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Aduke-Episode 21


Aduke-Episode 21

©Aderibigbe Ayomide(oko Adesewa)

Notice: This is my real life story and not a fictional one.
Rated 20+ contains foul languages and sex in writing.

Previously on Aduke…

” Ay… I want you to make me feel like a woman “Mercy said as she began staring at me.
“what? ” I retorted.
” I want to feel the pleasure in making love, my first was a rape and…”
” that’s enough ” I cut in then I return back the kiss.
” are you sure you want this? ” I asked just as I broke off the kiss.
” y1es I do, with all my heart ” she answered. I smiled at her then we continued kissing.
It was a nice moment with mercy, and whenever I remember that night, I always smile to myself .
Mercy left for school the day after and I continued my studies as well in Adekunle. The closeness between the two of us was so greet that I began thinking of how to break up with my other girlfriends.
A month later, I was going to a morning lecture when I received a call from mercy.
Me: hello Aduke
Mercy : Ayomi
Me : what’s up my love
Mercy : I’m not fine
Me : why? What’s wrong
Mercy : I don’t even know how to say it
Me : just tell me what the problem is
Mercy : I missed my period
Me : oh… Have you run a pregnancy test
Mercy : yes
Me : and?
Mercy : it’s positive
Me: okay is that why you are scared? That’s not a problem, you are keeping it cos it’s my baby. You should be happy somehow, if it’s about your dad, I will call my dad right now and he will make an arrangement for everything. Please cheer up
Mercy : Ayomi that’s not what I’m scared of.
Me : so what is it again?
Mercy : I don’t know who owns the baby
Me : WTF?

