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  • When A Woman Cheats - Final Episode

    When A Woman Cheats - Final Episode

    "And I have told you many times am fine. I
    don't need a man to complete me. I love my," I said seriously.
    He stole a glance at me. "Kassie, it has been
    two Years. I am certain Dawson would
    understand that you need to move
    need to live."
    Alex demanded that we release his hands as
    he spotted a cat which he wanted to run
    after. I watched him run off before turning
    to Oscar.
    "I am living. I am happy the way I am.
    Besides I am not certain am meant for love.
    Look at my history with Caleb,then there
    was you and just when there was a glimmer
    of hope Dawson was taken.away by death."
    "I hear you. But don't close your heart off
    forever. You deserve to be happy. You
    deserve love in your life."
    I looked at Alex and watched as he squealed
    in delight. "I have love."
    He too looked at Alex. "You need a man who
    will love you right not your son. You don't
    wanna grow old by yourself."
    I hugged myself. It was getting chilly. I was
    glad I had dressed Alex warmly.
    "Not every one is meant to grow old with
    someone. If God wills it he will send
    someone but in the meantime am using this
    time to work on me. To better myself as a
    person and learning to appreciate life the
    way God expects me to. There is no
    loneliness in being alone when you allow
    God to feel the void."
    Oscar looked like he wanted to say
    something but Alex called out to him and he
    ran there. I watched them as they chased
    each other around. I was happy for them.
    And to think I had almost kept them apart. I
    thought of Zanzibar, relocating had been
    hard as I had built a home there but I
    needed to be here. Home. On my home soil.
    My phone buzzed. I glanced at it. It wss my
    mother. She was making an effort to reach
    out to me. I was still struggling with that.
    She had done lots of damage and I knew it
    would take time to move past it. I suppose
    her change of heart came at a time that an
    autobiography had come out, one that Caleb
    had hired someone to write for him. He had
    dictated over a recording and the writer had
    captured the story well. It was about our life.
    "Even in death he gave you a gift," Oscar had
    said as he dropped a copy on my table of
    the book. "Caleb loved you in his own way
    and he has cleared your name. You are no
    longer the black widow."
    I turned and stared at where Dawson lay. It
    stilk hurt knowing he died in vain. He died
    because someone couldn't handle being
    dumped. She had paid with her life. Death by
    hanging at Mukobeko prison. Diane
    however had survived. She seemed to have
    repented and well good behaviour had
    earned her a a shorter sentence from the
    initial life imprisonment. I hadn't bothered
    to see her no matter how many times she
    asked for me. I had even avoided her court
    I wiped a stray tear as I imagined Dawson
    with his beautiful dimples smiling at me. I
    had missed out on knowing of we would
    have worked out. If we would have
    complimented each other well. I had missed
    out on a chance of being loved freely by a
    man who wanted me unconditionally. I
    guess life has its own path. Not every story
    has a happy ending but then again happy
    endings depended on how well one takes
    the bull by the horns. I was alone and it was
    fine. I wasn't going to die. Maybe just maybe
    one day I might find love. Even at seventy
    people found love. I looked up at the sky
    and smiled. In the mean time I would love
    myself. I would pray and read more. I raised
    my hand and saluted the heavens knowing
    very well that God was watching and he
    knew my thoughts. I dropped my hand and
    slowly walked to where my former lover and
    son were playing. I knew as I approached
    them I was luckier than others. I had a great
    son and good health. What more did I need?

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