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What Life Stole From Her-Episode27


what life stole from her-Episode27

©Joy Ajuma Moses

Mr Fatai exposed

(Ramatu's pov) 

 Dave was not at home he went for interview at one of the company he wrote letter to,  I just pray that things goes perfect.

 I was hungry do I decided to fry plantain before making lunch,  I was at the kitchen frying when I heard the door bell rings.

 My heart beats what if it's those bad guys?  Then I remembered what Amarachi told me,  that I should always peep through the window before opening the door.

 I peeped to see Mr on his suit with a worried face, I knew he might have lost the job,  I prayed he listen to whatever I'll tell him.

 I opened the door,  he walked in without saying a word to me,  he went straight to his room,  I called after him and followed.

"Ramatu what kind of person are you and which part of the planet are you originated from? " he questioned, I can't explain the kind of expression on his face.

 I want weak, I bowed my head. Maybe I've offended him or maybe he thinks not getting the job is like forever failure.

"Dave eve though you didn't get the work that doesn't mean you are not qualified, it only mean the company doesn't want you but to be sincere there are still many companies out there that need you " I said in a soft voice

"no no no,  you have not answered my question yet" he said
 I arched my brow and look him confusedly, before I'll know what was going on I was in his arm already "you ate too amazing,  I've got the job!!!" he shouted for joy.

 I was like wow, when he dropped me down I found myself hugging him tightly, "congratulations Dave " I congratulated him.

(Dave's pov) 

 Ramatu is just too different and wonderful I must say,  I gave her money to go to the market and get things for my best meal.

 When she left I got a call,  I checked the caller ID it was Dan "man get ready,  after tonight operation we are coming to your house for you and that bitch you called friend" he said and hung the call.

 My thoughts changed immediately, my heart pounded, they can kill me but not Ramatu cause she's innocent.

 I was still lost in thought when I felt the touch of a soft hand,  I turned to check it was Laura De boss girlfriend,  "where's the bitch? " she asked

"Ramatu is not a bitch and she can never be a bitch like you,  a good lady will never support her man's wrong just the way you support boss. One day he'll realize his wrong and see you like devil " I said to her

 She laughed "fool yourself,  he is heartless and I'm heartless, darkness dine with darkness, how will he change you fool?" she said

 I ignored her,  I layed on my bed while she kept on talking until Ramatu came.

(Ramatu's pov) 

 Initially I wanted to be angry when I saw a lady but I quickly remembered that Dave is nothing but a friend to me,  although I love and cherished him but I can't tell him cause he might make fool of me.

 I was hearing noises that was why I decided to enter his room, the lady is really hot. I greeted her but she hissed, I turned to leave but she drag me back.

"and you who the hell do you think you are that you'll part friends of friends that so much cherished one another huh? " she asked

"I'm sorry I don't get you " I said
"don't make me to give you cultural mark,  you were picked from the streets just to turn the heart of the person that helped you from his boss? " she asked

"you dare not harm her or you'll loose your life by being the  first person I'll kill " I heard Dave's voice saying to her, I lightened up immediately.

 She looked like someone scared so she lefte immediately and went away.
 I turn to leave but heard his voice said almost in a whisper "I love you " but I ignored,  I've never felt the way o always feel towards Dave.

Do I need to reply him?  I'm shy of course. I went straight to the kitchen, before I start cooking I stood for a while thinking about what happened.

 I switched on the electric gas and place a pot on it, his hands softly came around my waste, he made me to face him.

"I mean my words when I say I love you and I don't want you to die tonight " he said,  I watched him like a confused man on war.
"who's gonna kill me tonight when Allah doesn't permit him or her? " I asked looking into my eyes.
"my friends are coming for us and I don't want them to harm you " he said.

 I stated at him when he brought out his ATM card and told me the pin,  he asked me to lodge somewhere.
"no we both die here beside why can't you report to the police? " I asked
"no need for me to report just stop being stubborn for once and obey me" he said but I still shook my head,  I'm going nowhere.

  He knelt down pleading that I'm too beautiful to die,  I knelt down with him and pleaded that he's too handsome to die,  he gave up after futile effort.

 At night he decided to sleep in my room on thesame mattress with me, I couldn't sleep cause the light was on and he wasn't sleeping trying to be vigilant.

 Few hours later I slept off like a  baby, I don't even believe of death so soon cause for me to be alive when my parents were shot I knew I have works yet to be fulfilled.

 I felt a soft touch on my hands, I woke up to see Dave smiling asking me to guess "you're won a lottery? " I asked and he laughed.
"those friend of mine that promised to visit after their operation were caught in the operation,  they are under police custody presently. I saw it when I turned on the television I was like thank God for giving me you cause I'd have been one of them.

 I was happy for him "so we're not going to sleep in fears? " I asked and he nodded,  I hug him tightly.  When I released him he was looking at me seriously,  I stood watching him.  His question took me on aware "can I kiss you? " I agreed to it so fast, he gently slip his tongue intoy mouth. That first kiss I've been longing for even though I'm not a virgin.


 Aside that kissing nothing went between us,  I got admission and began to school although still living with him as his girlfriend. Sometimes we go to the village to see his mother and my baby,  his mum so much like me just the way Mara likes him.

(author's pov) 


 Ramatu was through with her school and she was able to secure a job, Dave who so much love her decided to take her to the alter.

 She suggested that they do just court wedding but Dave insisted that legal things must be done even though she was hurt by her cousin and mother they should still do the paying of dowry and traditional things.

 She finally accepted to it and decided to take Dave to her Mr Fatai's house since he's the only one she knows to well.

(Dave's pov) 

 Unreaching there I was stunned at seeing the old wizard as her uncle,  things became clear to me.
"is this your uncle? " I asked although he did not recognize me
"yes" she answered

"this man is a murderer and a very bloody human " I said
 His so called wife who welcomed us initially was angry "how would you come from nowhere just to accuse my husband has he ever murdered you?" she questioned

 Ramatu also turned to me in surprise "about eight or nine years ago he gave my gang work to do, the work was to tell his brother to sign a document that contains all his brother have and after he signed we should shoot him,  his wife and their only daughter. We did as he commanded although I raped his daughter but I refused to shoot her.  Few months later Mr Joe a friend of the man decided to check deep into the matter to detect the assassins but he was scared so he sent our boss to kill Mr Joe but Joe didn't die,  he ran outside.  This man is an heartless dude " I said,

  Ramatu was soaked in tears,  she slapped me so hard and ran away we tried to call her back but she ran fast. I was confused why she ran away "it's obvious you don't know she's the lady you raped and impregnated her,  you made her to pass through trauma " the woman said reading my thoughts.

 I couldn't believe I was the one responsible for the pregnancy and I'm the father of Mara,  I took my car and went to my house.

 I went to her room everywhere was empty,  she'd packed out of my house, I broke down in tears for hurting my angel,  how on earth will she forgive me?

To be continued


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