Episode 21

“There are three things that amaze me—no, four things that I don’t understand: how an eagle glides through the sky, how a snake slithers on a rock, how a ship navigates the ocean, how a man loves a woman.” Proverbs 30:18-19.
sometimes when we think all is all over, when we think all knots are losen, when we believed we’ve opened all doors, but somehow somewhere something always arise… That the nature of life.
I went into thinking for hours, I was burning with a lot of things I can’t comprehend. I was so perturbed, it’s so hard to tell if I’m the owner of the pregnancy since she only known two men.sadly, I’m not even her first.
Falling in love with Aduke didn’t came as a cinch, it was hard, brutal, it even involved great risked.
” No! I believe not to believe that the baby inside her isn’t mine. It mine and I’m going to do anything and everything to protect her and the baby to come ” I soliloquized then I pick my phone to call her.
Me: hello Aduke
Mercy: yes Ayomi
Me: what’s wrong, are you okay?
Mercy: No I’m not, I don’t know how my dad is going to react it when he found out that I’m pregnant, let alone not knowing the father he is going to kill me.
Me: can you stop talking rubbish. That baby have a father and that’s me.
Mercy : just that…
Me: just that what? See listen to me, I love you and we made love together. I’m not denying you so cheer up, let me worry about our parents, I have no problem with mine but just calm yourself everything will be fine.
Mercy : are you sure.
Me: yes I’m sure and I love you.
Mercy: I love you too.
Me: or are you thinking about abortion?
Mercy : no I can’t do it, I’m scared and my father will prefer me having the baby than doing abortion.
Me: good, let me talk to my parents about it. Talk to yours and give me the feedback.
Mercy: alright but I’m scared.
Me: type it as a message and send it to him, maybe you should drink alcohol b4 informing him.
Mercy: hmmm okay ooo.
Me : yea, got to go now.I love you
Mercy: I love you too ayomi.
Life is not a bed of rose, there’s always a war to fight, but wherever we find ourselves, we should always be on the winning side.
Talking to my parents about the pregnancy wasn’t as easy as I thought, infact it took my mom a great deal talking sense into my dad who went angry when I told him I’m an expecting father. After a week of serious tongue lashing and wired angry behavior from my dad, he grew soft since he got no one else.
He made arrangements to meet with mercy’s dad and to claim the full responsibility of the pregnancy. But before then, I had to call mercy to know how it was going on her side.
Luckily for me, her dad didn’t give her though time since she said she know the owner of the unborn baby and the person is taking responsibility for it.
My Dad call her dad and they make little arrangements for an introduction.
Now it’s seems I’m getting married to mercy, I could see the yellow light from a thousands miles.
An introduction date was fixed and everything went back to normal, I resumed back on my academic work and I happily began telling my friends that I’ll be marrying soon. they were happy for me and at thesame time sad, they understand what it means to be a married man, time has come for them to be seeing less of me.
On a sunny afternoon, I was in my lecture studio charging my mobile when marvelous approached me.
” hey boo, how are you? ” she asked delightedly.
” I’m good, how are you too? ” I asked.
“Never better,what are you doing here? You have lectures or what? “She asked dubiously.
“No i’m just charging my phone ” I replied.
For the very first time, I began feeling guilty beside marvelous, I felt like telling her the truth, but she did nothing wrong to deserve being hurt by me, I didn’t have the courage.
” Ay are you okay? ” she asked when she noticed my worried face.
” yes I’m fine just that…. I’m not sure if I can say it to you, I’m just… ”
” what’s wrong, you can tell me ” she cut in slowly.
“I—i don’t know if I can, I don’t want to hurt you, I can’t… I’m sorry ” I muttered slowly
“Maybe you should cos I understand perfectly, listen closely to me. Do you remember this
She cries every night
tears streaming down her face
She needs to be loved again
she’s forgotten the taste.
The taste of the sweet kiss
that once made her smile
She needs to be held again
if only for a little while….
With all the signs of “true love”
she has been shown
She still cries at night
’cause she’s still alone… ”
I looked at her with a puzzled face, she’s reciting a poem I wrote secretly for her a long time ago.
” Those are lines from the poem I wrote… ”
” yes, I saw it, ” she cut in “ever since then I’ve been trying to memories the poem cos I know I’ll have to recite it to you one day ”
” so you knew all along, why didn’t you just quit when you found out the truth? ” I questioned.
” yea I should, but I didn’t, if I should follow my instinct I’ll would have done you harm cos you made me love you flawlessly.but I choose to understand you, I choose to understand the fact that you love me and that wasn’t a lie… that’s the only happiness I got, and that’s why I choose to stay with you. I know a time will come that I’ll have to let go, I’ve been preparing myself for that day. I guess the day have come cos the cats are all out. I have to let you go, and if you’ll ever have to come back, you still have the key to my heart. But for now… Goodbye ” she said then she turned back to leave.
I couldn’t stop her, she tried to hide her pain from me but her eyes betrayed her… Down came a running tears from her eyes as she move away from me.
” I love you marvelous, I’ll always do ” I muttered silenty to myself.
I was Moody all day, too much guilt to even send an apology message to her.
After alot of self control I was able to give her a call which she picked at the first ring. It appears that she’ve been waiting for my call.
Me: hello marvelous
Marvelous : yes
Me: emmm… How are you?
Marvelous : trying to be fine
Me: Marvelous i’m sorry, I wasn’t strong enough to tell you the truth.
Marvelous : No, I don’t see it that way, the way I see it, you don’t want to lose me that’s why you kept it from me.
Me: nevertheless I’m still wrong.
Marvelous :yea I know, we are still friends
Me: you sure?
Marvelous : Hell yeah
Me: thank you
Marvelous : I want to sleep now, call u later.
Me: alright bye.
Maturity speaks in break ups, but most people breaks up like a kiddo, insulting each other where maturity is needed.

