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what life stole from her-Last Episode


what life stole from her-Episode30

©Joy Ajuma Moses

the wedding party

(Ramatu's pov) 

 I watched as Dave placed the ring on my fourth finger, we were proclaimed as husband and wife in the court.

 A pastor was standing as his witnesses while an imam was my witness,  what is life without someone you love and the person also loves you?

 I hug Dave passionately in tears,  I turned to the congregation and tried hold my tears but it flows freely.

 Mrs Fatai was dressed in Yoruba attire with her well tied gele as the mother of the day while Fatima was my chief bridesmaid.

 At the other side was my real mother whom I'll forever love Amarachi and Mr Parker. Joy and Linda the crazy nurse were also invited,  I think I need to spank their butt cause they really caused me alot.

 I know you'll want to know about Mara, Wisdom or how everything was successful.



  Dave's mum insisted that I tell them the truth and confessed the real father of my child.

 Despite the plead from Mrs Fatai, Amarachi and even Dave himself she still insist the wedding must not hold.

 I felt weak to the extent I broke off the informal engagement one faithful day, I told Dave that maybe we aren't meant to be but if truly we are meant to be fate will join us back.

 He insisted but I've made up my mind, I threw the ring at him and left with Mara, I changed my SIM card and made sure nobody locates me aside Mr Joe's family.

 I tried hard to forget about Dave by engaging in different activities and working for a year until I was invited for visit at Mr Joe's house.

 Wisdom my biological son happens to be there, he and Mara played together and do things together.

 The third day of our visit I was the only one at home with the children, I was at the kitchen when I Mara ran to me crying that Wisdom was in a pool of blood.

 I followed her to the scene where people are gathered already, Wisdom had an accident. We rushed him to the hospital.

 He was short of blood so I decided to give him my blood, the doctor checked if our blood was compatible.

 After the transfusion with several blames from the mother and Mrs Joe for my carelessness the doctor demanded for the mother of the child, he was confused when he saw another woman,  he was the one who suggested we do DNA test at another hospital.

 Wisdom was confirmed my son,  the woman disagree saying she'll not give her child to anybody. We decided to go to the hospital, all thanks to Allah the nurse were there, they narrated everything to us and apologized. I was so happy, I searched for Dave and told him everything.

 His mum still suggested a test be done, the test was done and he was confirmed the father of the child.


End of flashback 

 I did not regret training another woman's child besides Mara was like an angel to us, I remembered how her cry woke Amarachi  up the day Mr Parker prayed for his life partner. Guess what?  Mara always wants me around and wisdom also loves me dearly.


(Dave's pov)

 There goes the dream,  I must say God is awesome,  yeah cause my dream finally came through.

 I watched how my wife fixed her gaze to the television,  I lapped my son. We are all watching movie, if you like come and join us cause this is the end of the story, kindly drop what you learnt.


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