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Contract Marriage - Chapter 5


Contract Marriage - Chapter 5



©Author jenny's

Min pov
"matte you could see the way that jerk was kissing me at the alter i felt like puking,,infact i have to brush my teeth and lips several time"i said to matte who starred at me in awe
"but you enjoyed the kiss min"matte said while i starred at him angrily
"Yuck,i told you i felt like puking"i replied back
"Then why dose your eyes tell me something different"matte replied
"What do you mean "i asked
"I know when your lying min" He said laughing
"I 'm not lying matte"i half yelled while matte raised his hands in surrender still laughing
"Ok maybe i did a little,but thats because its been long i actually kissed someone"i replied back
"Stop lying to yourself min "he said
"Why cant you just forgive him already" matte said
"Dont go there matte am not in the mood "i relied back
"Fine ,when are you leaving for your honeymoon"matte asked
"Tonight" i replied back
"Well make sure you guys have fun and also sex because you need it right now bestie"matte said runing out of my room

Tan Pov
Have you ever been hunted before? well right now am been hunted and not by human being but by a kiss
Since i kissed min the kiss refused to go off my memory ,,i kept recalling it and right now everything i see and think off is that kiss
I kept packing my thing for our honeymoon trip to paris ,,i have been avoiding min since and right now i know i have to face her and act like the kiss was just a show off to the world

Flashback continues

Its been weeks since min and started dating and my life have been better than before although maria kept threatening me which i totally ignored
one faithful day i was in my apartment when maria came apologising for all the threats and asked us to be friends i was indeed happy
We talked like friends so and i also brought drink which we both drank happily
Minutes later i felt exhausted ,so i went to my room and slept off while maria left
i saw multiple text and calls from min the following saying all sought of things and told me never to come close to her ,,i was confused ,i went to her apartment and she refused to see me ,neither was she picking my calls ,i saw her in school and she totally ignored me no matter how hard i tried talking to her ,i was confused and frustrated ,,and my life was a mess
I decided to go buy her bunch of flowers and chocolate ,so i could use it and apologize and for her to tell me what happened ,,but i was shocked to see her kissing and smooching another guy
I was pained and heart broken and hated her from that day

We sat that in the airplane in an awkward silence ,,nobody was talking or looking at each other direction
"will you like to eat anything ma'am and sir"the air hoster asked
"Yes please" we said in union and starred at each other and looked away immediately
the air hoster brought the food and we both ate hungrily,,yeah we were really hungry
We landed in paris and were taken a combo by the beach ,,to our greatest surprise the combo has only one bed room
At that moment i wanted to yell my lungs out ,,because i knew it is the handwork of my mom and min's mom
I could see the shock in his eyes too
"Errrm i will stay at this ends and you will stay at the other end and use pillows to create boundaries"he said while i nodded
I left the room and walk arround ,,the house it was really beautiful and nicely set up for couples
I walked back to the room and saw min already freshened up and in her nighties
I entered the bathroom took my bath also and lay on the bed
And thats was how we lay there in silence till we both finally slept off

Its the end of another boring day ,,min and i havent said a word to each other and she actually made breakfast for both of us which my ego couldnt make me say thank you but trust me i enjoyed it
Its a cool evening ,,i brought out some alcohol and began drinking ,,min came and sat beside me and also joined in the drinking ,,,and that was how we kept drinking in silence on and on till we were both drunk
We starred at each other for some time and soon we started kissing i wasnt that drunk but i couldnt just stop it was like we were both hungry for each other
we were now on our bed in a hot make out session ,,somebody please stop me because i cant stop myself
Ps:i have already consider myself a dead man because by morning she is sure going to chop off my head

To be continued

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