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What Life Stole From Her-Episode28


what life stole from her-Episode28

©Joy Ajuma Moses


(Ramatu's pov) 

 I was so angry hearing what what Dave said, I ran to his house and packed all my things and headed for Amarachi's house. I narrated everything to her and she was confused.

"I've always suspected your uncle to be responsible for the death of your father and not Dave. Thank God he suggested about knowing your people else you'd have married thesame guy who killed your parents and I'm sure your parents will never forgive you " she said

 I was crying seriously "look at the way things are going, the person I so much loved and cherished end up being the devil" I said

"don't worry dear you'll live to love and get tired of loving so forget about Dave and your uncle, their reward is in heaven " she pet me

 Mr Parker suggested we sue them to court but I insisted let their conscience judge them,  the two closest in my life are the one hurting me,  I hated myself for knowing Dave and I hates my uncle.

 I took my diary where I've jotted some numbers for long, I searched for Mr Joe's number, I called him to appreciate him for trying to make attempts about the murderer, I also explained everything to him,  he was mad about my uncle and he demanded that I should come over to his house.

 (Dave's pov) 

 Going and coming back from work without hearing the voice of Ramatu was like hell to me,  now I understand my dream but how on earth will she forgive me? She'd love and trust me all her live and I also do same but she'll not forgive.

 I called Amarachi several times but she refused to pick the call, I know Ramatu would be with her and I know she must be angry with me.

 I tried my best to move on but everyday I think of her and it got me sick to the extent I couldn't help but take permission from work to go and see her.

 I traveled to the village with the intention of seeing Ramatu,  my mum was so happy when she saw me, she has began to ask for her daughter-in-law already.

 I wish I could open up to her but I was afraid cause she might faint at any time.

 I visited Amarachi, the gate man who knew me as a regular visitor did not hesitate in opening the door for me.

 Amarachi was the only one I met, "what do you want? " she questioned immediately she saw me.
I went on my knees and pleaded, "please I need Ramatu I so much love her and life without her is not as good as it was" I pleaded

"you're talking about live without her,  you so much cherish your parents don't you? What about just a night your parents were shot in your presence how would you feel? " she asked

"I know it's painful, that's was the wrong step I took and she was the one who changed me, she changed me from a robber to a manager and I can't forget her, I'd rather die than seeing Ramatu leave me" I said

"you mean Ramatu knows you're a robber? " she questioned

 I shook my head and narrated how I met her in the city and how she changed me. Amarachi began to cry then I realized she'd not told her what I was doing when she met me.
"that Ramatu is really amazing " she said
"can I see her just for a minute? " I requested
"she's not here, she's gone to the city with her baby to see her Father's friend " she said
"please can you give me the address "I demanded
"no I don't know the place " she answered, I left her house feeling dejected,  fuck me and fuck my occupation as robber.

(Mr Fatai's pov)

 My wife hit me hard on my back,  she pushed me hard and call me all sort of names saying I'm a selfish man.

"woman if I'm to blame anybody then you're the one cause you've insulted me several times and use my friends as example that I don't have money " I said

"yes of course,  you were as poor as no one would ever want and yet you are a desperado,  you killed your own biological brother because of money. What is money besides Danladi tried his best by sponsoring our children's education " she said

 "women are always evil, you were the one who wanted me to have money by all means and now you are complaining? " I asked

 She hissed and left, I don't think I can live in the world guiltless when I look like a cock whose feather has been removed and everything was exposed.

 I went to my room. I took a rope with me.  I tied the rope to the ceiling and made a hoe where I can put my head.

(Mrs Fatai's pov)

 We were at home for three days without my husband coming back from where he went to after the day quarreied him.

 I decided to go to my room cause I've been sleeping with Fatima cause of fear of my husband.

 The door refused to open,  I decided to use the spear key, after opening the door the place was booming with smell while my lifeless husband was hung on a rope, he's dead.

 I shouted to call the attention of others,  he had killed himself.

To be continued


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