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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 11


Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 11

Ambrose has been staying with Mr Gab while going to school from there.

Their Exam has started and he was doing perfectly well like before, his courage always amaze Mr Gab and other Teachers.

After their morning paper, Ambrose and his 2 friends went down to the school canteen and bought snacks and started eating.
Stephen; Nna eeh, this exam eeh
Caleb; I swear e hard oo
Ambrose; Make una leave all this Teachers, them just the stress person
Stephen; Them even the give us wetin them no even teach us self
Ambrose; The thing tire me oo
Caleb; Thank God is only remaining 1 paper
Stephen; And na that Mathematics
Ambrose; Una the fear am?
Caleb; Nna guy forget say you be brain box, you yourself know say Maths no be here
Stephen; I swear
Ambrose; Is hard and not hard as well
Caleb; Na us wey you the confuse?
Stephen; Ask am oo, which one be e hard and e no hard
Ambrose; Guys, why do we even use Pigin to be discussing self
Caleb; See as e the talk like say im the follow us speak
Stephen; Im no sabi speak am self
Ambrose; Who? Me? Una wan try me, see i just dey one corner the sight una, una come take am say me no the yan am abi?
Stephen and Caleb mouth dropped open cause they were very surprised to see that Ambrose can actually speak pure pigin without mistakes
Ambrose; Make una close una mouth joor e don do
Stephen; Oga ooo
Caleb; Baba oo

They started hailing him before they got information that their Form Master is now addressing them in class and they stood up and rushed to the class.

Cynthia has not been herself ever since the Labour took her Virginity and not only that but also threatening her not to tell anyone cause she has the video that was recorded of them when She broke her virginity.

The Labour Prefect normally send someone to call Cynthia for her in order to satisfy her urge and Cynthia will reluctantly go cause she has no choice and she don’t want to spoil her image.

Cynthia do go and see the Labour when ever she send for her and she will always try to fight back but when she remember that she’s the one at risk then she will give in.

This Continued and it made Cynthia to drop in her high grades to low grades and this amazed all the Teachers cause they knew her to be very brilliant.

Her form Mistress called Cynthia into her office and asked her to sit down which she did
Miss; So dear how are you?
Cynthia; Am fine ma
Miss; I know you knew why i called you here
Cynthia; No ma
Miss; Ok, what has happened to you?
Cynthia; How ma?
Miss; Just look at this (she handed over a paper to her and she took it from her and scale through it)
Miss; So tell me what has happened to you?
Cynthia; Nothing ma
Miss; Then why are you going back in your Academic? Your grades are very poor why?
Cynthia; I don’t really know ma
Miss; My instincts tells me that they is something you are hiding from me
Cynthia; No ma, am not hiding anything from you
Her Form Mistress stirred at her for a while before she told her to go back to the class and she stood up and left.

Grace has been feeling guilt ever since the incident took place, she don’t know how to face Cynthia ever since, she feels very sorry cause she knew she has betrayed her and it has caused her many things.

Cynthia came inside the class and sat down on her chair very depressed, she don’t have any other friend again, she bent her head on her Desk and started crying without anyone notice.

Girl1; So babe how far nah
Labour; I dey, this one you just the look me the smile wetin happen?
Girl2; You no see as you just the fresh?
Girl1; She don the hammer that girl for a month now and she just the fresh
they all laughed
Labour; Seriously that girl is sweet even though she’s still feeling reluctant
Girl1; Forget that thing, she will soon embrace her faith.
Girl2; Yea, that’s true cause she has started it already and there is no going back
Labour; Ok oo, am even h---y now
Girl1; Ah ah, come make we do small nah
Labour; You no well, I resemble your Daughter?
Girl1; haa, i no go cheat on her small?
Labour; Leave me joor, I have someone that do give me what I want abeg, call your Daughter if you don dey h---y let me call mine
Girl2; Girls remember today is not that free cause school is not that steady now cause of the exam, so no sex here
Labour; Haba, how will I even do that here when We have a motel here in this school
Girl1; hahaha, when Sir Emeka Girlfriend go catch you eeh
Labour; She no go even do anything, she will just seat down one place and start crying.
Girl2; This girl, oil dey your head seriously
Girl1; Labour call him
Girl2; Yes, please call him now
Labour; Bia I thought you are not interested today
Girl2; Forget it cause am H---Y OOOO

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