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Bride To A Heir-Chapter Ten


Bride To A Heir-Chapter Ten


©Author Isabel

I sat with Mr Kim together in his office as we both worked together on a file..
I passed some files to him as he acknowledged them before placing them together with others
Damn it!
I'm so tired..
He gave me a signal to go out when I yawned uncontrollably
I stood up as I bowed to him walking out
"Wait a second!"
He said stopping me
What's it again!!
"Yes Mr Kim"
I turned to face him
"Sit back !"
He turned his index finger to the chair
"I thought we're through"
I said frowning my face sightly
"Not yet!"
I walked towards the chair as I sat down back with discomfort
I asked
"I know nothing about you"
He folded his arms together
"Mr Jang knows probably a lot, you can ask him"
I said trying to stand up but he signaled me not to
"Why should I ask him?"
He bugged out his eyes
"I'll tell you, ask anything!"
I said as I desperately got angry..
I don't wanna miss lunch today
"How old are you?"
He asked such a crazy question
"I'm 21"
I replied
"Your parents?"
He asked as my face darken into a frown
Must he ask about my parents?
"Mum is dead!"
I blurted out
"Oh! Sorry about that"
He said in a worrisome voice
"It's okay"
"Your Dad?"
He asked further
"He's well and okay"
"I see! Do you have a boyfriend?"
He asked as I busted into laughter
I asked him
"Just answer"
He grinned
"No I don't!"
I said stiffly
"You have someone you like?"
He asked as I smiled
Of course I do!
Park Jin Ho
I love him so much
I have a crush on him since high school
"Why are you asking me?"
I asked trying not to smile
"I know you have someone you love"
He blurted out
"How do you know that?"
I asked surprisingly
"It's all written over your face, obviously you're blushing!"
He said in laughter making fun of me
I asked in bewilderment
"Yes but perhaps is it me?"
He asked grinning widely as I laughed my chest out
"Never! Who would like a jerk ?"
I screamed out
"Crazy Jughead! Ah! How's your fingers?"
He asked as I looked at them
It hurts so much
"It hurts! Terribly!"
I winced out
"I know! I'm feeling it"
He said as I stared at him
What trash is he saying?
"Get ready, let's attend the board meeting!"
He continued as he stood up wearing his coat
I stood up as I followed him....

She followed me out of the office as she carried some files
I just decided to see her cute smile!
My heart still hurts when I see her fingers
I still can't get myself
Why I cried when she's hurt?
Why tears followed without me knowing?
Who she is?
I don't have the answers to those questions yet!
I just have to see if she's gonna make me cry again if she's hurt
How can I be in pain together with her?
I looked at her as he walked out of the company towards my car
I looked very well as she wasn't aware of the pizza delivery man driving a tricycle...
She walked faster as she didn't try to look side wards..
Is she crazy?
I tried walking faster to move her away but it was late!
The man collided with her as she fell flat to the ground making her knee and leg hurt..
She winced in pain as my heart started beating faster again
My chest started to hurt as I held it
I touched my face as tears flowed uncontrollably..
Not again!
I walked up to her as I held her up pushing her towards the car
She rested her back as she looked at me in bewilderment
"Who are you?"
I asked her
She stared in surprise as I asked again
"Who are you and why must I be in pain because of you!!"
I screamed out as tears flowed from my face..
My chest hurts so much!
"Mr Kim?"
She called me faintly
"I asked who you are?!!"
I shouted at her as I held the collar of her shirt
"Can you please leave her?"
A voice said as I looked up to see a guy walking towards me..
I exclaimed
"Stay away from her!"
The guy said as he dragged my hands away from her
Hye JI looked up to see the guy as she screamed out
"Park Jin Ho?"
She asked in bewilderment as I stared on
Who's this guy???


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