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Bride To A Heir-Chapter Three


Bride To A Heir-Chapter Three


©Author Isabel

"So what are you gonna do?"
Hyun Jung asked me
She has been my best friend since high school.
We attended the same high school and college. Seoul National University
She's quite okay financially.
She has a restaurant and tea shop
She's three years older than me and she's married with a son.
I tried explaining everything that transpired between my dad and I last night as we sat in her restaurant
"I really don't know"
I don't know what else to say
"Ain't he gonna pay you back?"
She asked as I opened my mouth in surprise
"Who? Dad?"
I asked her in bewilderment
"He won't pay me!"
I said laughing
She asked in surprise
"Hyun Jung why are behaving like you're a stranger to my life?"
I asked in surprise
"That's right! You know Dad doesn't have a job. Does he?"
I dropped the cup of coffee
"My bad! I forgot!"
She covered her mouth
"All he knows is to sleep, eat and drink beer"
I hissed in irritation
"I'm leaving home!"
I blurted out to her
She was visibly surprised
"I ought to have left since last night but I just couldn't do it!"
I dropped my gaze down
"Don't leave"
She held my hands
I tried protesting
"You know he's weak"
She continued
"That's why I don't have the heart to leave"
My face turned gloomy
"It's okay. Why don't you look for a permanent job?"
She suggested to me
Her idea sounded great
I have thought about this
I only based myself on part time jobs
"That sounds good"
My face suddenly brightened up with her idea
"Ah! A minute please"
She excused herself
She stood up as she went forward to get another coffee
I looked around scanning her restaurant.
I envy her good lucks
Good husband
Good job
Cute son..
I have the opposite of those..
"Please two cups of americano coffee with latte!"
A voice said from behind
The voice seemed very familiar
I looked back as I saw him
"Crazy jerk?"
I whispered to myself
Why do I keep running to this guy?
I picked up my purse as I used it in covering my face
My Secretary took me inside the restaurant as we sat down
"Two cups of americano coffee with latte please!"
I said sitting down
I really love this restaurant
It's my favourite
"So getting a personal assistant will be great right?"
I asked my secretary as we continued our discussion
"Yes Mr Kim, I can't keep following you around all the time"
He said
I'm always going on different trips.
My secretary doesn't have the time to follow me.
Besides he's a married man
So he opted to look for a personal assistant for me
"I'm leaving that unto your hands Mr Jang"
I pleaded with him
"There's no problem Mr Kim, you can count on me"
He slightly bowed his head
He's the only one I'm kinda close with.
He's smart so he makes my job faster
The tea waiter brought our order as I sipped from the cup
Great and superb taste as always!
I looked around the restaurant as I caught a glimpse of a lady quite familiar.
She covered her face with a purse
She looked back as she met my face
That's right!!
"The crazy driver?"
I asked myself
I excused myself from my secretary as I walked towards her to confirm
I got to her table as she face side wards
"It's you right?"
I said to her
She said
"The crazy driver from that night, it's you!"
I said pointing my index finger to her
"That's right. It's me! So?"
She dropped the purse as she faced me
I said to her as she stared at me in bewilderment
She widened her eyes
"For insulting me!"
I folded my hands
"Why should I apologize to a crazy jerk and punk head who tried to act porn in a car?"
She stood up as she screamed
She got the attention of all
Everyone kept staring at me with what she said
I whispered to her
"Why? I shouldn't talk?"
She folded her arms together
"You're crazy!!"
I said as I whispered to her ears
"What?? Me?"
She said
"Yes, you!"
I replied her
"Bad jerk! You're nothing less than a porn star!"
"Po..porn..porn star?"
I said as I tried to catch my breath
"Yes, you are"
She shouted. People actually pointed their fingers at me. They were laughing.
"I promise to get revenge for this, you crazy Jughead driver!"
I stylishly walked out of the restaurant as my secretary followed me
I hate this woman
She's a psychopath
She's even weird
I'm so embarrassed
She actually called me a pornstar in the presence of everyone
This is the most annoying and most embarrassing moment of my life
No one has ever called me crazy but she did.
No woman has ever called me such names but she's different
She must have a death wish
Someone of low standards!
I'll get revenge for this
She insulted me
She's crazy!!!

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