaded to the school website few minutes ago by unknown person. The Principal was shocked to see Sir Emeka having sex with Ivy and also with Grace. She got upset and sent for Sir Emeka and started asking him to explain the Video and he started denying the Video while she also sent for Ivy and Grace, Ivy quickly accused Sir Emeka of Rape and the Principal asked them to wait for her in her office while she left the office.

She came back to the students and told them that so many things are going on in the school now that Cynthia and Co will be kept in the school Authorities in the Next one or two hours that they would be summoned when they gave drown to a conclusion.

The News of Cynthia and co quickly circulated round other schools.

Stephen rushed into the Hostel
Caleb; Guy wetin happen? Who the pursue you?
Stephen; Guys I get gist for una
Caleb; Ok start
Stephen; Ambrose come and sit down nah lemme gist you guys
Ambrose; Am not interested
Caleb; Leave him joor and gist me
Stephen; Group of Lesbians has been caught in Ibiam girls
Caleb; You don’t mean it
Stephen; And guess what
Caleb; What?
Stephen; That fine girl that I was coding
Caleb; Which one?
Stephen; Ode! How many Ibiam girls i don toast?
Caleb; Oh what that her name again
Stephen; Ewu! Cynthia
Immediately Ambrose sprang up from where he was laying down and shouted JESUS CHRIST

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