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I was in a transport fare heading to an unknown destination when I felt a light tap on my shoulder.
I wanted to turn my head backward but I felt my head stiff to one direction, I tried looking back at the person but I couldn’t.
” don’t try to pretend as if you care by turning your head back to see me, this is just the way you are, you’ve turned your back against me, I’m sad cos you are not who you are anymore, you don’t listen to me anymore, you don’t hear my voice ”
I woke up swiftly from bed with my heart beating fast. It was a dream and the voice in the dream belongs to Adesewa.
I was perplexed and scared at thesame time, I quickly pick my phone and call my mom.
Me: hello mom
Mom: yes… Why are you calling me in the middle of a night
Me: mom I had a dream
Mom: what is it about?
Me: it’s Adesewa
Mom: if you think about her before sleeping, you are sure to see her in your dreams
Me: no mom, that’s not it. This is different
Mom: alright tell me.
Me: she was talking to me in the dream, but she seems upset. My back was turned against hers… She said I dont hear her voice anymore
Mom: hmmmm… What is it between you two.
Me: see I don’t know.
Mom: do you make any covenant with her
Me: before or after her death
Mom: both
Me: I can’t remember making one.
Mom: then what is it that you are doing that is not right?
Me: I’m confused here
Mom: when was the last time you saw her
Me: months ago, I’ve not been seeing her mom.
Mom: lost your sight or what
Me: how will I know!!! I don’t go out, I don’t see shit
Mom: low your voice who are you shouting at?
Me: I’m sorry
Mom: well anyway she’s dead and she’s gone, she can’t possibly come back, but it seems she’s not happy with you. Think deeply about what you are doing that’s making you to have that kind of dream.
Me: I’m thinking really hard mom, I’m still confuse
Mom: alright everything will be fine just rest your mind.
Me: have heard you mama ayo
Mom: dreams are stupid
Me: we both know they ain’t
Mom: let assume they are for now
Me: hmmm… alright I’ll call you at dawn
Mom: take care.
While I was on call with my mom, three calls came in from Mercy but they all fell under call waiting. Immediately I ended the call with my mom, I tried calling her back but she refused to pick up the phone. I got tired and I went back to sleep.
Exactly 6am at dawn, I got woken up by a call from Mercy.
Me: hello Aduke
Mercy : I’m fine and you
Me: i’m okay, how was your night?
Mercy : it was fine.
Me: I tried calling you back yesterday but you didn’t pick up, I guess you’ve went back to sleep.
Mercy : No, I ignored it intentionally
Me: why?
Mercy: Ay can I really trust you?
Me: excuse me?
Mercy : who were you talking to at the middle of a night, you talked for almost thirty minutes, I’m sure the person is a woman.
Me : of cos it’s a woman and…
Mercy :seriously and you can even tell me. I’m carrying your child and you ignored my calls to talk to another woman.
Me: just calm down, it not up to that. let me explain…
Mercy : you wanna fill my head with lies?
Me: Aduke what has gotten over you, when did I turn to someone that will be lying to you.
Mercy : I don’t know! But when I needed your attention you weren’t there for me.
Me: okay I’m sorry about that.
Mercy: alright
Me: am I forgiven?
Mercy : sure you are… You said you are sorry what else will I do
Me: yea I love you.
Mercy : I love you too
Me: so how are you?
Mercy :not really fine, I’m having this morning sickness of a thing.
Me: that’s a good sign
Mercy : if I break your head. Silly boy.
Me: thank you. Next month is the introduction. How are you preparing towards it?
Mercy : not much I’ll say, but I’m kinda happy that things are cool with our parents.
Me: yea… Everything will be alright.
Mercy: amen.there was a reason why I was calling you yesterday
Me: okay I’m listening
Mercy : I had a bad dream
Me: oh… Tell me about it
Mercy : we we’re both playing on a swing when suddenly the weather changed as if it will rain. The daylight began getting darker till it reach total darkness where we can’t see each other again. I was calling your name, you were calling mine, but we never get to see each other. We were both calling at each other names in the dark… I was searching for you until the rain began, then I hear you no more. I woke up from bed that moment and I was so disturbed, so I tried calling you to tell you the dream.
