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Amarachi The Beautiful Poor Child - Last Chapter(Part 2)


Amarachi The Beautiful Poor Child - Last Chapter(Part 2)

Theme: And Her Journey to Destiny-Discovery

By Erasmus Ugochukwu Okafor

Copyright ©:
No unauthorized reproduction, reprinting, 
plagiarising, commercialization, or rewording of 
this fictional work is allowed.

Even though Uremma still felt bad and burdened by the domestic fights
she had with her in the past, the emotional moment and pity she had on her
sister made her pull her to a hug. She was concerned about Chisimdi who
looked obviously confused and perplexed.
“Chi, please, you need to calm down first,” Uremma said and held her
closely as she struggled to meet Amarachi, “I think this is a blissful moment in
your life but you need to wait let’s see mom first,”
“So our mom isn’t dead after all?” she asked looking teary.
“My mom is late but yours isn’t,” she replied, accumulating Chisimdi’s
state of confusion and superfluity of questions.
“I don’t understand,” Chisimdi said and dragged her to meet Amarachi,
“Can someone tell me what I should understand because I’m going insane
right now? Are you not my sister anymore, Ure?”
Seeing that she’d been thoroughly nudged by confusion, Dave dragged
Amarachi to Chisimdi and joined their hands and left them there while they
waited for Professor Nwoko to join them.
“You’re my twin sister,” Amarachi said and pulled her into a hug with
tears, “Our mom is alive and we’re here to let her know that we’re alive too,”
Chisimdi couldn’t talk but held her twin sister so dearly and closely as if
she’d run away if she frees her grip.
“Let’s proceed,” the young professor said and started entering into the
house while others followed.
Seeing professor, no security guard could dare to ask questions because
they knew him as member of the cartel and had no knowledge of the fights he
had with Ozo Odenjinji in the past.
“Where is Mrs. Mkpulumma,” The Prof asked as they met the guard that
guards the entrance to her room.
“She’s in the bathroom, Sir” the hefty bouncer replied, “words already
filtered into our ears that she should be allowed freedom to leave the cave
once you come for her,”
“Nice, we’re here to take her with us as you already know,” Nwoko
replied smilingly but with business-minded kind of look. Looking back and
seeing Amy and Chisimdi feeling so uncertain and uneasy to see their mom, he
smiled and said to them: “The tension should abate because she doesn’t even
know anything about the existence of you girls, so let’s all sit at the common
room and wait for her to be through with her bath. Mkpulumma takes her
time in the bathroom because that’s the only time she has freedom in this
castle; the freedom to think, to meditate and to cry in privacy to her God, for a
day like this to come,”
They all went to the visitor's lounge and sat patiently.
Chisimdi was clung to her twin sister Amarachi and couldn’t even leave
her side. Even though she was yet to understand the entire story and mysteries,
she was okay in her sister's arms and wasn’t even ready to let go.
In a couple of seconds, Amarachi and every other person were surprised
to see a fair woman with a mix of chocolate in complexion looking almost younger than they were. Mkpulumma was even more identical with Amarachi
than Chisimdi who took after her dad in complexion.
The twins were tensed.
Mkpulumma needn’t a guess because she already knew that they were
her children without a second thought. She’d wallowed in such dream
believing that they were dead, so it was a moment of surprises and
“I know that you’re my children,” Mkpulumma said calmly and looked at
the professor, “please, where did you find my happiness?” she asked looking
shocked and confused, “Where have they been? Who have been grooming
them into these beautiful angels? This one is Amarachi because she took after
me in everything, just as if I’m seeing myself in the mirror,” she said pointing
at Amy who was so benumbed as she listened to her, “And this is Uremma,” she
said and smiled at Chisimdi with tears in their eyes, “I named her Uremma
because giving birth to her almost stole my life away like my sister’s but God
intervened and kept me alive. So they weren’t dead after all,”
“Ma, I am Uremma,” Uremma said and stood, “Your real daughter is
Chisimdi but there was an interchange at birth. Looking at me, you can see
that you can’t find your image in my eyes. We’d still get you cleared of all
doubts, but with time,”
“Oh, really,” Mkpulumma said looking more confused but was sure that
her daughters were Chisimdi and Amarachi.
Mkpulumma watched her children crying but she wasn’t crying due to
the great shock that overtook her. Even though she talked boldly, she was
almost going bananas if she wasn’t cuddled at that particular time. “You girls should know what to do,” Dave advised and gestured that they
should meet their mom because she was almost mad with happiness.
Uremma pulled the twins up and led them to their mom.
“Mommy,” Amarachi called and pulled her into the circle and a warm
embrace took over.
Mkpulumma couldn’t believe that her children had grown to the same
height as her as if they were triplets.
“Mom, I never knew anything but I will with time,” Chisimdi said and
kissed her beautiful mom on her rosy cheek, “mom, you even look prettier than
us,” she jested, creating a lighter mood.
“She’d never stop being a jester,” Uremma said and held Dave, but then
realised that she shouldn’t, so she shifted a bit away.
After the emotional moments, Amarachi who is the first to be delivered
assumed the position of Ada (first girl child) immediately and made them all
sit. She didn’t have to talk or explain anything but played the recorded
confession of Ozo Odenjinji to everyone’s hearing.
No one in that room would claim to hitherto have the full knowledge of
the entire revelation in the voice note; not even professor Nwoko that knew
more much.
At the end of the day, after the long tape that got the entire scenario clear,
leaving everyone cleared with a doubt that could lead to questions, they were
all surprised, especially Chisimdi and Mkpulumma.
Mkpulumma couldn’t even withstand the voice of the felon as he
confessed what he’d done to the innocent woman over the voice note. She was heartbroken, but the happiness she felt for uniting with her family and yet to
unite with her hubby outweighed her regrets. She was happy for finally being
liberated and freed.
At that moment, her patience with the castle for many years ended
“Can we all go now, please?” Mkpulumma said, “I can’t wait to be united
with my baby,” she added and stood, “The entire wears and expensive
materials and goodies the felon bought just to entice me should stay here with
the castle. I will shop for the cloth to take me back to the palace. I think my life
is now complete,”
They all stood and started celebrating but Mkpulumma who was always a
sensitive woman noticed that Uremma’s happiness wasn’t complete as she
thought of her dad, so she went to her and held her.
Uremma hugged Mkpulumma, and at that point, her feigned happiness
suddenly drained into weeping. She cried as she regretted being born by a bad
man who had terrorised many families. She wished she was the younger sister
to Amarachi and Chisimdi. It was even then that she realised that her dad had
been lying to her concerning Chisimdi being an elder sister, without knowing
that they were born the same day; therefore, age mates.
Even though Mkpulumma was so happy to meet the king, she was afraid
of what she’d meet in the palace that she deserted for twenty years. She
imagined another woman taking her position, with an heir born by the new
queen mother since she (Mkpulumma) didn’t stay with her hubby long
enough to produce a male child and heir for him.
Mkpulumma was just forty-two years, because she married at the age of
nineteen. She had just three years to produce a male child if she’s lucky to conceive within the three years before the age of forty-five when menopause
visits her for a permanent partnership.

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