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  • When A Woman Cheats - Episode 23

    When A Woman Cheats - Episode 23

    Clad in black I stood back as the pall bearers
    walked out of the church whislt carrying the
    coffin that held Caleb's lifeless body. He had
    looked nothing like the Caleb that I once
    knew. His body had completely decayes and
    he looked green. The poison had worked on
    the really important vital organs. I followed
    the coffin amidst nasty whispers. I was the
    black widow. I had heard people label me
    that. Dawson had warned me about what
    people were saying. After all hadn't my own
    biological mother said the same.
    I was glad for the veil that covered my face
    and the presence of the man who walked
    beside me. He had proven to be a real pillar.

    Shielding me from the really nasty

    "No one will understand all that you have
    been through and you owe no one any
    explanation for what made you leave," he
    had said as he drove me from the airport
    the day I landed from Zanzibar.

    Alex had remained behind. Funeral was no
    place for a little boy. He was in Rosy's
    capable hands. I felt Dawson squeeze my
    hand as the coffin was loaded in the St.
    Ann's vehicle. We had hired them to cater
    for the funeral. He then led me to the car
    that was parked directly behind the St. Ann's
    vehicle then told me he needed to speak to
    Oscar. Oscar had come with his wife for the
    funeral. She had come to pass her
    condolences to me earlier and I had
    acknowledged her. She seemed to have
    gotten over whateve issues she had with
    me. Oscar and I barely made any eye contact.
    I leaned back in my seat and closed my eyes.

    My mother had come for the funeral. She
    had been wailing dramatically. That was my
    mother. Everything she did was dramatic. I
    sometimes wondered why we were so
    different. She had been in a black dress and
    a blue chitenge. I shook my head as I
    thought of the eulogy I had given. I had
    struggled to write it. It had been hard to
    find good to write about Caleb. After living
    through abuse what kind words does one
    have for their abuser?

    I had simply said he was a man who at the
    end made peace with his God and was in a
    better place. I had said had he been given
    the chance to live he would have been a
    greater man than he was. I had said he was
    blessed with business knowledge.

    Everything he touched turned to gold.
    I turned my head as Dawson entered the
    car. He was driving us. He smiled at me. He
    had said we needed to talk after burail. I
    knew what it was about. We had never
    discussed what the kiss meant. I was scared
    to even think about it. I mean I wasn't lucky
    with love. Look at me and Oscar;Caleb.....
    Speaking of Caleb he had left all his wealth
    to me. Something that was bittersweet. He
    had made a video of his last will.
    "I Caleb Chibuye being of sound mind
    bequeath all my wealth to my widow
    Kasamba Chibuye. I know this may not sit
    well with her especially with all that I have
    put her through. She is however to do with
    the wealth as she deems fit. She is a good
    woman and knkws best. I pray that in time
    all the bad I ever did to her will deem in her

    He had been right. I didn't want the wealth.

    I had asked the lawyer to give it all to Charity
    expect for the company he had built first.

    The company that he had neglected. The
    company that he had built through his
    sweat and my encouragement. It needed
    some work done and I figured this was
    going to be my project. Afterall I was good
    with numbers and maybe it would help. I
    was going to sit with the lawyer after the

    I hadn't bothered to see Diane because I
    had nothing to say to her although Dawson
    had informed me that she was in
    Chimbokaila till her court appearance. The
    prosecutor was advocating for a heavy
    sentence. Her mother had come to see
    me;apologising for her daughter's mistakes.

    She had said despite all Diane had done she
    was still her mother and as such as a
    mother it was her duty to stand by her even
    when the whole world turned its back on

    The convoy of vehicles going to memorial
    park was led by the police on bikes. We
    parked behind the Vehicle carrying the
    coffin then Dawson led me out. The burial
    would be fast. All had been said at the
    church. Very few speeches would be made.

    Dawson led me to the tent that had been set
    up and we sat at the front. I watched as the
    coffin was lowered into the ground.

    "He is in a better place," Dawson said.

    I smiled and wished Caleb well as the
    preacher ended his words with "Ashes to
    ashes and dust to dust."

    I was the first to be asked to lay the wreath
    and I did so before heading back. People
    were then called to lay the wreaths. After
    that the last speech and prayer was given.
    To Be Continued


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