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What Life Stole From Her-Episode26


what life stole from her-Episode26

©Joy Ajuma Moses

A woman of dignity

(Ramatu's pov) 

 I woke up very early just to see Dave sitting beside me on my bed, on the table was cup of tea and fried egg beside it, he smiled at me, I couldn't help but smile back even though I was not happy with him.

"I made this for you cause of the cold and stress of last night " he said
"thanks I'm not hungry " I declined taking the tea

"I know I'm filthy and a criminal to you but I mean no harm always try to believe me, I heard all what you told me last night and my night was sleepless cause you are right " he said

I laughed "are you trying to tease me or you're trying to make me to drink the tea, I saw how ignorant you were yesterday and the worst of it you told me goodnight while I was speaking " I said

 He knelt down and pleaded "please promise me you'll not tell anyone when you get back to the village "

 I knew it already,  he's being nice to me because he thinks I'll go and tell people. "I don't have your time and for your information we've packed out of that village house so don't deceive yourself " I assured him.

"I know you guys have packed, I called Amarachi last night and she said you're here for Post UTME" he said

 I nodded my head and stood up, "yeah and I'm leaving right now " I said
"if you're not taking the tea then take your bathe before leaving " he said
"no thanks, please do me a favor " request
 He opened his hand giving me a go ahead to say what I want.
"please call Amarachi for me, I lost my phone " I said

 Without hesitation he called her, I narrated all I went through excluding Dave's part as robber,  she asked me to give Dave the phone, I gave him and she thanked him.

 I took my bag with the hope of begging someone to complete my transport fare at the garage.
"you can live here until you write your exam " I heard his voice whispered at my back, I turned to him.
"never, not with you and the kind of worthless life you have choosed to live " I said trying to leave but he grab my hand.

"Ramatu I like you and I can do whatever you ask me to do, don't go yet" he pleaded, I was surprised of what he said but an idea stroke me.

"I'll will stay on one condition and that's if you agree to it" I said
"I promise to do whatever you want " he quickly answered then I shook my head.
"you'll not work with those guys again " I said,  he arch his brow.

(Dave's pov) 

 She freed her hands from my grip and headed to leave "is like robbery is your carrier" she said

 I ran to the door and stopped her from going, I can't let her go cause she might expose me.  "I promise I'll not move or work with those guys again " I said to her quickly.

 She smiled mischievously "don't think I'm convinced, prove it by calling one of them and tell them you resign " she said

 That's really terrible but I had to obey,  I called my boss and told him I quit robbery and assassin work.

 Immediately I finished speaking with my boss she gave me a high five,  I wonder what kind of work I'll start doing.

"you can start up something,  do you have any hand work? " she asked
"I'm a professional fashion designer " I said
"that means you've been wasting talent all this while " she said
"huh! What's the good thing about fashion designing? "

"let's browse some stuff, some companies that produce already-made dress needs workers like you so start writing application letter to companies " she said

 I gave her a long look, who gave her the idea of seeing big things "without good qualification how will they accept me " I asked

"don't worry by the time they interview you and your work you'll surprise "
I agreed,  she dropped her bag and ask if I had laptop, we made research and we were able to get two companies around us.

 She helped me by teaching me how to write application letter, I have A4 paper in my house, after the rough work and lecture I was able to write an application letter on my own, she said I should pray with my own faith why she do same that things will be perfect.

 I was glad to have her with me even though I've not submitted the applocation,  I so much like her faith.

 We played althrough out the day,  she told me her terrible story and I felt like crying for her,  then I realized that I'm bloody.

 I also told her my story, how my uncle maltreated I and my mum,  I told her how my mum suffered and I decided to take the wrong step.

 I was amazed hearing she never had a husband or lover before, I began to feel some cramps for her.

 We were still discussing when we had a loud sound on the door,  I know it was my people so I opened the door.

 Sam and Dan stormed into the house angrily, Ramatu was scared, I saw all her body filled with goosepimple.

 Dan handed a brown envelope to me and they both left immediately, I read the contents in the letter, it was a warning and treat.

 Ramatu suggested that we pack out but I disagree cause no matter where we'll go they'll still get us.

(Amarachi's pov) 

 I still find it hard to believe what Ramatu told me,  I sobbed bitterly. I've tried my best to make it up to Chioma by making life easy for her but it's was waste of time and breath.

 Chioma is the only sister I have and as the eldest I have to take care of her and our parents but she's taking it for granted. I'll stop sending school fees to her let me see what she'll do.

 She has been in school for over five years without graduating, she gave me stupid excuse of carry over and strike which I foolishly believed not until now that I've known her work.

 I cleaned my eyes and took my bathe,  Mara was asleep so I decided to make lunch for her.  I guess my husband must be at his home office.

 He does that regularly just to see his workers through the CCTV camera,  after making lunch I decided to search for him.

 I was able to trace his office without stress,  when I got to his office I saw the photo of Mr Danladi largely placed on the wall, I began to cry immediately.

 He was surprised seeing me crying "sweetheart what's the problem? " he asked looking at me and trying to trace the direction of my eyes.

"this is Ramatu's father Mr Danladi" I said pointing at the photo
"you mean you know this man?  Can you take me to him? " hi  asked

 I cried the more and he pet me "he's dead,  he was assassined" i sayed

 I narrated everything to him and he was surprised about Ramatu and her father.
 He said Ramatu's father is a trust worthy man that he had partner with before,  he also said Mr Danladi is responsible for his success.

 He promised to reward Mr Danladi  by taking care of Mara and Ramatu's education saying one good turns deserves another.

 I was so happy that Mara's future is bright.

To be continued


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