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Amarachi The Beautiful Poor Child - Last Chapter(Part 1)


Amarachi The Beautiful Poor Child - Last Chapter(Part 1)

Theme: And Her Journey to Destiny-Discovery

By Erasmus Ugochukwu Okafor

Copyright ©:
No unauthorized reproduction, reprinting, 
plagiarising, commercialization, or rewording of 
this fictional work is allowed.

Ego Oyibo was the happiest knowing that her adopted daughter was a
princess. It was news she couldn’t wait to take back to her people in Urhobo.
Her eagerness to go back to her biological children increased because she then
realised that Amarachi was safe and has a family, unlike the way she felt when
she thought of leaving her without a mom or dad, except for Dave who was a
guardian to her.
With Dave’s help, Amarachi reached out to Professor Nwoko who knew
the location where Mkpulumma was housed, or rather imprisoned.
The professor felt bad about his previous diehard fight with Ozo
Odenjinji when he realised that Ozo never mentioned his name or indicted
him as one of the cartel members, because if he did, he’d be rotting in jail soon
with him. Before they left for Ogbunike Cave, Uremma demanded to know
why her Dad and the professor always had issues in the past, but he still didn’t
indict him in his confession. It wasn’t easy wrapping her head around the
entire connection.
Professor made her and Amarachi know that even though he was in the
cartel, he was the one that always had a battle of words with Ozo Odenjinji
about the maliciousness of his action against Mkpulumma and her hubby.
He’d tried many times to rescue the woman but heavy guards at the cave
wouldn’t let him. The major reason for the clash between them was that it was
Professor Nwoko’s dad that interchanged the babies at birth, being that he was
an apprentice for the old incorruptible chief priest in Okija shrine and was
privy to the entire discussion and event. Being that the man was late, Ozo
Odenjinji transferred the accumulated aggression to his son who happens to be a member of the cartel; the youngest member among those in the SE
Ozo’s hatred for Prof Nwoko was because the professor tells him the
bitter truth even when others applaud him in his mistakes and wickedness.
After his arrest, there was no other person he could trust with his
children other than the professor.
Professor Nwoko also made them realise that the mark that Uremma and
Akunna had on their heads were just giving to them by the fraternity, as a
census to know their numbers but it was strictly done by the cartel when the
girls must have been sedated, making them not know when it was done. Being
they have it hidden beneath their hairs, none of them knew it existed.
Mkpulumma was eager to go home back to her king and her hubby. She
was even fed with lies that her children all died. She lived in a deep
heartbreaking situation for about two decades knowing that she couldn’t see
her husband or even meet her dead children. But she never lost hope,
notwithstanding all odds, and that was the only thing that kept her going and
Mkpulumma always had dreams about reuniting with her kids and
family but she never got the chance to meet them in real life. Being that she
had a gift of having a vision and revelations in a dream, she still had hope that
someday, she’d reconnect with her children. The gift of revelation in dreams
was a gift that Amarachi got from her mom, even Chisimdi had the gift too but
the way she was pampered by her Dad believing that she was his biological
daughter made her a spoilt brat who was tied to her dad’s cares and became a
child with sleazy behaviour.
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It was still hard for Chisimdi to accept the truth that her dad wasn’t
coming back so soon. She didn’t even have the time to go to school because she
was busy partying and living a rough life. Notwithstanding her sordidness, she
still had a part of Mkpulumma in her; the dreaming gift and the gift of being a
good adviser to people. She could advise someone else to help him or her to
solve life issues but she couldn’t advise herself or live better.
The arrest of Ozo Odenjinji dawned on her that she had to buckle up and
turn a new leaf in life.
Amarachi was eager to see her twin sister but feeling so sad about the
things she’d heard about her through Uremma.
They knew that it wasn’t the best going to Ogbunike without Chisimdi, so
they had to get her involved, but no one spilled the beans because they wanted
to make it a surprise when they finally meet their mom at the cave.
Chisimdi was to join Amy in her car for the Ogbunike trip. She was well
dressed in that cute bodycon, looking so cool and dressed to the nines. Her
makeover was just too perfect and inviting. She made it glaring that she was a
fashionista and good with the art of making up like a beauty stylist. When she
saw Amy for the first time she began to feel strange, like she had a connection
with her but she wasn’t sure of what she felt. She kept looking at her at
intervals, even without formally greeting or exchanging pleasantries with her.
The first time that she saw Amarachi, she couldn’t understand the kind of love
she developed for her