Me: that’s quite a dream
Mercy: what did you think.
Me: I’m no Joseph or Daniel but I know the dream isn’t a good one.
Mercy: so what are you saying?
Me: let say dreams are stupid. Nothing like that will happen
Mercy: Amen cos I don’t want to lose you
Me: no you ain’t so cheer up.
Mercy : alright I love you baby
Me: I love you too dear. Bye bye
A weeks to the introduction, I began sending text to some of my close relatives and friends. While doing this, I remembered I haven’t tell sade, so I decided to call her instead of sending her a text message.
Me: what’s up sade
Sade: Hello ay
Me: how far na?
Sade: I dey where you put me ooo. So you fit abandon me like this abi, you don’t even dey call me, is it because you no dey fuck my pussy?
Me: you don start again ooo. How pussy take relates with this bayi.
Sade: Awe lo. Anyway I miss you ay.
Me: I miss you too.
Sade: you miss me and you don’t call.
Me: I’m sorry, I want to tell you something.
Sade : ehen, I’m listening
Me: i have an introduction
Sade: na only when you see big make up work, that’s when you’ll remember me.
Me: no it’s not work. It’s my introduction
Sade : what the fuck!!! You are joking right?
Me: no I’m not. I’m doing introduction.
Sade: with who?
Me: Aduke
Sade: who’s Aduke? You mean Mercy?
Me: yes.
Sade: what’s up na, why the rush. You are still young na, girls are dying for you, why are you rushing into getting engage for a life time
Me: Aduke is heavy and I’m responsible. So we are doing the rightful thing.
Sade: haaaa no wonder, that means if you are not getting married this year, you are getting married next year?
Me: sure
Sade: I’m happy for you ay, I feel like crying.
Me: thank you but don’t cry
Sade: let me cry abeg. So when is the introduction?
Me: next weekend at Lagos, I’ll send the address to you.
Sade: alright I’ll be there.
Me: thank you. I just pray everything should go well that day.
Sade : things will go well and if anyone tries to mess with you, just allow me to break bottles
Me: hey we aint breaking any bottle, nothing like that will happen.
Sade: okay oko iyawo. Should I call you oko Aduke now?
Me: I guess you and I are going to break bottles.
Sade: what’s up na, you are getting married to Aduke and not Adesewa. You should think about changing that your name to oko Aduke.
Me: I’ve heard you, but i’m still oko Adesewa. Let me get married first, then i’ll think of changing it.
Sade : alright oko iyawo.
Me: love you big head
Sade : I love your dick too jare. We must fuck each other before you get married oo.
Me: I wonder when you’ll stop being sarcastic
Sade: na you sabi. Bye bye.
A day before the D day, we all set on a journey with my relatives to Lagos where Aduke family resides. My friends Last don and apple boy were with me all the way and sade came to join us later at the hotel where we lounged.
We talk and gisted till 11 pm at the hotel bar before we disengaged and head back to different rooms.
” ayo come and sleep in my room, here is your chance to fuck me” sade said loudly and everyone got laughing.
” bomb dey your head I swear, see you guys tomorrow jor. ” I said then I head straight to my room to sleep.
I make sure I call mercy before sleeping to ensure that everything is fine.
7am the following day, we are already ready and set to move out.
We got to the place, and everything began smoothly.
Aduke families are lovely and they accepted us in as one.
In the middle of the introduction, I got a call from sade, I wanted to ignore the call at first but I know sade won’t just call me for no reason. So I excuse myself to one side to pick her call.
Me: sade what’s up
Sade: you need to come outside there’s something you need to see
Me: what’s happening?
Sade: there’s a young man here with some set of people I’ll call his parent and also some folks.
Me: who are they and what did they want
Sade : they didn’t say anything but they said they are here for the bride. Your Aduke.
Me: what? Don’t let them come inside, I’m coming right away.
I ended the call then I excuse myself from the rest and hurriedly rush outside to see the whoever.
I stopped on my track when I came in contact with Franklin.
“Surprise, surprise surprise ” he said as he walk majestically towards me.
” what the hell are you doing here? ” I threw out in anger.
“What do think, to celebrate with you ? Nah, I’m here to claim my woman and the child in her” he said.

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