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Contract Marriage - Chapter 2


Contract Marriage - Chapter 2



©Author jenny's

Tan pov
" oppa she insulted me"i half yelled
"Oh c'mon tan we all know min is a sweet and respectful girl she cant do such a thing"my umma added
"What i cant believe you guys are taking her side ,,am really disappionted "i said and walked out angrily

"imagine bro she said silence is the best answer given to a fool" i said to yoon
"Damn ,,it makes me love her the more "yoon said in between his laughs
"What do you mean by that"i asked while he kept laughing
"But bro what made you hate her so much "yoon asked
"its a long story man ,,lets just forget about that spoilt brat for now "i replied and my phone began ringing
"Oppa"i called immediately i picked the call
" Your engagement party is tomorrow go and buy a ring and make sure you dont ruin the plan" My oppa said and ended the call while i hissed
I hate everything and everybody right now

Min pov
"so tell me did you guys do any bounding"my umma asked
"No umma i told you i dont like him and i will never do, am just going into this marriage because of you, oppa and the company "i replied
"its alright dear,,thank you"my umma said and kissed my hair
this marriage of a thing is stressing me out already and to worsen the situation our engagement party is tomorrow and i need to act like we are really inlove"ewww"
"Inlove" "Tan " the thought of that makes me want to puke

I am dressed in a long floral gown and light make up ,i walked into the hall with a fake smiles plastered on my face with cameramen taking pictures
oh i forgot to tell you guys that Tan is also right beside me with his arms across my waist that makes me want to punch him
Tan is a really good actor we acted like we were truly lovers and i could see the smiles on our parent faces
we did all the necessary and soon the engagement party was over ,i checked my IG and saw our pics all over the internet ,,well that was faster than i thought
" My princess your mom and i will get going now,have fun with your husband to be"my oppa said and peck my cheeks
"No am coming with you guys" i replied
"Oh no sweetie you are going to leaving with tan henceforth,your things are already in his house "my umma said
"WHAT"tan and i yelled together in shock
"When did this agreement happen "tan asked
"Oh son we the parent decided on that"tan mom replied
With that they left tan and i standing in that position
There were some reporters remaining outside so we had no option than to play cool and enter the same car
Tan sat at the end and so did i ,away from each other,there was total silence in the car till we arrived at tans house
Well i wont deny it his house looks good ,,
A maid came and took me to my room ,,i entered the room took my bath and changed in a comfortable outfit before heading downstairs for dinner
I sat down in the dining with Tan while the maid dished out the food
"What the hell is this ,i told you i hate shrimps"tan yelled at the maid who flinched in fear
"Am sorry sir i ...i.."The maid kept stammering and i felt pity for her
"Why cant you just pick the shrimps out and stop shouting"i said starring at tan
"You dare not tell me what to do say in my house"he yelled back
"Miss you can leave"i said to the maid
"Did i ask you to leave"he yelled at her and she stopped walking immediately
"I said you should leave "i yelled at her and she left instantly while i smiled proudly
"Dont you dare order my mind again like that"tan yelled
"Stop being a spoiled and arrogant child and go appologise to her"i replied angrily
"Look at the defination of spoiled calling someone else spoiled "tan fired back angrily
"This is my house and you have to respect me here"tan added angrily
."Then be ready to kiss my ass"i replied and took my food upstairs
leaving with tan wont be as easy as i expected ,,gosh i cant stand him

To be continued

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