Amy didn’t want to talk to her too because she wished she cool continue
to keep her uninformed until Professor Nwoko does it when they get to
Ogbunike cave.
 Amarachi tried to control her emotions by avoiding looking at her but
she couldn’t just succeed in that disguise because Chisimdi kept looking at her
at intervals as she drove along the road to Ogbunike.
None of the twins talked to each other but lots of questions in the minds,
especially Chisimdi that was almost seeing her picture in Amarachi’s eyes. It
was just a moment of restiveness as she kept adjusting herself in that sitting
position as if the seat was poking her ass.
When they got close, Chisimdi who didn’t even know where they were
going asked: “Sorry, friend. Where is the professor taking us to?”
Amarachi didn’t just want to talk because she was busy protecting that
emotional moment that was inevitable when she finally talks to her sister. She
simply shook her head, looked straight ahead and continuing driving.
When she felt that Chisimdi could be suspicious of her inability to reply
she said: “He wants to show us something that your dad asked him to?”
Even though Amarachi replied, she felt like eating back her words
because it could make her sister more suspicious because, the last time she
checked, she never met her before or even had a clue of where she came from;
therefore, talking about her dad would mean she knew something that
Chisimdi didn’t.
“Hmmm, something fishy,” Chisimdi said, “but can you give me a hint?”
she asked trying to push her to words.
Amarachi continued driving and didn’t want to break the silence but her
twin sister was becoming more curious that Amy became tempted to tell her.
“I wish I could tell you, but suffice it to say that your mom is alive but the
man you thought to be your dad kept her under captive for many years,” Amy
finally divulged, leaving Chisimdi in total confusion.
“Are you my sister?” Chisimdi asked convincingly without mincing words.
She just confirmed her insinuation because she was so sure she had a
connection with Amarachi. Tears filled her eyes as she waited for her to reply,
“Please, are you my blood?”She asked again and started dragging her cloth as
she continued weeping. “You look like me but fairer,” she added observantly,
“are you my elder sister, younger one or twin?”
Amarachi suddenly drove into that white mansion immediately when she
got to the location, parked and opened the door quickly. She rushed towards
Dave, held him and started weeping on his shoulders.
Dave held her closer; trying to guess what was actually going on.
“Baby, what’s happening and why are you crying?” Dave asked and tried
to see her face but she kept it hidden and glued to his chest as she wept.
The location Professor Nwoko took them wasn’t a cave as they were
meant to believe but a private residence in Ogbunike built like a castle. The
house looked like a house that would be the abode of a Duke.
They just realised that it was one of Ozo Odenjinji’s secret that no one
knew about except the cartel members. It was where they have their secret
meetings or perform rituals if possible. That was where Mkpulumma was
locked with heavy guards protecting her from leaving.
Even though most of Ozo Odenjinji’s property had been confiscated, no
one ever knew that the white castle, a.k.a Ogbunike Cave, ever existed.
People who stay around the house; though many yards away, don’t ever
see people go into the house or out of it except for few flashes of light from
vehicles that enter at night. No one could have suspected that someone lived
Chisimdi was stuck in the vehicle as she continued crying, blemishing her
makeup with her tears. She didn’t need anyone to tell her that she just found
her sister. The connection was much and she felt it.
Many times in her dream, Chisimdi had seen herself with Amarachi, but
the face wasn’t clear. Even her supposed dead mom, she used to see her too but
none of the dreams made sense to her except leaving her in vagueness and
doubts. The last time she stopped talking to her dad about her numerous
dreams was when she confided in him but he warned her seriously not to
wallow in hallucinations and unattainable dreams.
Ozo Odenjinji knew that the girl had gifts but didn’t want to give her the
chance to harness it.
Some years back, the dreams became so vivid to Chisimdi to a point that
she began to draw the face she used to see. Being that the portrait was drawn
with inspiration from the supernatural, she ended up getting an image looking
like Amarachi, though fairer.
Uremma could have seen the portrait and ask questions about the identity
but the long-lasting envy she had for her thinking that her dad loved her more
made her not relate to her as a sister. The sororal relationship between them
was characterised by unfriendliness.
Being that Chisimdi knew Dave as her sister’s guy, she was surprised
seeing how Dave held Amarachi closely as she wept while Uremma who was supposed to be in his arms wasn’t even bothered but kept looking at them too
with scanty tears in her eyes.
In confusion, she alighted and came straight to Uremma who was her
supposed rival in the battle of their father’s love.

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