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What Life Stole From Her-Episode25


what life stole from her-Episode25

©Joy Ajuma Moses

Ramatu and Dave

(Dave's pov) 

 After serving her dinner, she ate like hungry lion. She's a very beautiful lady I must confess, I showed her one of the room so she'd sleep for the night.

"so are you ready? " she asked
"ready for what? " I asked back confusedly
"to remove the mask of course " she said.

 I arch my brow, "don't worry I'm your old friend " I said
"class mate? " she asked
"no" I answered
"are you Dave? " she asked taking me unaware
"goodnight " I stammered and left the room immediately.

 She's just too sharp for my liking, how on earth did the thought of Dave came into her mind or was she thinking of me, I know that is not possible cause ever since I left I never had time to call Amarachi.

 What I do most of the time when I'm thinking of her is to look at her photo on my phone, I've once take her photo when she was quarreling me.

 The truth is that few weeks after I came to the city I moved on and let go her thoughts of me cause she is a married woman I guess.

 I went to the bathroom to take my bathe, Ramatu has stopped my work that night.

 (boss pov) 

 I turned to the other Sam and Dan, "Dave is going astray and we need no time to spear his life. Imagine him following a lady and neglecting us" I said

"boss don't worry we will treat his fuck up, let's try to make our journey successful " Sam said

"not at all,  nobody dares me and go free, I'll use him as a scape goat to the both of you cause you guys are taking me for granted " I said

"boss your wish is our command" Dan said bowing to me

"if you want to dance with the devil then follow the tune, my parents were murdered in my presence, that was the day I lost my heart. We all have our challenges before we started this business but the ingrate is deriving, he must not see next week, his life will be cut" I said and beat my chest while the two bow to me before we take the journey.

 Among my boys I so much like Dave,  I've given upper hands and he's trying to misuse it like Lucifer did to his master, I'll send a letter written in blood to him so he'll no the dangers but if he refuses to change then my plans on him.

 Few days ago he refused to join us in operation saying his instinct is telling him not to go and today no instinct is a girl from street, Dave is never a man.

(Dave's pov) 

 My boss is the cause of everything, I'd have prevented him from introducing the business to her but he'd made everything plain and she now knows my work.

 I'm on mask cause I know if she get to know it's me then she might expose me and my mum might get to know about it.

 I wonder how I'll cope with the mask on my head with her, I need to give her a very good explanation.

(Ramatu's pov) 

 That guy must be silly,  what did he take me for a baby or fool, I'll search for him wherever he is but I'll do that later when he's fast asleep.

 I suspected Dave or my class mate cause that's the only places I know I've made male friends and to make things plain I suspect Dave most cause he asked me what was I doing in the city.

 I waited for an hour then I turned of the light in the room he gave me,  the whole house was bright, he doesn't off his light before sleeping.

 I entered the first room, the room was well decorated but nobody was inside, I tried the second but it was lucked.

 Checking rooms will not help matters so I decided to go back to my room but there was a room opposite mine, I'm not surprised of the kind of mansion he lives cause he is a robber.

 I opened the door,  I opened my mouth in bewilderment of what I saw, Dave lying on the bed, he was fast asleep,  I walk to him and gave him a very sound slap, it can't be truth.

(Dave's pov) 

 The slap was so hot and painful I had to shout, I  was surprised it's Ramatu "what is the problem? " I asked

 She slapped me again this time on the other side of my face,  I wonder what the problem  "I'm sorry ma " I summoned to say

"sorry for what? I think good people are hardly find in your village imagine Chioma a prostitutes and you now robber. I wonder Amarachi managed to be from thesame place with you guys " I was confused about what she told me.

"please you need to understand, I've suffered alot in life " I said
"common shot up you brood of viper, don't you know you are hurting others to satisfy your selfish desires? " she asked

 That's an old story "the people we are rubbing from are basterdly rich" I said
"and you are basterdly poor right? " she asked sternly

"is like you haven't heard of my sad past" I said,  she looked at me from head to toe.
"there's no sad past in this life let me let you know cause mine is bitter but I'm still alive and things are moving fine, I know there's someone whose past is worst than mine " she said bluntly.

"Ramatu forget about your past mine was bad, my mum and I have suffered alot "  I said

"there you go, you still have mum right?  I have neither mum or dad and I lost the two just a night, your busy saying rubbish like real rubbish" she said

 I was a bit shocked cause she behaves like baby, I wonder how she was able to lost her parents just a night and she's still strong.

"that is why I'm saying your past is not a past, I believe some people's past are worst than mine and they're still making it in life even without hurting others. " she said

 If truly what she said is real then I've not seen anything "Don't be too ambitious I know what motivated you into this but I'll tell you that you have taken the wrong steps " she said

"please sorry I need to sleep, we will talk about this tomorrow " I said without waiting for her reply I turned to the other side of the bed.

(Ramatu's Pov) 

 I'm a always unlucky I don't know why,  how on earth will Dave someone that was like an angel to me be a robber, the most annoying part was that  he's upset with me.

 I'm waiting for morning to do,  I'll pack my belongings and leave his damn house.

To be continued


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