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  • When A Woman Cheats - Episode 24

    When A Woman Cheats - Episode 24

    People came to pass their condolences to
    me although I knew most didn't mean it. I
    was the villain. After that Dawson started
    walking me away from the tent.
    We turned at the sound of his name. A
    woman clad in a black sheath dress and big
    round hat walked towards us. In her hand
    was a black clutch. She looked up as she
    reached us. Thandi.
    "Thandi?" Dawson asked in shock.
    She smiled. "Missed me lover boy?"
    He didn't answer. She turned to me. "If it
    isn't the perfect Mrs. Chibuye...the woman
    every man wants including my Dawson."
    "Thandi...this is not the place to discuss
    this,"Dawson said quietly.
    She smiled. "Oh but it is," she said as she
    opened her clutch and pulled out a gun.
    "Put that down this is no time for your silly
    games!" Dawson said as my eyes almost
    popped out of my sockets.
    Thandi laughed. "This is no game. I told you
    that you would regret using and dumping
    Dawson looked at me then her. "Don't do
    this Thandi..."
    She laughed. "You trying to reason with me
    will not work." She held the gun with both
    hands. "I will shoot her first then you...." she
    said as she aimed at me.
    Dawson stepped in front and the sudden
    movement made her turn to him. Before my
    mind could get round as to what was
    happening the gun went off and as though
    in slow motion I watched as Dawson fell to
    the ground. It was only when he hit the
    ground that I let out a shriek causing people
    to turn to us. By then Thandi was aiming the
    gun at me. From the corner of my eye I saw
    an officer run towards her as I stood frozen
    to the spot. As she pulled the trigger my
    mind went to Alex. He would be motherless.
    I saw the officer tackle Thandi to the ground
    and she let out a cry. I stood still as people
    crowded round us. I watched as Oscar knelt
    beside Dawson whose shirt was covered in
    "He seems hit badly!" I heard Oscar shout as
    my brain tried to process it all.
    Shock as all I could comprehend.
    I turned to where Dawson lay. He was
    quickly becoming pale. "Kas," he said again.
    I found myself kneeling down. He blindly
    reached for my hand as he coughed.
    "Yes Dawson...don't talk. Help is coming," I
    cried as my brain started working.
    He coughed then gave me a sad smile.
    "I can see death coming for me."
    His words pierced through my heart. "No.
    Don't talk like that."
    "Honey, there is no use in lying. I am dying
    and I can feel is just sad that I have to
    go before our love story can begin," he said
    then coughed.
    I shook my head as sobs escaped me. He
    squeezed my hand.
    "I have loved you for a long time. I will live
    you even in death. Be strong and be good."
    Then he took his last gasp and then he lay
    lifeless in Oscar's arms. I felt his hand grow
    still in mine. I heard a loud piercing scream
    not knowing it was mine. Dawson was gone
    just like that. Gone on the day I buried my
    estranges husband. The day I became a free
    woman. Was this the payment for my sins?


    I laid the tulips on Dawson's grave then
    stood back. It was the second year since his
    demise. I normally came to his grave to
    remove the weeds and sometimes talk to
    him. I missed him. He had made an impact
    on my life. I was dressed in black with a
    black throw over my shoulders and black
    heels. My face was devoid of make up apart
    from the purple lipstick on my lips.He had
    been buried in the farm he had gotten his
    mother. She always allowed me to visit the
    "The rains are coming."
    I turned and smiled at Oscar who was
    standing just feet away from the grave with
    Alex. He had insisted on escorting me to the
    grave. The two of us had fallen into an easy
    friendship. It was hard to even imagine we
    were once lovers.
    "Just say you miss your pregnant wife," I
    teased as I walked to where he stood.
    He chuckled. He and Beatrice had managed
    to make what they had work. I was happy
    for them. I still wasn't her favourite person
    as she felt I would snatch Oscar from her at
    any point.
    "And you need a man," he retorted.
    I made a face. He had been on my case
    about dating but somehow I was enjoying
    the solitude.
    "I have loads on my plate," I said as I got
    hold of Alex's free hand.
    Alex jumped over a puddle of water and
    "Building an empire without a man at your
    side isn't good. You need the warmth of
    someone in your bed on those sleepless
    "And I have told you many times am fine. I
    don't need a man to complete me. I love my," I said seriously.
    He stole a glance at me. "Kassie, it has been
    two Years. I am certain Dawson would
    understand that you need to move
    need to live."
    Alex demanded that we release his hands as he spotted a cat
    which he wanted to run after. I watched him run off before
    turning to Oscar. "I am living. I am happy the way I am.
    To Be Continued


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