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Contract Marriage - Chapter 3


Contract Marriage - Chapter 3



©Author jenny's

Tan pov
"that girl lacks manner bro,,she needs to be taught a lesson "i said angrily
"Stop complaining to me if you are not going to tell me what exactly happened that made you hate her so much"yoon said and ended the call
I hissed and threw my phone on the bed
How can she order my own maid arround in my own house because i allow her leave here
To worsen it all our loveless marriage is in a few days and am going to be stuck with her for three good years
Jeez i need to release all this tension in me
I quickly called lisa my personal slut to come over
Soon lisa came over and i took her to my room

Min pov
I used the pillow to cover my ears but it wasnt working ,how can this idiot bring his slut to this house and make them disturb me all night
I stood up angrily and went to his door and knocked loudly
"You guys should keep it down"i yelled
"What i didnt hear your clear ,,there is a room for three if you want to join"tan yelled while i hissed angrily and went back to my room
I dont know why but i felt really jealous and angry at the same time
It was like the moaning increased ,,i stood up and went to the quest room and slept off there

Story from mhiztaemy.com.ng

I woke up early and head to my room ,took a shower and came back downstairs only to meet the shock of my life
They bitch tan brought was making him breakfast
I searched for the maid but she was no were to be found and her things are no more there it seem tan fired her already
I went to the kitchen and began preparing my own breakfast and made sure not to get any close to tan sluty girlfriend
I kept starring at what she was cooking and it obvious she dosent know what shes doing
Tan came down stairs and kept smiling like someone who won a lottery maybe his doing it to piss me off
I prepared sphagetti and made sure it taste delicious ,,i dished it out for my self in the dining with a big cooked chicken at the other side and drinks
On the other hand tan girlfriend dished out his own food ,,,to tell you the truth guys the food looked horrible while tan faked a smile on his face and starred at the food
I kept looking at him with my side eyes as he chew the food in disgust while i smiled inwardly
I began eating my food and muttering to my self ,,i sliced the chicken lap and chew them with content ,,i could see tan starring at my food with his slut it obvious they were drolling over it and couldnt eat the one she prepared
"omo ,this taste so good"i muttered and licked my hands
I ate every single thing and cleared the dishes myself leaving the two
i could hear tan shouting at her while i smiled to my self
I took my phone and called matte my male bestfriend to come over
i know what you guys are thinking and yes am trying to get back at tan for what he did last night
Matte came and i opened the door and hugged him tightly while tan starred at us with his girlfriend
I could see her already drolling over matte ,,matte is super cute and his half korean and half american and i have known him since childhood
I held matte hand and we walk upstairs
Tan kept looking at us angrily until we were out of sight
He couldnt talk because am not some cheap poor girl that he could play with
His parent is fucking rich and so is mine

To be continued

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