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Amarachi The Beautiful Poor Child - Last Chapter(Part 3)


Amarachi The Beautiful Poor Child - Last Chapter(Part 3)

Theme: And Her Journey to Destiny-Discovery

By Erasmus Ugochukwu Okafor

Copyright ©:
No unauthorized reproduction, reprinting, 
plagiarising, commercialization, or rewording of 
this fictional work is allowed.

The ultimate question that rumbled in her mind was: ‘What will be her
fate in the palace she left for about twenty-three years back?
As they left to the car, Mkpulumma being a woman of wisdom and
sensitivity noticed that Dave was Amarachi’s fiancĂ© because she already saw
the engagement ring on her finger and how the lovers related with each other.
She pulled Amarachi by the side and asked: “Is he the one?”
Amy pretended not to be aware of what her mom asked, and then smiled.
“Mom, I don’t know what you’re talking about,”
“Maybe the engagement ring is for a show,” she said, making Amy feel
busted in that disguised glee.
“Fine, mom, I give up,” Amy said and smiled, “he is the son to the king of
Okporo and...”
“Wow, that’s sweet,” Mkpulumma said as they entered the SUV. “Is this
your car too?”
“Yes, it’s mine,” Amarachi said, “Twiney, I think you need to drive,” Amy
said to Chisimdi with a wink and threw the key to her, “I’m tired of driving
“My love, don’t worry, I can handle that task,” Chisimdi said with a great
feeling of honour and caught the key in the air.
“Mkpulumma, Nnem,” Amarachi called out, making her mom surprised
that she addressed her by her name, “even this car was bought by Dave, and
the duplex he’s building for me in Onitsha would be ready very soon,  Mkpulumma began to dance as they entered the car. She observed how
beautiful the car was and imagined the last time she ever used a car in her life.
“This guy must be God’s sent,” Mkpulumma said joyously, “and he’s so
beautiful too,” she added and they all laughed, “I can’t wait for the wedding.
Has it been fixed?” she asked with happiness as she positioned herself at the
rear seat while her twins took the front seats.
“Mom, there is also a woman that you’d want to meet,” Amarachi said,
making her mom excited, “she was the one that was mentioned in the
confession concerning the woman that was your best friend where you were...”
she didn’t know how to use the word ‘mad or ‘insane’, so she hung the
statement there.
“I understand, my daughter,” she said and smiled, stroking her children’s
long hairs, “I can’t still imagine this, that you’re all hale and hearty. God, I
thank you again ooo. And as for the woman, I owe her a lot”
“She was the woman that gave me life, sheltered me, clothed me and
turned me to the woman I am,” Amarachi added to her statement with
chuckles, “she was my mom,”
Mkpulumma could have a vague picture of Ego Oyibo, but since she
wasn’t sober then, she couldn’t vividly remember anything. Her life
throughout that period of madness was like a dream.
They didn’t wait to stay longer but started going straight to Ubulu village
to meet the king and break the news of having his children and loving wife
back, hale and hearty.
Getting to the palace, everything seemed normal except for the king who
was declared missing; therefore, nowhere to be found.

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The cabinets and the entire people of Ubulu were shocked when they
discovered that Mkpulumma the respected Queen mother was back.
When they inquired further, they were made to know that the King never
remarried since Mkpulumma went missing, notwithstanding the pressures
from friends, families and villagers. Even when the burial ceremony of
Mkpulumma was fixed after seven years of her being missing, the king
disapproved of it, believing that his wife would come back to him some day; no
matter how long it takes.
The king’s prolonged gloom and constant reminder to the people that
he’d meet his Queen again made some of his people to think that His Royal
Highness, Eze Omekannaya 1 of Ubulu wasn’t thinking straight again. They
believed that he wasn’t fit to rule anymore and should be dethroned in any
way possible.
There was factions because of the politics and fights; some people were
still loyal to the king while others believed that the king needs to step down,
because according to the tradition of Ubulu, if a king dies without a heir, the
village would go into serious famine that would last for about six years, and
that would spell doom for them all. It is better, according to the tradition, to
replace the king while he was still alive than for him to die leaving the throne
vacant, and his people in long time suffering.
This led to a particular opposition group known as Okwatulueze
(conquerors of the king) rise against Eze Omekannaya. They were group of the
elders who were desperate about the position and were ready to do anything
possible to take over the kingship.
With the development, Amarachi just discovered that she just met a new
fight and politics that she can’t run away from if she must ensure that the
dynasty still remains with her family.


“And Her Journey to Destiny Discovery” 

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