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What Life Stole From Her-Episode29


what life stole from her-Episode29

©Joy Ajuma Moses

and the baby? 

(Ramatu's pov) 

"since you're going back to the city what about Dave? " I asked Ramatu while she arranged her things and Mara's things, she chooses to take Mara along with her and my husband was willing to take care of her clothing and feeding.

"I don't care about him, let him go to hell and rot there for all I care. I hate him " she said

 I thought of the surprise and help she'd done for me then an idea stroke me, I was typing my phone like someone serious then I played my ringing tune as if I've got a call.

"are you serious? Oh my God this can't be truth" I exclaimed, I was quiet until I acted like I hung the call.
"what happened? " she asked
"Dave is dead" I said,  I saw her crying
"are you really crying? " I asked
"not at all,  I'm not crying " she pretended and cleaned her tears then I knew she was deeply in love with him.

"your parents are gone and they're your happiness, will you allow Dave to go also? It's gonna be a doom for you and you'll never know happiness so try to think of it" I said

 She let go her tears freely "but you just said he's dead " she said amidst tears
"no he's not dead, I just want to see your reaction, I know you love him and I know you'll never forget but come to think of it what is life without your love once? " I said

"but he's responsible for the death of my parents "
"I know but you have to be strong by forgiving him"
"no I can't forgive him,  it's too hard and I'm sure my parents will not be proud of me if I forgive him " she said

"no dear let the dead be,  don't let the hard part of your heart to steal your joy, I know you've been finding things hard ever since the incident happened,  go back to your uncle and fiancé things will move well " I said

 She couldn't say anything than crying althroughout, she left with Mara promising me she'll go to her uncle's place. I bade her farewell and prayed in my heart that she let go the past thought out of her.

(Ramatu's pov) 

 Amarachi was right cause ever since I left Dave's house I couldn't concentrate,  I think about how we play in his garden and always promise our selves of love.

 But going to my uncle's house I must be extra careful cause I don't know what will be their next plan for me.

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 I arrived at my uncle's house successfully, his wife and Fatima pleaded that I should forgive them of cause I told them I've forgiven them.

 I asked after my uncle and they told me he committed suicide, I felt sorry about it.

 At evening I went to Dave's house just to meet him lying down lifeless,  he was drunk cause I met bottle on his hand.

 I removed the bottle from his hands and dropped it on the table, I took a blanket to cover him, I was beside him until he gain consciousness.

 Immediately he saw me he went on his knees "my treasure,  I know I've hurt you.... " I quickly placed my finger on his lip and pulled him for hug.
"I love you okay" I said and he hug me tight,  he was crying seriously.

(Dave's pov) 

 I couldn't believe Ramatu has forgiven me,  we both went to her cousin's house to see the baby.


 I went back to my village to see my mother,  I told her about the child but she did not believe,  she insisted I do DNA test cause girls are dangerous.

 I boldly went for the DNA test cause I want to clear my mother's doubt, few days later the results was out and the doctor confirmed I'm not the father of the child.

 I was disgrace and disappointed of Ramatu cause I've so much believed in her and I cherished her so why would she have to lie to me, I showed her the results but she refused to believever it.

(Ramatu's Pov)

 I couldn't believe cause I've never had an affair with anybody apart from being raped and that was all I know.

 I told Amarachi everything cause she knows me too well that I don't flirt,  she also did not believe the results.

 Dave's mother insisted that the wedding must not hold until I say the truth about Mara

To be continued


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